Seiko’s persevering dedication during the 1970s to pursue exactness down to only a couple seconds a year is really intriguing. Meet the Seiko Superior 9983-7000.

Making new companions is a piece of the watch gathering enthusiasm that I really appreciate. At the point when I get a message from an individual authority in Slovakia, the little country where I live, the delight is much more prominent. That is the manner by which I met Michal as well. He dropped me a line a couple of months prior and added a couple of snaps of watches from his assortment. Two or three days prior, when he came to Bratislava, we at last ate together and, obviously, talked watches. What was amazing however, was that he believed me enough to loan me one of his #1 looks for half a month, the Seiko Superior 9983-7000.

Best Seiko quartz movement

Listening to the story behind the Seiko Superior is as energizing for me as finding out about the introduction of Silicon Valley. Truly, on the off chance that you disclosed to me a couple of months prior that I could at any point get amped up for quartz watches, I would have had you for an imbecile. Who is the blockhead now? It requires some investment and preparing to sort out your brain around the “sacred goal” Seiko references. Furthermore, presently I need to clear much more space for another reference coming from the time of the quartz accuracy pursue?! To ensure that bedlam doesn’t result and to assist you with understanding the embodiment of the present story all the more rapidly, I will help myself out with this on quartz developments. The outline you see beneath records the Crème de la Crème of Seiko quartz developments, with us investigating the most exact of them all.

Seiko Astron was only the beginning

In 1969, Seiko presented the world’s first quartz wristwatch called Astron 35SQ . Its precision to inside ±5 seconds a month was at that point shocking. Be that as it may, it was insufficient for Seiko. Examination that was supported by a ton of ventures proceeded with in the Suwa as well as the Daini plant as well. On account of their speedy advancement and the execution of creation and get together mechanization, the generally frightening sticker prices coming to up to 450,000 – 1,000,000 Yen diminished considerably.

Hunt-Lauda sort of rivalry

Coming back to the table over, the initial four sections show the exactness improvement from ±10 seconds to ±1 second a month, which twice the accuracy as their past accomplishment. It seems like nothing. In any case, picture the designing force and venture expected to accomplish this. Taking a gander at the second 50% of the 1970s, when the ball game moved from checking exactness, not on a month to month, yet rather a yearly premise, the game gets significantly more great. The present hero, the Seiko Superior Twin Quartz type 9983, figured out how to crush the variety down to under five seconds per year.


The key issue was the reverberation recurrence of quartz oscillators that shifted with temperature changes. Yet, once more, the driving forces from Japan came up with an answer comprising of two quartz oscillators set close by one another. One was utilized to control time and the second sub-oscillator to distinguish temperature. The undeniable degree of precision at ±5 seconds a year was accomplished by adapting to the varieties coming about because of temperature changes. An all the more dainty profile and more modest force utilization was only a reward for new Superior Twin Quartz proprietors. On the off chance that they needed to get the most recent component from the front pages of the 1978 Seiko Catalog, they needed to pay 230.000 Japanese Yen.

Superior 9983-8000 and 9983-7000

So same, yet so unique. I reconsidered prior to composing the accompanying sentence, yet I can’t avoid, and I need to let it out. The Seiko Superior Twin Quartz 9983-8000 is an off limits for me. It would seem that a model watch case for understudies preparing over-cleaning procedures. Truly, I can’t take a gander at online postings and need to continue to look until my eyes stop to appreciate the sharp edges of the 9983-7000. It seems like Taro Tanaka took the adjusted 9983-8000 and left his plan katana to seethe somewhat on each and every bend. What you get is no fat on the sides, leaving the perfect steel case mass above and underneath the dial.

Edgy Seiko

On any given eBay posting, the Seiko 9983-7000 may appear to be a watch with standard packaging. In any case, when you hold it and let the light think about it, you’ll see the full excellence. The case sides at the crown and at 9 o’clock have a novel shape, comprising of two carefully cut level sides at a point, taking after a gem cut. On the off chance that I’d say that the moment records are shockingly high, I’d need to mull over the hour indexes…

Dial thoughts

When I see the large scale shots of the Seiko 9983-7000 dial, I feel satisfied about putting resources into this too quality focal point. The dial structure is something you scarcely see with an unaided eye, yet you know there’s undiscovered greatness under the surface the eye. Furthermore, I don’t mean the “corroded like” patina blossoming everywhere, yet rather the delicate, gem like structure.

Bracelet only

If I needed to be transformed into a wristband, I wouldn’t see any problems with being the one on the 9983-7000. Without a doubt, it is so acceptable it could make for a different article. To portray how it feels, I would say it wears like a top of the line delicate cowhide tie. Just made of steel, consequently somewhat colder. The end-connections of this Japanese interpretation of the Royal Oak arm band incorporate into the case with magnificent accuracy and polish. Truly, the connections on my 9983 are somewhat looser than one would want, however they actually keep up their unique quality and craftsmanship. Collapsing the fasten is so truly straightforward and slender, that it leaves you puzzling over whether it won’t wobble off your wrist. In any case, a couple of days on and I wager not just your shirt will have another protégé.

Shotgun notes

The crown is so little as though to advise you that you don’t have to utilize it the majority of the year. However, in the event that you choose to give some consideration to it in any case, take a loupe to make the most of its subtleties. The case stature of 9mm and the 37 mm breadth make for comfy wear. The battery cover looking into the issue back mixes in consummately, and you can barely feel it.

Last thoughts

Would you accept, that in time the Seiko Superior Twin Quartz 9983-7000 hit the market in 1978, you could purchase Rolex Submariner at the cost? All things considered, not today. Times changed. Despite the fact that Rolex is flying high, you actually need to prepare a few assets on the off chance that you need to get this exactness pioneer. Undoubtedly, the overly sharp and exact Seiko Superior Twin Quartz 9983-7000 can rapidly go as much as 1000 euros. Previously in the event that you choose to snatch one, I propose investigating the entire Superior family and locate the model you like most.