A new year, a recently presented watch! As of late Seiko added two new plans to their ‘Cocktail Time’ line. I struggled picking yet went with the Seiko Presage Sakura Fubuki.

The Seiko Presage Sakura Fubuki, SRPC03, on my wrist

Seiko Presage Sakura Fubuki ref. SRPC03

Ever since Seiko presented them in 2010 in Japan, Cocktail Time models sealed to be well known. Furthermore, I think the four new models presented recently will be no special case. Both new plans, the blue dialed ‘Starlight’ and the ‘Sakura Fubuki’ with white dial, come in two varieties. My decision of model was very obvious from the beginning.

Caliber 4R35 or 4R57?

Time just or power save as an extra. Precisely on the grounds that the dials of these two plans are so phenomenal, a cleaned up dial as conceivable has my inclination. In any case, I can envision that other would be satisfied by the additional component of the mechanical development. It’s not that frequently seen at watches in this value class obviously (I’ll enlighten seriously concerning that later).

For the time just Seiko picked their generally new workhorse type 4R35. This type runs at 21,600/h (that’s 6 beats each second), has 23 gems and a self-sufficiency of 41 hours. The force hold model is outfitted with the 4R57 type from a similar arrangement. Same recurrence and self-rule, anyway with 29 gems. The two types can, with the exception of consequently, be twisted by hand. Both have a subsequent hack work as well.

Two exceptional dial designs

As said, I was struck by both new dial plans. The tones, the profundity, the design. Totally incredible and not something I would expect in this class. I mean any remaining Cocktail Time dials were incredible, however these are next level. It was outrageously hard to get in an image, I trust you’ll get a thought however.

The blue dial has a lighter place and obscures towards the edge. The construction resembles.. well I don’t know. Likely little needles all broke around, or little bits of texture. What’s more, there’s profundity in the design, it’s truly three-dimensional. The outside of the dial is smooth notwithstanding. Seiko shows that it takes a few layers of lacquering to acquire this result.

Nothing cherry bloom rose about this dial

As the white dial, as indicated by Seiko, ought to have been somewhat cherry bloom rose, I truly couldn’t see that. It’s nothing other than marginally grayish. With a totally different design compared to the blue dial. The construction of the white dial looks more like smaller than usual arti plaster work which you may see on white put dividers. Again with a lovely three-dimensional impact, and too with a smooth surface of the dial.

Extremely well discernible, completely cleaned hands

Different hands

I can’t see an explanation, anyway the hands of the two models are diverse too. The hands utilized on the blue dial are one-half cleaned and one-half matt, while the hands on the white dial are completely polished.  Although the half-half hands pull in to me definitely, it’s must be said that either kind of hand is amazingly well discernible under most unique light conditions. Simply in exceptionally dull circumstances perusing the time will get troublesome. There’s no lume utilized on the hands, nor in the dial.

Double-domed Hardlex crystal

A moderately huge crown

Although wonderfully formed, the crown of the Seiko Presage Sakura Fubuki is somewhat enormous. One would expect this kind of crown on a hand-wound watch, more than on a programmed. It seems like great quality however and the looks are similarly acceptable. It’s pleasantly emblazoned with a letter S and has a profound design for winding the watch. As referenced before these more up to date Seiko developments twist consequently, anyway can be twisted by hand too. I surmise that more likely than not been the explanation behind Seiko to put a crown of this size and shape on these watches. Did you notice the pleasant exemplary twofold arch state of the Hardlex precious stone by the way?

A generally huge crown for a watch with programmed winding

Do you need a glass case back on this watch?

Difficult question. Very close to home too I surmise, it relies upon where you’re taking off from. For certain individuals this may be their first programmed mechanical watch. The cost of this Seiko Presage Sakura Fubuki, € 420,= including VAT, is appropriate for that. All things considered you may be extremely glad being capable perceiving how this wonder of method accomplishes it’s work. Then again this watch might just be obtained by long-lasting watch enthusiasts also, who have seen different developments. Since, let’s be straightforward, the Seiko type 4R35 presumably is a decent development. Anyway in this watch it doesn’t show any warmth towards haute horlogerie finish. It’s rather essential, straight forward, which doesn’t do any mischief to its working whatsoever by the way.

A glass case back showing the 4R35 straightforward workhorse movement

On the external ring of the case back Seiko puts all sort of data about the determinations of the watch. The type number is referenced, and f.i. the water opposition of 50 meters (5 atm). Too, the individual number of the watch can be found. The Seiko Presage Sakura Fubuki is globally restricted to 3.500 pieces (in addition to 1.300 pieces exceptionally for the Japanese homegrown market).

Faux-calfskin texture in coordinating colors

Packaging done very well

Last thing I need to specify is the means by which decidedly shocked I was about the bundling. The outside of the crate is outfitted with a false softened cowhide texture. Additional pleasant about it is that the tones coordinate the shade of the watch model, or possibly the tie. What’s more, each watch is accompanied by a data card about the Star Bar cocktail where it’s dial is inferred from.

For more data, visit the Seiko Presage site .

Nothing cherry bloom rose about this dial Faux-calfskin texture in coordinating tones A glass case back showing the 4R35 straightforward workhorse development A moderately huge crown