The climate has been very pleasant to us in The Netherlands of late, and it appears to be very little will change inside short. For sure I will in general wear energetic watches in this sort of climate conditions.

Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300, SBDX017 – 52Mondayz, week #22

It’s not that I’m out wearing more in summer than in winter. Most likely exposed wrists request more ‘resistant’ watches than when one’s thick layer of garments shrouds the watch in any case. Your watch may be more inclined to hits when worn in the open.

Anyhow, no vintage observe again this week. I decided to wear one of my #1 solid games watches, the Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300.

Size matters

When I purchased this watch, not so much as a year prior, I’d never figured it would become a particularly top choice of mine. Truth be told, I got it in light of the fact that another Seiko watch – which I enjoyed a ton – end up being excessively huge for comfort for my wrist. That was the SUN065P1 ; flawlessly built and planned anyway shockingly my moderate wrist couldn’t become accustomed to the 47.5mm distance across and 14.1mm height.

So I sold that one, and in fact added a few assets to purchase the Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300 reference SBDX017. Around then the Marinemaster 300 had quite recently changed from reference SBDX001 to SBDX017. The SBDX001 was even still accessible when one painstakingly looked for it, anyway I chose to go for the more up to date reference.

Differences somewhere in the range of SBDX001 and SBDX017

At first sight the more current SBDX017 reference didn’t transform anything to the standpoint of the watch, however there were a few changes in the specialized subtleties. Robert-Jan Broer did a survey on the Seiko Marinemaster 300 SBDX001 here , and Michael Stockton on the Marinemaster SBDX017 here . In Michael’s audit there’s inside and out data on the contrasts between the two models.

Game changer

I even need to say that the Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300 turned into somewhat of a distinct advantage for me. In the past I gained very some cutting edge Seiko watches, essentially jumpers. But at this point, in spite of the fact that I actually like other Seiko jumping models a great deal, I’m not that anxious to get them any more. Despite the fact that of superior grade and wonderful, I know they won’t satisfy the Marinemaster Professional 300. The vast majority of them that is..

Formerly split among current and vintage, my premium presently principally focuses on used Seiko’s, such as King Seiko and Grand Seiko models. Additionally, I notice that I’m more willing to take a gander at other very good quality Seiko and Grand Seiko watches. In any event, Spring Drive models I’m not apprehensive for any more 😉

The arm band and strap

Back to the Marinemaster 300. A thing regularly referenced in audits is it’s treated steel wristband. There are very some negative comments about it, and if you were to ask me they’re all obvious. I didn’t even wear my Marinemaster with the stainless steel bracelet. To me it felt too wobbly to ever be content with. It would have stifled the delight of the watch which is such an example worth following. Quality shrewd, and for it’s finish.

Even the top notch silicone elastic strap which was provided with my watch didn’t procure a lot of wrist time. It’s without a doubt, once in a while that I like to wear a watch on an elastic tie (see my Gorilla Fastback article here ).

Looking for another arrangement I went to the Kaufmann Trophy calfskin strap. With € 345,= most likely not the least expensive arrangement, and not even extremely satisfactory for a jumpers watch. Anyway more often than not I’m wearing the Seiko Marinemaster I’m not plunging. So I decided on every day comfort above appropriate proficient use. This tie suits the watch amazingly well. While the width of the tie between the hauls is 20 mm, the outside of the tie is somewhat more extensive. This way it adjusts extremely pleasant to the watch’ packaging. Too, the thickness of the lash along the edge of the packaging is a colossal 6 mm which conceals the stature of the watch nicely.

Technical specifications

Some specialized particulars to end with. The ‘diameter’ of the SBDX017 is 44.0 mm and its thickness is 14.6 mm. The transmission capacity at the packaging is 20 mm. It utilizes Seiko’s caliber 8L35, containing 26 bearing gems and with a recurrence of 28.000/h. Force save of this development is 50 hours. The development can be twisted by hand and highlights a subsequent hack. The heaviness of the watch is 214 gram, and (obviously) it includes a screw down crown. A, as far as I might be concerned, still wonderful decision of material is the hardlex mineral for the glass. It ought to have been sapphire as I would see it. The cost in Europe is presently € 2.500,= including VAT.

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