Earlier this year, Seiko presented two “limited edition” watches to their Prospex line, the Blue Lagoon SRPB11 “Turtle” and SRPB09 “Samurai.” The new Turtle is like the SRP777 we inspected here however it is the SRPB09 Samurai that caught my eye. The first Seiko Samurai watch was presented in 2004, just to be suspended a couple of years after the fact. One of the more uncommon “nicknamed” Seikos, I was excited to see that the Samurai was making a comeback (in blue, regardless). It’s entertaining, however when I got this watch I wasn’t effectively seeing watches to purchase, much less divers. In any case, likewise with numerous other Seikos, the incentive was too acceptable to even think about resisting at $550.

Oddly, maybe, I generally appear to accidentally have a blue Seiko plunge watch in my pivot. I had a Seiko SNZH53 to extinguish that thirst and keeping in mind that that is an extraordinary worth watch, it came up short on some refinement in the plan and finish, as was gradually dropping out of my standard turn. At the point when I saw the Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 and finally went over one available to be purchased, the plan, acclaimed Prospex quality, and sensibly reasonable value direct worked pair toward push me over the edge.


The hardened steel case times in at 43.8mm wide and 13mm thick which is not all bad for Seiko jumpers. While this is very huge, the watch was intended to be an instrument watch and the need during a jump is readability of the dial/bezel. You’ll be glad to hear, nonetheless, that for the normal work area jumper like me, the watch wears little and comfortably, because of the short, skewed carries. My wrist is 7″ around, which should give you a thought of how the watch would wear.

The bezel is anodized aluminum and 120-click, unidirectional with superb grasp. While I am not a jumper, I do live neglected (and landlocked) Midwestern United States and the bezel had a lot of hold even with two or three layers of gloves on. I’m additionally glad to report that the bezel pip lines up pleasantly with the center of the 12’o clock marker, something my SNZH53 Seiko 5 just couldn’t appear to do. The precious stone is level Hardlex and the watch has a strong steel Tsunami caseback, with a “LIMITED EDITION” etching. Other than the precise drags, the other striking highlights on the Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 are the screw-down crown and the penetrated carries. The penetrated drags are a gift for somebody inclined to visit tie changes, and the screw-down crown is proportional with a surface that helps add visual premium and improve hold, and the crown watches guarantee the general plan stays cognizant. While neither bored carries or a screw-down crown are uncommon or extraordinary to the Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09, they fill in as genuine instances of how this watch weds structure and function.

The feature of this Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 watch is, obviously, the shading plan. The bezel is two shades, with the initial 15 minutes in a turquoise blue while the remainder of it is a more recognizable dark blue that we’ve found in a few other Seiko contributions. The dial is like the dull blue of the bezel however has a semi-gleaming completion that makes it superbly multi-faceted – to such an extent that I went through a few minutes in the daylight appreciating the association between the light and the dial. Head-on or in shade, the dial looks matte however there is a sunburst quality to it when light strikes it from an angle.

The Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 has just a date window, leaving out the day of the week. No complaints from me as I’m somebody who wants to have no day/date window at all whenever given the decision, however it’s at any rate not as diverting to the dial’s evenness. The hands for this Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 are fundamentally the same as if not equivalent to those on the Seiko Monster line , which are overly decipherable and do the work quite well, not coming up short. The lume, which is Seiko’s exclusive LumiBrite compound, is outstanding amongst other I’ve seen. I wouldn’t be amazed if the watch could demolish your circadian musicality while sitting on your bedside. It likewise blurs in a practically straight manner and keeps the dial intelligible for a lot of time. I experienced no difficulty checking the time even toward the finish of a more than two hour movie.

The watch’s heart is a strong, reliable 4R35 programmed development. A critical advance up from the 7S25 found in the archetype, the 4R35 offers hacking and hand-winding. The development has 23 gems, offers a 41-hour power hold, and ticks away at 21,600bph (3Hz). The hacking abilities are a welcome expansion as it is one of only a handful few things that continually troubled me about Seiko’s 7S26/7S25 developments. This development is intended to be useful, reliable, and simple to fix, which is actually what one would anticipate from a device watch at this cost point.

Even inside the Prospex line of jumpers, Seiko offers a scope of developments in its watches. There is the 8L35 with a more powerful hold and recurrence of 4Hz, the 5R65 Spring Drive, and a few quartz alternatives, including chronographs, just to give some examples. So while the 4R35 is certainly a stage up from the past 7S25, there are other development choices relying upon the amount you’re willing to spend and what you’re searching for. A Prospex watch with the 8L35 development, for instance, will run you closer to $2,000.

I was never an aficionado of the wristbands found on the Seiko 5 watches which will in general be dreary and feel extended even of the container, so my assumptions for the Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 arm band were not high. I was charmingly amazed to find that the wristband is really strong and very much worked with the endlinks fixing up perfectly with the skewed drags. While this is no Rolex Oyster arm band, I have not seen comparative quality at this value point. The endlinks are not wobbly pieces of steel squeezed into shape but rather a strong throw of stepped steel, with fat, substantial hauls holding it in place.

While the penetrated hauls make lash changes simple in principle, it’s not all that direct with the Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09. With the one of a kind endlink plan that sits flush against the case, removing the arm band takes longer than you’d expect, yet the genuine difficulty is the point at which you endeavor to return the wristband on. In my first time returning the arm band on, I took care of the of the SRPB09’s hauls more than I have ever finished with watches I’ve worn for quite a long time and exposed to incalculable tie changes.

So while the watch looks great on the standard complement of NATOs, elastic, and calfskin ties, I would alert against removing the wristband time after time. It is ideal that I truly like the arm band and the manner in which the watch looks with it. An extendable jump catch completes the arm band and this is another zone where the watch misses the mark. While I can value Seiko’s endeavors to make the arm band practical for real jumpers, I think you’d be in an ideal situation getting the elastic tie from SRP77X arrangement as opposed to messing with the expansion, an errand delivered close to unimaginable whenever you have gloves on.

I began my excursion into watches with Seiko, and it keeps on excess a fundamental mainstay of my collection. While many individuals may laugh at a run of 6000 pieces being marked “Limited Edition,” the Seiko Prospex Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09 appears to have been selling out at retailers before long. With a cost of $550, it is truly not difficult to perceive any reason why that’s the case.  seikowatches.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Seiko

>Model: Prospex Blue Lagoon SRPB09 “Samurai”

>Price: $550

>Size: 43.8mm wide, 13mm thick, 47mm haul to lug

>Would analyst by and by wear it: Absolutely. As of now do.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone searching for a dependable, apparatus watch with a Seiko jump legacy and flair.

>Best normal for watch: The unmistakable case design.

Worst normal for watch: Case size may be too large for individuals with more modest wrists (under 6.5 inches).