Earlier this year, Seiko let us realize that the Marinemaster 300 SBDX017 will be ended. Also, it presently is. The restricted version Seiko SLA019J can be viewed as replacement, yet it is a restricted release. We’ve been raving about the Marinemaster 300 for quite a while now, it is an extraordinary jumper with a unimaginable incentive for cash. In spite of the fact that it has been suspended, you actually may discover them available to be purchased at your Seiko vendor. Before they run unavailable, we propose you truly consider getting one in the event that you need a jumper that’s near awesome. Particularly at this value point. There’s an explanation four out of six Fratello individuals have gotten one. To rouse you somewhat more, read Mike’s audit on the SBDX017 that he composed precisely two years ago.

– RJ

It’s clever, out of all the Seiko jumpers I either possess or have ached for; I’ve generally held what is by all accounts one of the brand’s most attractive models in a somewhat easygoing respect. The watch that I’m alluding to is as a matter of fact the exemplary Seiko MM300, or Marinemaster. Thus, having passed this watch by many occasions in Japan in its past structure – as the SBDX001 – I felt it was late to invest some quality energy with the model since Seiko has given it some very light refreshes to make what is know coded as the SBDX017. First and foremost, I need to thank the Seiko Netherlands group for sending me the watch and permitting me to clutch it for a little while. Thus, presently, we should investigate the refreshed MM300 and I’ll endeavor to place the watch in context and, at long last, let you know whether it’s something I’ll focus closer on in the future.

The Seiko MM300 on top of its straightforward box

Why I’ve never possessed a Seiko MM300

It’s amusing that on the whole of my outings to Japan – and there have been many – I generally went with the expectation of discovering some other “JDM-just” watch. There was the ” Emperor Tuna “, the vintage ” 6159 Grandfather Tuna “, a manual breeze Grand Seiko , and even a Casio Frogman. Nonetheless, in spite of it being JDM and ostensibly the most exemplary looking of Seiko jumpers, I not even once took a stab at or considered purchasing a Seiko MM300. I guess the essential explanation behind this dismissal was that I was after things that genuinely enlisted as crazy or odd – consequently, the Tunas – or maybe it was on the grounds that I was chasing vintage Seiko jumpers that drag a solid likeness to the MM300, for example, the 6217 or the 6105’s and needed to toss cash of a comparative incentive in these ways. In any case, however, as one who has attempted to compile a moderately thorough assortment of Seiko Divers, would i say i was inappropriate to overlook the MM300 and its significance in the heredity for Seiko? Many would contend with a firm “yes”.

The Seiko MM300 highlights a major jutting screw-down crown – it’s simple to grab

Take our own Robert-Jan for instance. He’s a “colored in the fleece” Speedmaster fan and of essentially everything Omega. However, when it’s the ideal opportunity for get-away or in any event, during some highbrow occasions, he regularly wears the Seiko MM300. Consider it a delicate thumbing of the nose to the European foundation or, maybe, accepting a knowing look since he’s really the one at such bespoke occasions wearing the genuinely in-house watch that retails for a generally irrelevant 2350-Euros on the Continent (deals exist in Japan, for sure) versus so numerous different jumpers that include me-too motors and cost products more. Take Jason Heaton, a companion of the show, who drops his composition in various fields and co-has webcast. He’s a plunging aficionado and he enthusiastically recommends the MM300 and has referenced that it’s a watch he’ll frequently bring as his solitary wear on long excursions. Thus, what have I been missing?

The Seiko MM300 highlights a profoundly set dial…take a gander at the precarious inward bezel

How the Seiko MM300 fits inside the brand’s history

Before we talk about this most up to date interpretation of the Seiko MM300, perhaps it’s a smart thought to bring this watch into authentic viewpoint and adjust where it fits inside the Seiko jumper timetable. Like most genealogical records, things start basically enough however regularly branch out on the whole kinds of headings. In 1965, Seiko appeared the now incredible 6217 “62MAS” with a pivoting external bezel and 150m of water obstruction. The 62MAS set a plan standard, dial-wise, that Seiko basically follows today. After the 62MAS, however, and in the last part of the 60’s, Seiko begun to stretch out with its jumpers into what I’d call the more able immersion jumper pieces, Seiko would contend that the entirety of the watches I’ll make reference to were experts, and their somewhat less proficient line. In the event that we investigate Seiko’s lighter side first, the brand presented 150m pieces in the last part of the 60’s under the 6105 reference. The 6105’s were at last supplanted by the most loved 6309 “Turtle” and afterward were trailed by the 7002 and eventually the SKX007 that we have today. On the more genuine side (immersion jumpers), the brand made the 300m 6215 and 6159 models that outwardly give direct heredity to the MM300 you see before you. The Tunas at last supplanted these in the 1970’s and have proceeded through today with more prominent profundity opposition and a variety of development and case material decisions. We will not get into the noteworthy game jumpers or the remainder of the Prospex line with the Monsters, new Turtle , etc. Specifically in regards to the MM300, Seiko presented the first SBDX001 in the mid 2000’s as a feature of its immersion jumper line and I’d prefer to figure we ought to consider it as the brand giving individuals what they needed – an accomplished jumper that looks and wears somewhat more for all intents and purposes than the Tunas. Since we’ve come round trip, in the event that we consider the presentation of the MM300 more than 10 years prior, it was the ideal opportunity for Seiko to roll out certain improvements. Enter the SBDX017.

The Seiko MM300 has what I’d call a non-prominent date window

The Seiko MM300 SBDX017 – extremely inconspicuous updates

In refreshing the Seiko MM300, the brand from Japan made some exceptionally inconspicuous changes to what exactly has really been a triumphant recipe. A similar 44mm treated steel case stays with its delightfully inconspicuous chiseling, as does the painted steel bezel and 8L35 programmed development with date. In a move that shows that the brand moves cautiously, the brand’s own Hardlex mineral glass stays as the odd decision of precious stone material for the watch while the remainder of the costly Prospex immersion jumpers see sapphire. Coming back to the development, this is truly one of the superstars. It’s made close by Grand Seiko developments and is put in the top level Tuna looks too. In the 8L35 assignment, however, it is sans beautification yet keeps all the capacity, for example, hand winding and hacking. Furthermore, in the SBDX017, it currently has parts made with MEMS innovation, which alludes to more tight resistance pieces that ought to take into account better timekeeping and less wear after some time. It’s a genuine jewel of a development and effectively comparable to the best jumper developments from anyplace in Europe. With a force save of 50 hours, it’s additionally something that can be put down a few days without missing a beat.

Legibility – in light or dimness is no issue with the Seiko MM300 SBDX017

The few different updates to the Seiko MM300 are what I’d call “shallow”. For one thing, the dial obviously gets more brilliant and longer-enduring Lumibrite lume. Seiko’s radiance is unbelievable, so they’ve basically recently gone and one-increased the competition that was at that point lagging.

Note the expansion of the Prospex “X” on the crown of the Seiko MM300 SBDX017

We additionally see the option of an “X” for Prospex on the crown. A few enthusiasts out there are making some intense memories with this, yet to be straightforward, if Seiko needed to add this, I’m glad that they held the marking to the crown and left the exemplary dial alone. It’s really not a genuine disturbance and, once more, I can’t blame the company for needing to attach this attractive piece to the remainder of the line. It even serves to make the remainder of the Seiko Prospex jumpers substantially more credible.

As got, the Seiko MM300 and its pure bracelet

Finally, the “huge” news for the update is the utilization of Seiko’s DiaShield covering looking into it and, I accept, the arm band. This is essentially a DLC covering that is typically utilized by the company on its titanium watches to give scratch-security and an additional portion of consumption obstruction. It’s an exceptionally unobtrusive expansion, yet – yet, however, yet – I’ve done some perusing on different gatherings and the individuals who have lived with DiaShield praise its excitedly. The treatment works… and for a large portion of us who work area plunge throughout the day, I believe it’s really a welcome expansion. For the individuals who like to get character scratches – at their work area or under the surface – maybe they’ll be disillusioned, however to me this is a quite downplayed method of utilizing helpful technology.

The basic box from the Seiko MM300 – it looks more like something that would house jump gear – and it does!

The Seiko MM300 – my impressions

So, as should be obvious, very little was truly changed on the Seiko MM300 with the SBDX017 versus its earlier manifestation as the SBDX001. Some may have been searching for additional, however it appears to be most weren’t searching for any change whatsoever and you can’t censure Seiko for staying with what works. Determinations aside, what’s my opinion about it? All things considered, when I got the watch, it came in the normal cardboard-sleeved box and contained the SBDX017 on a steel wristband and waffle-style elastic lash. It’s a fundamental bundle that wouldn’t watch strange in a jump shop close to controllers or other hardware – and I really feel that is quite cool. This is certainly a straightforward, genuine jump watch without misrepresentation. I’ll just hit upon the tie/wristbands rapidly in light of the fact that you’ll see I didn’t actually utilize them. In the first place, I was somewhat aware of the way that this watch was conveyed as new and I truly didn’t have any desire to force any wear on these pieces.

The Seiko MM300 on its waffle strap

Still, the waffle lash, however much it is generally significant, was excessively long for my wrist and unquestionably more reasonable for somebody wearing a dry suit. Also, I thought that it was a bit “plasticky”.

A more critical gander at the Seiko MM300 bracelet

The arm band, then again, I find undeniably more appealing than Robert-Jan does. Valid, I don’t care for the little cleaned connects inside on the grounds that I discover them strongly non-intentional. Truth be told, I’d prefer to see something like a globules of-rice or celebration style on this watch; I figure it would look better and more appropriate.

A take a gander at the miniature change on the arm band of the Seiko MM300. It may not look pretty yet it works very well.

However, while I concur with R-J that the sliding/tightening miniature change appears as though something got rid of a hefty device & bite the dust shop out of, say, Cleveland, Ohio, it’s damn utilitarian, very much made and, plus, who sees it in any case once the arm band is shut? In addition, the remainder of the wristband feels strong to me from the catch to the strong end joins. I hung it on the wrist and thought that it was entirely comfortable and non hair-pulling (that is serious for me). Along these lines, eventually, I’d likely wear the arm band or discover a reseller’s exchange elastic tie. As should be obvious, however, I matched the MM300 with a 20mm NATO tie – a change made simple by the consistently appreciated, yet once in a while seen, cross-penetrated haul holes.

The Seiko MM300 performed restrictive responsibility on a NATO – and looked great!

Taking a more intensive gander at the Seiko MM300, it has an incredibly profound set dial with huge, striking applied files. Additionally, regardless of it looking generally little, it’s very legible.

Just take a gander at the nature of the Seiko MM300 dial – it’s flawless

A more intensive gander at the hour markers in addition to a peep at the huge hands shows that the meticulousness on this watch is damn close to crazy. I’ve zeroed in on this tight resilience getting done with Grand Seiko previously and it’s not far-removed the imprint in this lively application – I can just envision how absurd the GS jumpers must be!

The bezel on the Seiko MM300 is painted onto the steel and it’s brilliantly lustrous and looks nearly ceramic

This same exactness follows outwardly for the situation cleaning and the perfect, artistic looking (it’s painted), bezel. Talking about the bezel, turning it is a substantial weighted issue that overflows quality; it’s perhaps the most run of the mill addresses I’m asked by people who really utilize this style of looks for their underground diversion. I’m likewise an aficionado of the seldom seen monobloc case (the development loads through the front).

The brand name torrent theme discovers its way on the monobloc instance of the Seiko MM300

There’s a perfect thing about flipping a watch over and being met with a level range of a case back that, in this scene, is embellished with the brand’s notable wave theme. Indeed, it obstructs availability to everything except prepared watchmakers, however who goes in and plays with a programmed observe at any rate? Besides, it addresses Seiko’s commitment to 300m of water opposition by planning a watch with one less seal to break. I’d say my just niggle practically is the screw-down crown. I don’t know why but rather I generally discover Seiko to utilize what feels like tight strings that I’m worried about stripping. I think part about this identifies with the way that the watch was pristine and they may simply set aside some effort to seat.

Despite a case distance across of 44mm, the Seiko MM300 doesn’t wear so enormous. Credit those short lugs.

So, I referenced that the Seiko MM300 sports a 44mm measurement case. Like most Seikos, however, this watch wears out 3-5mm because of its short carries and the comparatively little dial. The dial looks little because of its profundity, the thickness of the Hardlex and the generally thick bezel.

Note the tallness of the Seiko MM300 on my wrist – it’s tall at generally 14.5mm thick.

Related to this, and this is presumably my greatest hamburger with this watch, it is thick. Of course, when one purchases a Seiko Tuna, a thick hockey puck of a watch is not out of the ordinary, yet on the off chance that an all-arounder is likely to work out, a watch that can perform twofold responsibility as a beachcomber or office drifter ordinarily requests some nuance to the extent tallness. Here, at 14.5mm in thickness, the watch transcended all in all too much for my loving. Indeed, I had two slender layers of nylon under the case back, so I didn’t help the circumstance, however this is as yet a tall one. It’s unquestionably excusable and maybe improved a little with the wristband, yet in the event that I compare this watch to one of my top choices, the Rolex Submariner 14060m, it rings in with a thickness of 12.2mm. That is a big contrast and there’s no distinction top to bottom execution. Obviously, there is the matter of price.

See the wonderful matte top completing working on it of the Seiko MM300 and cleaned sides – they’ll keep their structure because of the new use of DiaShield.

When discussing value, I referenced that the Seiko MM300 records for 2350 Euros (Update 2018: last realized rundown cost in Europe was 2500 Euro) in Europe and can be found for even less (one would say undeniably less) in Japan. I will not stay here and reveal to you how to defend any cost for any watch over 1000 Euros, however what I will say is that this piece offers a crazy measure of significant worth for the cash. It comes with all that one requirements (tie in addition to wristband), is 100% in-house made, and because of the expansion of DiaShield, should look incredible for quite a long time to come. In addition, in plunge watch circles, it’s a no-conciliatory sentiments piece that nobody would blame you for purchasing – if that is by one way or another a worry. Without a doubt, it’s a less expensive option in contrast to a Rolex on the off chance that you don’t have the money, however I don’t believe it’s fundamentally a more unfortunate substitute. No, it could without much of a stretch perform a long period of responsibility and, as a little something extra, permit the proprietor to keep away from the furry eyeball of would-be criminals any place one may travel.

Depsite an enormous case size, the Seiko MM300 fit my more modest wrist very well.

Regarding the competition, there are many contenders. Longines, with its Hydroconquest , leaps out as an ease option and I guess one could say that it’s “in-house” with its ETA development. In case we’re utilizing the 2350 Euros as a rule, one may even think about a Doxa, quite a few Sinns , other Seikos or an Oris . This is a packed area and keeping in mind that all are fine decisions, I imagine that the Seiko MM300 merits its position in the upper level because of its legacy, its earnestness and construct quality. Coming back to Robert-Jan’s wearing of the watch at hoity toity occasions, I likewise truly like that this piece makes no accommodations for style reasons yet by one way or another still works.

Coming back to the last inquiry of whether I will look to add a Seiko MM300 to my assortment. It’s an extraordinary inquiry and I feel that in the wake of wearing it, truly pondering the piece and expounding on it, I think I’ll have own one eventually. Will I purchase a previous SBDX001 or the most up to date SBDX017? Most importantly, after a snappy look on eBay, you’ll note that these watches lose almost no on the optional market, so “taking” one is impossible. As far as I might be concerned, it doesn’t actually matter and to the individuals who are “crap crapping” the most recent updates? Move beyond it, curmudgeons, as they’re practically imperceptible, yet they’re insightful. Seiko didn’t add a wide range of messiness to a work of art. They made the watch more solid and exact and that is something beneficial for purchasers – particularly as the brand looks to acquaint this watch with an ever increasing number of business sectors around the world. No doubt about it, the Seiko MM300 is a genuine work of art and is totally meriting its grandiose reputation.

For more data, see and a major because of them for the utilization of this fabulous timepiece.

The Seiko MM300 is tall, yet I’d joyfully live with it! Depsite a huge case size, the Seiko MM300 fit my more modest wrist quite well. Note the stature of the Seiko MM300 on my wrist – it’s tall at generally 14.5mm thick. The Seiko MM300 on its waffle tie Seiko MM300 SBDX017 The pleasantly created strong end joins on the Seiko MM300 arm band The Seiko MM300 wristband includes a flip-lock and connections are attached through pins. A glance at the miniature change on the wristband of the Seiko MM300. It may not look pretty however it functions admirably. A more intensive gander at the Seiko MM300 wristband The basic box from the Seiko MM300 – it looks more like something that would house jump hardware – and it does! The Seiko MM300 performed selective responsibility on a NATO – and looked incredible! The bends on the underside of the Seiko MM300 are a portion of my top picks The bezel on the Seiko MM300 is painted onto the steel and it’s magnificently shiny and looks practically ceramic The brand name tidal wave theme discovers its way on the monobloc instance of the Seiko MM300 Just glance at the nature of the Seiko MM300 dial – it’s immaculate The Seiko MM300 has what I’d call a non-prominent date window Note the expansion of the Prospex “X” on the crown of the Seiko MM300 SBDX017 See the lovely matte top completing working on it of the Seiko MM300 and cleaned sides – they’ll keep their structure because of the new use of DiaShield. Notwithstanding a case measurement of 44mm, the Seiko MM300 doesn’t wear so huge. Credit those short hauls. Intelligibility – in light or obscurity is no issue with the Seiko MM300 SBDX017 The Seiko MM300 highlights a major distending screw-down crown – it’s simple to snatch The Seiko MM300 highlights a profoundly set dial…take a gander at the precarious inward bezel The Seiko MM300 on top of its basic box