It’s a little more than two months ago that we distributed our survey of the Undone Basecamp . They appear to be occupied at Undone because even in this brief period, we’ve seen very some new additions to their line-up. Our next, and probably last, Undone survey is the Urban Type XX Classic Flyback Chronograph, or short:

Undone Type XX

We already scrutinized the utilization of the famous Rolex Explorer-II 24-hour hand as hour hand in the Undone Urban Explorer model in our last survey. In any case, with each recently introduced watch model, it becomes clearer that Undone excessively loves to get their inspiration from rather notable and authentic plans from the past.

Undone Type XX’s configuration is acquired from historical icons

Again, certainly for $ 315.- technically there’s very little off-base about the Undone Type XX. At this value point, one could even overcome the utilization of the SSI (Seiko Instruments Inc) VK64 meca-quartz development. As we did the last time when we experienced this development, which was in the similarly evaluated Corniche Heritage Chronograph .

And I don’t understand what it is, yet the utilization of the SII VK63/64 caliber appears to attract brands that depend on other’s plan. The Corniche utilized the DNA from two profoundly regarded Patek Philippe and A. Lange & Söhne chronographs. And then there’s  . We never covered them, yet their chronograph plans are all straightforwardly taken from notable vintage watch models. I’m aware that these watches probably sell well. Notwithstanding, they don’t get a lot of credit from watch aficionados. Frequently these brands depict this sort of watches as homages or recognitions for the originals. That doesn’t work for me though, I consider it to be taken plans to touch off sales.

Ultraman and Snoopy

In 1968 a Omega Speedmaster Professional with an orange chronograph second hand was utilized in the, specifically in Japan, popular Ultraman TV animation arrangement. At the point when we at Fratello in direct cooperation with Omega chose to do a cutting edge re-version of this model for the Speedy Tuesday community, it happened to be very popular and effective. Soon after this achievement, Undone introduced their Ultraman. Undone brought it as a celebration of Ultraman’s reboot on Netflix in 2019. Was it a coincidence?

Then this week I got an invitation from Undone to pre-request their form of a Snoopy Moonwatch, literally like that. Complete with a shine in-the-dark Snoopy in the dial. Please help me, on which other Moonwatch did I see a shine in-the-dark Snoopy previously..? And accurately that made me look carefully again at the Undone Type XX which I was wearing for survey at that moment.

So far for the rant, on to the watch

Although its name doesn’t leave a lot of space for think about where the watch got its plan from, I should admit that I visually didn’t immediately recall it. It was a over at our companions of Revolution that taught me that for instance, Breguet in fact utilized rotating plain bezels with only one triangular marker. We saw a plain bezel with just a triangle as well on the Undone Basecamp, and I communicated my appreciation there already. While the one on the Basecamp was fluted outwardly, here on Type XX we locate a more slender reeded bezel for enhanced grip.

Undone Type XX with a mat-black dial, glowing numerals, and hands

Dial and hands

For the rest, the plan of the watch is very apparent. A mat black dial with large Arabic numerals and two sub-dials. While (the vast majority of) the imprinting in the dial is white, the large iridescent numerals are creme. I don’t want to utilize the term ‘faux-patina’ anymore as many of you don’t like this. All hands are painted white, with the hour and moment hand loaded up with creme shaded brilliant material as well. As is the triangular tip of the second-hand coincidentally. The sub-dial hands are plain white and don’t sport luminosity.

The SII VK64 meca-quartz caliber

Other than the real Type 20, or Type XX, watches from past and current manufacturers, the Undone Type XX doesn’t feature a permanent running second-hand in one of its sub-dials. Given by the elements of the SII VK64 meca-quartz development, it shows a chronograph minute counter and a 24-hour hand. Unfortunately, the 24-hour hand can’t be set separately from the regular season of the watch. It can’t be utilized as a second-time region or UTC, for instance; it’s just a day and night indicator.

Further about the VK64 development, originally it offers a date work. In any case, Undone chose not to utilize it in this watch. Pulling out the crown to the primary position, one can in any case feel the brisk setting of it though.

As extra information, I might want to add that the VK64 is a 0 (no) gem chronograph caliber with 2 two-shaft venturing engines. Operated by a SR936SW battery, it will run for three years under normal temperature conditions (- 5 to +50 degrees Celcius) and operating the chronograph for close to an hour a day. The VK64 has no regulating gadget; notwithstanding, its accuracy lies among – and + 20 seconds a month. It’s antimagnetic to at least 1.600 A/m.

Type 20 requirements

Due to the lack of a permanent running second-hand, there’s no alternate way to tell if the watch is running or not, other than starting the chronograph. I have to admit that I didn’t investigate the French government Type 20 necessities altogether. Notwithstanding, I can imagine that some sort of running indicator more likely than not been crucial.

This carries me to the point of imprinting in the dial, which isn’t white, the model indication TYPE XX, which is red. Underneath this red, we can see FLYBACK. I do know without a doubt that the French government required the Type 20 chronographs to have Flyback functionality. Pilots ought to have the option to stop the running chronograph, reset it to nothing, and start it again from that point, with only one press of a solitary catch. That’s what Flyback means, or SRS as the German Sinn manufacturer names it accurately, Stopp-Rück-Start.

Flyback or no Flyback..?

Undone indicates this Type XX to be Flyback. In any case, it appears it doesn’t have the legitimate functionality. Again the SII VK64 meca-quartz movement’s functionality permits to stop the chronograph, and zero it, with the press of the base catch. However, it doesn’t automatically start it from that point again at the same time. After halting one has to press the top catch to get the chronograph running again.

About the dial

What I like about Undone is that they don’t exaggerate with their brand name on the dial. Every once in a while, we see curiosity brands printing their name as large and striking as conceivable noticeably in the dial. I can imagine one is pleased with a brand name and wants to ventilate it as much as conceivable. Be that as it may, I don’t figure it ought to negatively impact the appearance of a watch. And Undone does this exceptionally right, as I would like to think. The brand name in this Type XX is, as at the vast majority of their different models, printed at the lower part of the dial. Just underneath the 6-position.

Personalized with our Fratello logo


That leaves as well a space for something different, your name or initials, for instance. This can be entered at Undone’s personalization site . For our survey watch, Undone insightful printed our Fratello logo on the dial, even in the privilege color.

But there’s substantially more which can be personalized about the Type XX. Other than the classic plan of our audit watch, there’s an attractive white panda dial and a black opposite panda with blue numerals. The shade of the hands can be picked as well, and even a glass back to show the meca-quartz caliber is available.

The Undone Type XX as well is provided in their meanwhile familiar and adequate box.

Undone Type XX box