A few weeks prior there was a little social gathering in Vienna, Austria, with some really genuine Omega authorities. We say Omega, not Speedmaster, as individuals additionally acquired some really respectable other Omega watches. Our own personal Berti joined a Saturday in Vienna and took photos of all the horological candy that was brought along.

Vienna Calling

Organized by some intense Omega gatherers (a few watches may look natural on the off chance that you are an enthusiastic Omega adherent on Instagram for instance) in Austria, it was by greeting just, as trust is frequently the main perspective with regards to these things. On the off chance that a social gathering isn’t coordinated by a brand or shop, envision the battle with a setting and its security to protect everyone’s assortment of watches.

Without further ado, let’s view a portion of the watches that individuals brought in.

Seamaster And Railmaster

I will pick a portion of the watches that were available during the Vienna GTG for your survey delight. There were various vintage Seamaster watches present, including early jumping models. The Seamaster 300 (1957) has consistently been a top choice among gatherers, however shouldn’t something be said about the to some degree lesser known Railmaster (additionally 1957)? The public most likely just became acquainted with the Railmaster as the re-version from years prior, or maybe even just since 2017’s re-arrival of the Railmaster (60th-commemoration release and the customary new Railmaster), however Omega authorities have been chasing for these forever.

Railmaster and Seamaster

The watches above are practically indistinguishable and you need to realize that a portion of the military powers utilized these watches. More often than not, we come across Seamaster PAF watches. It is essentially a Railmaster (CK2914) however with a Seamaster logo on the dial rather than Railmaster, and with the PAF etching looking into the issue back. All things considered, PAF represents the Pakistani Air Force (there’s additionally the Peruvian Air Force). All Railmasters that were requested by the Pakistani Air Force were named Seamaster.

What made the Railmaster so unique at that point, is its protection from attraction. Today it is one of Omega’s key consideration focuses with their developments, yet some time ago, the extraordinary composites that are against attractive weren’t accessible. All things being equal, the well known Faraday confine development was utilized for watches, a delicate iron internal case would shield the development from magnetism.


Some of you may think about my fascination for the Constellation, I own a couple from the mid 1950s till present day adaptations. So I am glad to see that somebody got this delightful gold Constellation. It is a NOS (New Old Stock) Omega Constellation with the first gold arm band and its silver box.

Here you see an Omega Constellation Grand Luxe reference 14398 with a type 561 development. Connected to it is the gold block wristband. The dial is made of gold and the hour markers are applied with an onyx stick. I need to add that I’ve consistently been a sucker for these watches ( hence this article on Constellations ) and since recently I got my chase for them once more. These watches are little, with their 34mm distance across, however that additionally makes them less needed (and reasonable valued, ). The lone thing you’ve to be cautious about are the dials, a ton of them have restored dials. It doesn’t must be an extremely awful thing (a great deal of them experienced dampness and water entering the case, so there could have been no other option than to have them finished up), yet the cost ought to reflect this.

Anyway, you are taking a gander at a NOS condition Constellation Grand Luxe here. Awesome.

More Seamaster Models

People brought likewise in there Seamaster 300 watches, from the absolute first reference (CK2913) to the later references. What’s more, a few Seamaster PloProf 600 watches. Quite recently we wrote about the discoveries by a Ploprof expert from the UK. Beneath, in any case, a glad Seamaster 300 couple.

The Seamaster PloProf 600 was covered here , in which we educate you concerning the new revelations with respect to the creation of the dials and so on It rose to the top that the ones that were seen as the Mark II arrangement, were really the initial ones to be near. This was the finish of very some examination by a gatherer who passes by the name of on Instagram. Try to follow him. In addition to the fact that he performed some magnificent exploration on the Ploprof 600, yet additionally the Ploprof 1000, Constellation Megaquartz and Speedmaster Moonphase have been covered broadly by him.

And Then Some…

…Speedmasters! Bunches of Speedmasters. In any case, we additionally saw various Omega’s military watches. Omega submitted a large number of watches to the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) during and after WW2. We did a full story on one of the RAF Pilots and his watch some time back, which was republished in Omega’s Lifetime magazine a year ago. These 30T2 watches are well known among authorities, yet at the same time can be found in acceptable condition at reasonable costs. Likewise may need to do (once more) with the humble measurement of their cases. On the off chance that you can see past that, you will really have some set of experiences on the wrist with those watches.

Enjoy the pictures! Snap for bigger versions.