In an unexpected move, the Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie appeared at Baselworld 2019.

Hunting through the huge heap of deliveries from Seiko at Baselworld 2019 resembled some other year.  There were some genuine leader diamonds that made a ton of information, for example, the SLA033 Re-Edition of the Captain Willard, the reiteration of fantastic new Grand Seiko Spring Drive Dress Watches, or the new Prospex LX Divers, however we like finding the covered up, scarcely examined gems.  And, adequately interesting, a portion of these jewels are refreshes on monstrously mainstream watches.  We composed an article on the new a few days back and you reacted with record traffic on our site.  we don’t know how Seiko decides to push what it does in the concise hour we get with them in their stall, yet we had the opportunity to contact and feel another (re) discharge that should please Seiko stalwarts in the new Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie.

A Little Ancestry History

Before diving into the subtleties of the Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie, how about we go on a short outing down memory lane.  If you’re curious about this new delivery just by taking a gander at it, it turns out to be a reissue of a genuine faction exemplary called the H558.  Introduced in 1982 and created until approximately 1990, it was the world’s first half breed jumper (which means simple and computerized) and was furnished with a caution and chronograph.  These developments alone were critical, yet what really carried the H558 to the cutting edge was that it was the decision for Arnold Schwarzenegger in large numbers of this current 80’s movies.  Probably, the most prominent film where the watch showed up was in The Predator.  We included a unique, JDM, adaptation of the H558 Arnie on a #TBT a year ago and it’s a watch that I’ve worn with relative recurrence since getting it around that time.

The Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie was a Surprise

With the presentation of the new Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie, the move came is a genuine surprise.  Normally, Seiko like to praise commemorations of more established models with new deliveries and they tend towards achievement years that end in “0” – like 10, 20, or 30 years thus on.   There’s no genuine commemoration with the Arnie that I am aware of except if you tally that it’s been approximately a long time since the model was ceased, yet that is not actually a positive thing.  Still, we’re damn amped up for this in light of the fact that the Arnie design is a work of art and, similar to the “ Digi Tuna ” that we assessed a year ago, it shows by and by that Seiko is accepting its computerized past.

Three New Models

We were sufficiently fortunate to plunk down with both Seiko Netherlands and USA at Baselworld and keeping in mind that the Seiko assortments have become more worldwide, it appears to be that there are territorial differences.  sometimes, watches are just accessible in some locale and in explicit examples, a watch will “make up for lost time” and come to different districts sometime in the future because of creation limit or if there is sufficient seen demand.

We’re not sure what the case is with the Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie, yet we saw a “PADI” variant (ref. SNJ027 – and not imagined) alongside the dark case and silver bezel SNJ025 at our NL meeting.  We at that point saw a third reference (not certain on the ref. number yet) with a gold bezel at our USA meeting.  So, three variations were gliding around the booth.

Solar versus Quartz

Perhaps the biggest distinction between the new Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie and the old H558 exists in the powertrain.  Whereas the more seasoned development utilized an ordinary quartz, the recently resuscitated model acquires Seiko’s Solar technology.  The H851 development, called the Duo-Display development, contains a chronograph, caution, schedule, and double time.

A few catches on the left side and a common crown on the right, we’re not exactly sure how this one functions yet as the pieces at Baselworld were non-useful models.

A Great Fit and Up by Less than 3mm in Diameter

Another key quality of the Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie is its size.  It develops to 47.8mm from a unique 45mm and I’d surmise that drag to carry is somewhere near 50mm.  The thickness of the covered jumper was likewise well over the first’s inadequate 11.3mm.  But – and you’ll need to trust me on this, this thing wears beautifully.

With a plastic cover, steel case, and Hardlex precious stone, the 200M Solar Arnie is genuinely light and feels wonderful on the wrist.  Consistent with all more current jumpers over the a few years, the new Solar Arnie sports a silicone tie and, as you probably know, we’re enormous enthusiasts of these.  They’re delicate, require no break-in, and the solitary negative is that they’re dust magnets.

Oh, and let’s not fail to remember the mark wave case back that’s fortunately here.

Iconic Dial Design Remains

You can see that the Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie checks all the privilege encloses the looks department.  Except for the expansion of the Prospex “X” and “Solar” beneath the focal point of the dial, this new piece would get busted for plan encroachment the entire day on the off chance that it were made by another brand.  It’s that near the first and that good.  From the inward bezel to the practically clever little hands to the bezel text style or red composition on the dial, it’s a carbon copy for the original.  This, we believe, is phenomenal – presently where’s our orange dial re-edition?!  🙂 . One thing to note is that the original’s odd profundity meter on its internal ring has been supplanted with a more valuable 24-hour track.  It’s not a terrible expansion for those of us who forget about day and night while fighting an outsider in the jungle!

Affordable at Roughly $500

We were informed that the new Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie will be accessible in the August/September timeframe.  Pricing is an entirely agreeable cost of around 470 Euros in Europe and $520 in the place where there is the red, white and blue.  That strikes me as respectable incentive on a watch, that whenever purchased in vintage structure, is presently excessively costly (costs are almost twofold the new ones) delicate to utilize every day except if the disappointment inclined unique cover is replaced.  And, I think the styling is adequately ageless to not look retro at all.  Now, Seiko just requirements to get these watches out before the finish of pool and sea shore season.

Unfortunately, no data on the Seiko SNJ025 Solar Arnie exists on the yet, yet keep checking!



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