One could scarcely accomplish more to distil the substance of a Porsche 911 into wristwatch structure than Danish brand REC has finished with their 901 watch assortment. Utilizing genuine rescued metal from famous vehicles to make observes intensely referring to the plans of said vehicles is what is the issue here, and we have recently taken a gander at the Ford Mustang-based REC P-51 here and the Mini Cooper-based REC Mark I M2 here . Presently, in light of and halfway produced using Porsche 911 vehicles, we review each of the three variants of their new REC 901 assortment watches with dials produced using metal recovered from vintage vehicles. My early introduction was shock at the apparent form quality, and afterward at the value point which is somewhat higher than the brand’s past watches I am recognizable with.

Niche commonly, the company’s strength is that it has a very much characterized target crowd. That implies individuals like the originators themselves who are energetic about vehicles, vintage vehicles specifically, and explicitly respect certain brands and models. Vehicle devotees don’t actually need alternatives for watches that oblige their advantage, however many will probably at any rate appreciate the affection and consideration that went into making these REC 901 watches a commendable accolade for the Porsche 911.

Before diving into the subtleties of the REC 901 watch, I need to address a point about watches that I feel is outlined well here. The intensity of a watch to represent something that has individual importance to the wearer is frequently a piece of what drives lovers to get as profound into their pastime as they do. This is regularly accomplished through plan contacts just as through different components of the watch’s history or affiliation that can maybe be comprehensively called “storytelling,” to utilize a promoting term. I don’t fundamentally consider these things purposeful misdirection despite the fact that they are more immaterial pieces of what is being sold.


In any case, this is the thing that REC watches are generally offering – however upheld up with high caliber and strong development. For instance, I can envision that for individuals who consider the Porsche 911 to be quite possibly the most wonderful vehicles ever constructed, something like the REC 901 will resemble a little cheerful spot they can pass by looking at their wrist even amidst an unpleasant or monotonous every day presence. That is the manner by which observes frequently are for me, at any rate, if for various reasons. In the REC 901 watch, this is accomplished through plan signs, both inconspicuous and obvious, just as the information on its dial material and the account of where it came from. I guess glad proprietors won’t give it a second thought in the event that you call it gimmicky.


1976 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 Coupe (930); top vehicle configuration rating and details

I’m theorizing a great deal about how Porsche fans will feel since I am simply a sorry “car guy” myself, I admit, despite the fact that I can appreciate the provocativeness of a Porsche – and please put me on the right track in the comments if I’m only way off. However, as I stated, starting the creative mind of the wearer through plan and narrating frequently applies to watches all in all in various manners relying upon the watch – and I figure we would all be able to concur that it gets very unpretentious and regularly tremendously dark. The REC 901, then again, takes a more direct approach.

“Porsche” is composed no place on the REC 901 watch, yet quite possibly the most fulfilling and effective plan components is the manner in which case profile echoes the renowned bends of the 911. There are a great deal of other direct references to the vehicle that we’ll come back to quickly. What will likewise be fulfilling is realizing that the dial itself was quite of a Porsche 911 vehicle at a certain point. That’s the narrating part, and REC properly put a ton of exertion into its introduction and does a very great job with it.

Each watch comes with a “Story Card” that, utilizing NFC or a QR code, drives your cell phone to a video about the specific vehicle used to make your watch. Every one of the three watches I received have the VIN WP0ZZZ91ZCS101234 1976 demonstrated on the plaque on the 9 o’clock side of the case. The video recounts a 1976 Porsche 911 that was bought in 2003 (with every single unique part) in Denmark as a project “father-child project” (inspiring). The hood was supplanted as a component of the reclamation, and the first hood turned into the dials of these REC 901 watches – that’s the scratchy salvaged material surface you see. The 1976 Porsche 911 was reestablished and stays in use.

Now, for some bare essential. As referenced, the 44mm-wide, 13.2mm-thick case feels strong and all around made, with even a little heave to it at 110g. I don’t even consider this case size “big” any longer, and it wears well (if somewhat tall) on my 6.5″ (17cm) wrist, generally on account of the strong and energetic drags. Notwithstanding the screw-in crown that is set into the case slighty, water opposition is just 30m. Differentiating cleaned and brushed surfaces, just as PVD components, are utilized to acceptable effect.

I have not yet gotten an opportunity to break in the to some degree firm calfskin lashes, however they are likewise alluring and of a decent quality. Here, I will commend REC for the straps’ phenomenal snappy change framework that works like an outright appeal. The little catch for fast evacuation and substitution is important for the tie itself (and springbar) instead of the watch case, so different ties will require similar instruments as regular to use with this watch, and these lashes will chip away at some other 24mm-haul width watches, including the brand’s P-51 collection.

The three forms are the 901-01 that has a steel case with PVD components like the bezel and crown; the 901-02 with all-steel case and light-hued dial; and the 901-03 with an all-PVD dark case and more obscure dial with orange accents. With the time told on what is basically a focal subdial with little hands handily lost among a bustling primary dial, decipherability isn’t the REC 901’s solid point, however the 901-01 is most likely the least demanding to peruse of the three. In pictures, I figured I might want the dark PVD case and shades of the 901-03 best, yet I wound up favoring the 901-01 generally speaking, to a great extent for its relative legibility.

The 901-01 highlights green Super-LumiNova for the hands and lists, including the external track, however it is daintily applied and frail beside at the top of the hour and moment hands. The other two forms clearly use “black lume” for the lists which, actually, I couldn’t even see at all notwithstanding my best endeavors. With three layers of antireflective covering, the sapphire precious stone over the dial offers a sans glare see, however it has some slight twists at outrageous angles.

The caseback permits a halfway perspective on the development through five K1 mineral gem windows – as opposed to one precious stone covered by a casing, as I initially suspected. There, you will (mostly) see the Miyota 9100 programmed development that works at 4Hz with around a 40-hour power save and a guaranteed precision of 10~30 seconds out of each day. The 9000 arrangement are more superior Miyota developments finding their way into better quality watches recently, and here you will see some welcome geneva stripes on the extension underneath the enlivened rotor. With hand-winding and hacking (significant in light of the fact that some lower-end Japanese developments do not have those highlights), the “multifunction” 9100 additionally offers a force hold marker at 12 o’clock on the dial, day of the week at 9 o’clock, date at 6 o’clock, and month at 3 o’clock. All are appreciated capacities, and they are set by means of the crown’s three situations except for the month that is done through a pusher set into the side of the case at 2 o’clock (you will require something little and sharp to jab it with).

I said this is a watch for vehicle darlings, however it will give individuals into configuration a ton to discuss also. REC adopted a startling strategy in two or three different ways that I discover sort of fascinating. In the first place, by honoring an exemplary vehicle with an extremely present day watch plan, yet additionally by making a watch intended to summon the vehicle as opposed to essentially be combined to it – I consider this to be a watch more for fans than proprietors of Porsche 911s. At any rate it is not the same as the (large numbers of) other car themed watches that are going for a hustling or vintage (or vintage dashing) look.

My main thing from the plan are the bends of the case profile which, even to me, work effectively of summoning the Porsche’s lines. Next, I like the accolade for the Porsche’s back air grille, which is absolutely enhancing here, obviously, and presumably the most evident reference to the vehicle. Somewhere else, pretty much every part of the watch figures out how to reference the Porsche 911. The dial is supposed to be roused by the car’s dashboard; the seconds records utilize the Porsche textual style; the force save pointer is intended to resemble the “fuel and oil guage of mid 911s” (resembles a necktie to me); the crown references a controlling wheel’s horn cap; the cowhide lashes are suggestive of vehicle insides; and so on I likewise especially like the caseback that depends on Otto Fuchs edges, with the rotor inside intended to appear as though a brake plate. The name 901, incidentally, alludes to the first name of the 911. In the event that it nearly seems like I know something about vehicles, I’m thoroughly faking it.

In expansion to being Porsche 911 fans, purchasers of the REC 901 watches should be available to untraditional, vanguard plans. In this sense, the REC 901 watches help me a touch to remember SevenFriday and Dietrich (additionally in the $1,000-$2,000 value range with Miyota developments), just more controlled and specifically engaged. There is a ton of profundity, surface, and visual interest on the dial – which, as I stated, appears to have placed intelligibility in the passenger’s seat. In any case, once more, I think the vast majority who appreciate the REC 901 watch won’t mind letting their eyes wait an additional second or two on the intriguing dial.

The three models I was sent are models, obviously, as creation will start when the Kickstarter lobby closes April 30, 2017, with conveyance expected in September. Effectively financed, exceptional Kickstarter crusade evaluating is accessible for excited prompt risers, and every form of the REC 901 will have an inevitable retail cost of $1,795 beginning in October 2017.

Necessary Data

>Brand: REC

>Model: 901 Automatic

>Price: $1,795

>Size: 44mm wide x 13.2mm thick

>Would reviewer actually wear it: Sometimes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who cherishes the Porsche 911 quite bit.

>Best normal for watch: Very strong form quality and feel. Truly figures out how to catch plan components of the Porsche 911 in wristwatch form.

>Worst normal for watch: Not solid on intelligibility because of occupied dial, short hands that will in general mix in, and feeble lume. A touch pricey.