The return of the Seiko 5 Sports line is here with 27 distinct models dependent on a natural case.

Between engaging my girl in the youngster pool, drinking super cold Keo, and taking part in profound, significant conversations with my better half (alright, she’d don’t think so on that keep going point) while on vacation in Cyprus, I really browsed my email each so often.  On one of these events, I got an email from Seiko illuminating me about the return regarding the Seiko 5 Sports line.  Aside from seeing an extremely recognizable case (that, mind you, had just been released a few months back on discussions) and an alternate style of logo, I sort of made the email look like a commonplace email from Seiko that advises me of information that we definitely know.  Another Mai Tai please!  But at that point, the following morning I chose to peruse a smidgen all the more profoundly and there is unquestionably more grinding away here and it merits attention.  So, we’ll give it simply due, talk a little about the darling SKX007 – it’s an elephant roosting inside the limits, and I’ll give a few contemplations on this “new” line and what it might portend.

The Seiko 6106-8120, the primary Seiko 5 Sports model

Seiko 5 Sports – Some History

Seiko presented its “5” setup route back in 1963 with the Sportsmatic.  This is old information, yet the 5 represents the accompanying: a programmed development, a day-date show at the three o’clock position, water opposition, a recessed crown at the four o’clock position and a case and wristband worked for durability.  We’ve even investigated a couple Sportsmatic models inside #TBT, for example, the 1967 6619-8230 and another model that was conceivably utilized in the Vietnam War by an uncommon powers gathering, the 6619-8060 .  But in 1968, Seiko presented the Seiko 5 Sports line of watches intended to address the blossoming pattern of water sports, for example, skin jumping, swimming, water skiing and the like.  The main model was really the 6106-8120 that you see above – conciliatory sentiments in case you’re not a devotee of the collection in the background.  Essentially, the watches were intended to endure more thorough action while additionally acquiring sportier styling components like brilliant tones, pivoting bezels, etc.  The Sports classification was utilized on everything from light divers, field watches, chronographs and even offered approach to developments like active quartz.

Some Legendary, Collectible Watches

It wasn’t generally the situation that Seiko 5 Sports watches were more affordable partners to practically comparable ordinary Seiko line watches – all the more regularly known as Prospex today, however it is by all accounts the case now.  Looking at the present (or yesterday’s) arrangement, for instance, there are models that appear as though Monsters, yet they’re not regarding water obstruction or they probably contain a lower spec automatic.  Looking back, however, I’d welcome you to investigate an article I wrote on the remarkable vintage Seiko Sports Divers .  You’ll take note of that these appeared in the last part of the 60’s and obviously Seiko was very, um, hazy on their bearing at the time.

Some models changed from Seiko to Seiko 5 Sports as the line was set up while others inquisitively stayed as typical Seiko’s.  Perhaps these were territorial choices and I’ve not decoded it yet, yet there are some unsurpassed works of art inside this subset of watches paying little heed to the conflicting beginnings.  Names like “Rally”, “Sushi Roll”, “UFO”, “Kamen Rider” and the “Regatta” are only a portion of the pieces that, for my cash, gave the Swiss an appropriate beating at the time.  And thus, where does that leave us now?

The New Seiko 5 Sports – A New Logo

With the patched up Seiko 5 Sports watches, Seiko reveals to us that it’s thinking back on the most recent fifty years of its Sports watches with an end goal to present to us an updated insight, yet with overall the very qualities that we’ve developed to enjoy.  To devote the event, we likewise have the beginning of another logo that will come to separate your Sports model from a typical Seiko 5.  That logo is to some degree a sideways “5” that is formed inside the customary Seiko 5 shield.  Frankly, it looks a ton like the “Superman” logo and it’s been getting some guff on forums.  My view?  It’s a little odd, however similar as any longstanding item that gets a revive, I think becoming accustomed to the logo will basically take time.

Seiko SRPD55K1

Upgraded Movements

There’s uplifting news in the motor room too on the grounds that these Seiko 5 Sports watches are outfitted with the 4R36 automatic.  Gone are the Seiko long stretches of depending on the “shake and set” technique – amusingly, a business highlight of early Seiko 5’s with their “magic levers” – to get things rolling as this watch can be hand wound and hacks.  truth be told, it’s the very development that is in the pricier Prospex Turtle arrangement. In any case, what’s fairly astounding is the case shape that Seiko decided to make a big appearance the invigorated line.

Seiko SRPD83K1

A Very Familiar Case with 27 Variants

Yes, the Seiko 5 Sports watches debut with a bewildering 27 unique variations and all utilization a case, handset, and lists exceptionally suggestive of the profoundly adored SKX007: a model that is regularly credited as the habit forming substance for sprouting watch enthusiasts.  That’s sort of a wild decision on the grounds that, from one viewpoint, Seiko is playing it truly protected with this proven look.  On the other hand, the SKX007 was never authoritatively part of the Seiko 5 arrangement, however that is a theme for a later passage. There are various diverse tasteful decisions for the case including steel, rose gold covered steel and dark hard-coating.

Seiko SRPD76K1

The dial decisions incorporate cream, dark, blue, green, burgundy, orange, matured dark, matured blue, matured green, dark with red files (!), dark with blue files, dark with dark lists, dark with gold features, green with some kind of crackly geology, and what resembles earthy colored with a comparable surface.  That’s a lot!  Ditto for the bezels as there are bunch decisions – tragically none contain a lume pip at 12:00.

Seiko SRPD69K1

Yes, there are 27 watches and they all fit into 5 diverse sub-segments called Sports, Suits, Street, Sense, and Specialist.  I don’t know how “energetic” those are beside the first, however Seiko wanted to provide some request to things.

Seiko SRPD85K1

Loads of Bracelet & Strap Options

The wristband decisions likewise range fiercely on the new Seiko 5 Sports collection.  We have a clam style arm band, lattice, nylon, and some kind of silicone/calfskin combination.  Wild!  Seiko picked Hardlex for the precious stone and a screw-down case back that we’ve at this point to see.  You can wager that there’s no wave theme, however, as these watches are simply water safe down to 100 meters.  Another gesture to the lighter donning goals of this watch is the choice to forego the utilization of a screw-down crown.

Seiko SRPD51K2

Frankly, it’s the one exclusion that the two astonishments me and baffles despite the fact that Seiko 5 watches don’t highlight screw-down crowns.  At 42.5mm in distance across, however, this size will satisfy any individual who has at any point held or considered a SKX007.  What we likewise don’t know is whether the case contains penetrated carry openings as this is common practice on late Seiko’s.  Then once more, this is common practice for late Seiko divers and these are plainly false divers.

Seiko SRPD59K1

Great Options Overall at Roughly 300 Euros

So what’s my opinion on the new Seiko 5 Sports assortment stylishly (we’ll find time for specialized benefits and faults at the end)?  All in all, I truly like them and with retail evaluating somewhere in the range of 280 and 340 Euros (let’s face it, they’ll be more affordable on Amazon), they’ll sell these by the boatloads once they become accessible in September.  The styling is Seiko-recognizable and even addresses the “modder” market that loves to explore different avenues regarding this case and the entirety of its elements.  I’m not an aficionado of the content “Programmed” above 6:00 and would have loved something somewhat more specialized looking, yet it’s a minor point.  Personal favorite?  There’s an orange-dialed model that is a genuinely close reevaluation of the 7548-700C from the mid 80’s or the later SKX011 and I’d go in that direction.

The End of the SKX007, a Shame

Shifting gears, we should discuss the SKX007 and its relatives.  For all the examining we get regarding if the 007 is really dead, I’d say that the presentation of the Seiko 5 Sports watches places a last nail in the casket for the old soldier.  The 7S26 development is done and that is even more obvious by the way that the more exceptionally spec’d 4R36 is winding up in more open models now.  But for all the reasons that the time had come to ask the old SKX’s to take a hike, this was and still is a tremendously popular watch.  They’re as yet on Amazon and still a famous top choice among gatherers and amateurs alike.  And along these lines, I’m here to say – and say it resoundingly – I don’t exactly get the Seiko 5 Sports strategy.  Yes, they presented to us the case plan that we know and love with heaps of variations, however they got it a watered-down version.  I mean truly, this case configuration has been around for 40+ years as it appeared in 1978 on the previously mentioned quartz 7548-7000.  After that, the fundamental case configuration has done time in models, for example, the 7002 , 7S36, 7C43, SBCM023 , and that inspecting shuns the tremendous scope of medium size pieces that pre-owned this general shape.  One common subject is that all of them contained a screw-down crown and, everything being equal, were ISO-evaluated jump watches.  For $250 or thereabouts, every individual could pick quartz or programmed and move with a watch that could and still can, genuinely do everything – particularly those quartz pieces.  So, indeed, I discover this to be a cycle of blasphemy concerning the case style, yet maybe Gerard is correct and that the $200 mechanical diver is basically dead (just don’t tell the Russians).

Seiko SRPD61K1

No Screw-Down Crown on a Case that Always Had One

I’ll harp on the point a piece more.  With the Seiko 5 Sports setup, we get quite significantly more show, yet less go and, as far as I might be concerned, everything comes down to the absence of a screw-down crown. Alright, I think adding a lume pip at 12:00 is an easy decision, however the crown strikes me as a misstep.  Now, Seiko would reveal to us that unique 60’s Sport Divers likewise came up short on a screw-down crown and they’d be right, yet those watches didn’t steal a case that had consistently been related with real divers.  Here was a chance to take the SKX007, at long last characterize it inside a Seiko line – I think Prospex would’ve been more appropriate – and give individuals what they genuinely needed with a wide range of variations and a redesigned movement.  I’m distant from being an advertising master, yet it feels to me that Seiko really downgraded the SKX007 to attempt to make watches like the “Small scale Turtle” and “Turtle” appear to be better and to hold back from tearing up deals of these pieces.  These new 5 Sports really have all the other things going for them beside the crown and bezel pip – everything!  Well conjecture what?  Seiko offers heaps of competing items at comparable cost points.  Take a glance at the $1000 – 1200 territory and you have the 1968 Modern Reinterpretation models, the 62MAS Modern Reinterpretation models, and the Sumo!  So, eventually, unfortunately, yet I don’t completely get it.  So indeed, I figure it would have been exceptional to dispatch another arrangement of SKX models with maybe a lower number of variations (and, as Seiko does, make extra models as Special Editions) and afterward to relaunch Seiko 5 Sports with an alternate, new case style.

Seiko SRPD57K1

Final Thoughts

You’ll never hear me complain about more mechanical contributions at an achievable value point, particularly with quality in-house developments as in the Seiko 5 Sports lineup.  I believe it’s extraordinary that Seiko is tending to the fan base’s revenue in modding and in wanting for more variants.   And truly, some are out and out gorgeous…that green!  The way that these watches will be accessible all around the world is likewise a genuine advance in the privilege direction.  I just wish they’d chose to offer a crown made for plunging to make the watch more real and with regards to what this case style has consistently implied for buyers.  For certain, I’ll be eager to go involved with one and I’m certain I’ll wind up adding one – or more –  to the stable.  I’m additionally intrigued to perceive what else Seiko adds to this setup; we should trust they carry back some cool 70’s shapes with moderate case sizes.  I’m exceptionally inquisitive to hear what the fans think about these new pieces and which you like best, so let us know below!  See each variation in our exhibition beneath with their reference numbers.

For more data on the Seiko 5 Sports setup, head to the authority new .

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