This is 52Mondayz week #51. The penultimate seven day stretch of the year as of now! For sure, towards the year’s end I will in general wear more gold watches than in some other period. To get easily used to the adjustment in material, I began for this present year with a Rolex Day-Date in 18-carat white gold.

Rolex Day-Date in white gold on President bracelet

The Rolex Day-Date I’m wearing this week was provided new in the US in 2001. It bears the reference 18239, which advises us it’s a Day-Date with a fluted bezel, made of 18-carat white gold.

Double Quick-set Caliber 3155

The reference number shows also that the development utilized in this watch, Rolex type 3155, has a twofold brisk set component. For example the day and the date can be immediately set by turning the crown, different sides, when pulled out to its subsequent position. The principal position winds the watch, the third position changes the hour and moment hands. Furthermore, in the zero-position, the crown is in a bad way down to the case for insurance. To get the idea.

This twofold speedy set type was utilized since 1988 as of now. Before 1988 the reference of this watch was 18039 and the type utilized was the Rolex type 3055. The thing that matters is that the type 3055 is single-snappy set. It just permits the setting of the date of the month freely from the hands, however not the day of the week. Changing the day showed at 12 o’clock required pushing the time ahead past midnight.

Solid joins, less issues with stretch

President arm band with strong links

In post-2000 creation Rolex improved the President arm band with strong connections. Making it a lot heavier and less inclined to ‘bracelet stretch’ seen in pre-2000 Day-Date models with empty connection arm bands. So I’m glad to simply exploit that with this watch from 2001. For me it was pretty much an occurrence, nonetheless, it’s unquestionably something worth observing when purchasing a used Rolex Day-Date.

Hidden catch with Rolex crown

Born with a precious stone set silver dial

As you can see from the photos this watch is furnished with a lovely ice-blue dial. Notwithstanding, it wasn’t brought into the world like that. Initially it was provided with a silver dial set with 8 splendid cut precious stones, in addition to 2 loaves. In 2009, be that as it may, this watch came from the US to The Netherlands, and its first visit was to one of Rolex’ significant agents. Nothing against precious stones, however the new proprietor concluded that ice-blue would better suit our Dutch taste. Also, I need to say, I concur. Unquestionably in light of the first dial – referenced explicitly on the accompanying unique Rolex endorsement also – is as yet present with the watch at the moment.

The Mother of all Wristwatches

For me, the Rolex Datejust has consistently been the ‘mother of all wristwatches’. It’s in every case right. You’re ready to wear it the entire day, on all events. It’s chique enough not to be excessively present or excessively elegant, it’s energetic and strong enough not to split down or top off with water whatever you do. Then again, it’s enough proclamation to be a genuine watch, to show you got your fundamentals right. You recall the Rolex booklets, don’t you? ‘I need a decent watch!’ Spot on, it’s just that.

Monday December eighteenth, week #51

The following stage to me, let’s say the standout Datejust, is the Day-Date. As most Datejusts are treated steel, steel and gold, and without a doubt, not very many likely are in strong gold. A Day-Date simply comes in gold. Any gold. Yellow, obviously, white gold, pink gold, and even platinum. Yet, not steel (* yes I am aware of the 6 exceptions).

I don’t need to go into any women’s activist conversations, be that as it may, let’s imagine – if the Datejust is the mother of all wristwatches – the Day-Date should be the dad 🙂


Being a particularly significant watch. Being such a symbol. I just can’t see any self-regarding watch authority not having a Rolex Day-Date in their assortment eventually. Outlandish! Regardless of whether Rolex isn’t your style, you can’t manage without a Day-Date. You just can’t. You need to encounter what it is to ow a Day-Date. Feel how it feels to have it on your wrist. Regardless of whether it’s only for once. And afterward, I’m sure, you’ll never be without one.

And that won’t be excessively troublesome. Rolex created Day-Dates for a long time. Well at any rate for quite a long time, they began creating them in 1956 (as reference 6511). So then they’re over 60 years around; you ought to have the option to discover one, nothing selective here.

To get going, writer Michael Stockton did an article on his vintage Rolex Day-Date here , while Robert-Jan did a review on more present day models here . For more data on Rolex and today’s Day-Date models if it’s not too much trouble, visit


Shrouded fasten with Rolex crown