The Rolex Submariner 14060

What else do you need? This week I’ll be particularly outside of what might be expected, and especially disconnected also. In and out the water, swimming and climbing, name it an energetic holiday.

Beatable, intelligible and uncluttered

For these conditions I quite often pick a conquerable, intelligible and cleaned up watch. Not scared of water too. What’s more, no date. All together not to upset my downtime with the point of view of when it will end.

A Rolex Submariner, despite the fact that not unique nor exclusive, is ideal for this. Thus that’s why I picked it to wear as my 52Mondayz watch this week.

Supplied in 1992

The one I’m wearing is a reference 14060 and has a N-chronic number. It dates from 1992, as demonstrated on its accompanying unique administrative work. The arm band reference is 93150 with 501B end links.

It has the flimsy but extremely helpful diving extension which was the common one utilized back then. Within the collapsing catch bears, aside from the undeniable ‘steel inox’ and ‘registered swiss made’ marks, R7 as date code.

Caliber 3000 and 3130 differences

In 1989 the 14060 was the replacement of the now distinguished reference 5513. Inside the 14060 Rolex Submariner ticks the basic and solid Rolex type 3000. Later – past 1999 – models showed with reference 14060M had an altered (consequently M) type, the 3130.

The contrasts of the new type were a full equilibrium connect and a bigger equilibrium wheel. Frequently said empowering Rolex to simpler COSC chronometer guarantee the developments, which the 14060 wasn’t. Too, around then essentially the entire Rolex type line was fitted with a full equilibrium connect making it pretty much a company signature. Michael Stockton did a in-profundity review of the 14060M before on Fratello Watches, you’ll discover it here: Rolex Submariner 14060M survey

Production run from 1989 till 1999

So the reference 14060 was in production for around 10 years (1989-1999), and afterward the 14060M was roughly for a very long time also (1999-2009). Later this model got, as most other Rolex sports models, an engraved rehaut. At that point the reference changed to 114060 and it turned into the new Submariner No Date. It has a very surprising case with clay bezel decorate, another arm band and much more.

Tritium specks and hands

Almost every one of the 14060 models were provided with tritium dials, presumably a couple of not long before the reference changed to 14060M had Super-LumiNova as of now. The one I’m wearing has a pleasant cream discolouration of the tritium spots in the dial. The hands stay somewhat behind. Albeit never showed signs of change, they’re still to some degree more white.

Good instances of this 14060 model Rolex Submariner can be found available to be purchased around € 5.000,= nowadays.

An outline of the Rolex Submariner history can be found here.