The Seiko Prospex reference SPB105J1 Dark Green Sunset is in excess of an exceptional version of the Seiko MM200 diver.

It’s no mysterious that we are aficionados of Seiko at Fratello. I’m no exemption for this in spite of the fact that my affection for the brand has not been without hitting a couple of hindrances en route. In any case, much the same as other Fratello individuals, I additionally have incredible regard for what the Japanese brand brings to the universe of watches. In any case, perhaps it’s great to clarify a touch more concerning why my adoration for the brand has been unified with high points and low points however has seen a ton of ups recently with the release of some very much planned and delivered watches. This Seiko SPB105J1 ‘Dark Green Sunset’ impeccably shows why my adoration for the brand has just developed further in the course of the last couple of years.

The Seiko SPB105J1

I got my first close to home Seiko experience with the notable Seiko ‘Sumo’ SBDC001

Recent Design Improvements

Over the most recent few years, Seiko has truly been handling a portion of the plan issues and has truly increased their plan game inside the Prospex line. I was exceptionally intrigued by a portion of the watches Seiko released with some of them being absolutely new watches, some of them being refreshed forms of existing models and some being lovely re-translations of Seiko works of art. From the refreshed Marine Master 300 to the all-new LX line and the Prospex re-making of the 1970 diver’s watch, they have all been incredible presentations as I would like to think. As you presumably would have speculated I was additionally extremely pleased with the way that Seiko chose to refresh the Sumo and present the new form (ref. SPB101J1) recently at Baselworld 2019 with a refreshed plan of the bezel. (Peruse in insight regarding the refreshed Sumo in here ).

Seiko 1968 Automatic Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition

The one Seiko ongoing Seiko release that truly stood apart for me is the Seiko 1968 Automatic Diver’s Re-creation Limited Edition (SLA025J1) with its excellent retro looks and hello there beat development. I as of late found the opportunity to have a more critical look and give it a shot (thank you Ralph) and I need to say it just made me love it considerably more. Alongside the SLA025 Seiko likewise released the Seiko 1968 Automatic Diver’s Modern Re-translation a year ago at Baselworld 2018. The watch – additionally nicknamed Marine Master 200 or MM200 – is enlivened by the vibes of the exemplary 1968 diver and adds a decent portion of current allure. As of recently, Seiko released four standard version models (the dark dial/dark bezel on bracelet SPB077J1, the dark dial/blue bezel on dark silicone tie SPB079J1, dark dial/blue & red bezel on silicone tie PADI SPB087J1, and the blue dial/dark bezel on bracelet and lash SPB083J1).

Next to that Seiko additionally presented two uncommon versions this year, beginning with the ‘Twilight Blue’ (ref. SPB097J1) that we covered here . The blue and orange shading combination make this a stand apart form of the MM200. It was the second unique release anyway that truly struck a chord for me when I previously saw pictures of it. The SPB105J1 otherwise called the ‘Dark Green Sunset’ intrigued me on the grounds that to me it is the best present day re-understanding of the Seiko 1968 Automatic Diver. The dull green dial and dark bezel combined with gold-tone hands and accents around the markers make this a tasteful watch and a genuine gesture to the plan of the first 1968 Automatic Diver.

Different Shades Of Green

The ‘Dark Green Sunset’ is one of many Seiko Prospex watches with a green dial that have been released as of late. Both the past and current age Sumo were released with a green dial and the Marine Master 300 or ‘1968 Automatic Diver’s Limited Edition’ as it is authoritatively alluded to, was introduced at Baselworld 2018. It’s clearly a significant generous number of green dialed Seiko’s however I need to say I don’t mind it by any stretch of the imagination. It gives you a pleasant additional alternative other than the typical beat up dial colors that most Prospex watches come in. So is this simply one more green release to the Propex family? By no means. The combination of tones combined with the gold accents gives the SPB105J1 a completely unexpected appearance in comparison to the recently referenced watches. It’s less energetic and more retro and tasteful and that gives it the additional interest for me.

When I initially took the ‘Dark Green Sunset’ out of the crate I was somewhat disillusioned with the green tone. Yet, I immediately found that the terrible counterfeit lighting was not doing the dial equity by any means. When you see the dial in appropriate lighting, the excellence of the green shading will uncover itself to you. When putting it on your wrist you will discover that the various heavenly messengers of taking a gander at the watch will uncover an alternate point of view on the watch pretty much without fail. The SPB105J1 is a simple watch to wear in spite of its considerable 44mm width. What certainly helps is its generally thin 13.1mm case profile that makes the watch wearable and light. The simple wearability and the shadings combination give the ‘Dark Green Sunset’ extraordinary allure. I got myself continually taking one more glance at the watch to get the affirmation that it’s an incredible watch.

SPB105J1 Technical Specs

Technically the SPB105J1 is by and large equivalent to the wide range of various MM200 models so the watch is controlled by the Seiko 6R15 programmed development. The 6R15 development is a notable Seiko development that works with 23 gems, beats at 21,600 vph and highlights 50 hours of force hold. Presently there may be people that have inquiries regarding why the current Sumo includes the improved Seiko 6R35 programmed development that includes an improved 70 hours power save at a lower cost. The inquiry is understandable yet we need to comprehend that the MM200 was presented in 2018 and the new Sumo in 2019 so the response to the inquiry is timing. It will be fascinating to see whether Seiko will refresh the development for the MM200 models over the long run however meanwhile, the 6R15 development is unquestionably a commendable development to control the SPB105J1. Eventually, it is about close to home inclinations yet both the 6R15 and 6R35 developments are acceptable reliable Seiko movements.

The SPB105J1 comes with a stainless steel case with super-hard covering, sapphire gem and highlights a stainless steel bracelet with a similar super-hard covering and has a wetsuit expansion. What I like about the MM200 compared to the Sumo, is that its somewhat smaller size, the lower weight, and slimmer profile improve the MM200 fit to wear on a leather lash. I have worn my past age Sumo on a leather tie for a long while and despite the fact that I cherished the vibes of the Sumo on a sand shaded softened cowhide tie, the heaviness of the watch was a lot for the 20mm supple leather lash. It’s a circumstance less liable to happen to the MM200 thinking about its profile and same 20mm carry width and I can envision a couple of lashes that would consummately compliment the incredible looks of the SPB105J1.

Final Thoughts

I like the exceptional version Seiko SPB105J1, I like it a ton. As recently referenced, I think Seiko has in general truly ventured up their game with the nature of plan of the watches in the Prospex line. With the new Marine Master 300, Sumo and this MM200, Seiko has truly made a couple of incredible watches that are top tier at their individual costs. At 1.100 Euros this SPB105J1 is one stage over the new Sumo that is estimated at 830 Euros and a stage underneath the Marine Master 300 that is valued at 3.200 Euros. Indeed, you could discuss a decision between the Sumo and this MM200 dependent on their separate developments. All that matters is close to home preference.

I truly like the upgraded looks and the improved development of the new Sumo, however I like the vibes of the MM200 explicitly of this ‘Dark Green Sunset’ better.  Overall the MM200 or Seiko 1968 Automatic Diver’s Modern Re-understanding collection includes some pleasant colourways yet this ‘Dark Green Sunset’ truly stands apart for me. I love the shading combination of green, dark and gold. It is presumably the most tasteful Seiko Prospex diver out there. What’s more, it’s the arrangement that brings this unique version nearest that exceptional sensation of the first 1968 Automatic Diver which makes it stunningly better. The watch was released as a unique version for the European and US markets without Seiko expressing a particular number the watch is restricted to. Since the watch has been available for a couple of months you should act rapidly in the event that you need one. Something I may need to do as well.

This Seiko Prospex ‘Dark Green Sunset’ is available presently, so head to your closest Seiko shop to see, or see it online on .