I keep on seeing improvement at Antiquorum Geneva. The degree of watches has seen a stage up in this inventory and they previously had some incredible outcomes in their latest Hong Kong deal. There is no huge pocket watch assortment this time around, which is an alleviation for me too. Generally speaking, the viewpoint has been acceptable since the time their partition with Antiquorum New York and I trust they keep up the great work.

I had a fascinating conversation with Julien Schaerer, Managing Director, during my initial see visit in Geneva. I was, once more, inquisitive about the enormous size of this list. Just to explain, when I say enormous inventories I mean they routinely have 500+ parcels in their deals and others like Christie’s and Phillips have around 200 parts with higher normal qualities. During our conversation, one comment especially grabbed my eye: “yet where can new purchasers locate a wide determination of intriguing vintage watches inside a sensible budget?”

It was an intriguing inquiry and plainly an expository one. I accepted I would simply get a ‘we need to arrive at our turnover objective’ reaction, however I felt we skipped that and went straightforwardly to ‘yet that is something beneficial for you’. I realize closeout houses outside of Geneva do offer cool passage level watches, however they don’t have the information and many years of skill of the AQ group in Geneva. The facts demonstrate that Antiquorum keeps on conveying the most approachable inventories and it’s enjoyable to burrow through the assortment of horological things, which range from brand memorabilia to take watches, work area clocks, wristwatches, etc. From an expert angle, it is a great deal of work for us to glance through all the lists coming up one weekend from now (more than 1,300 parts being sold in 3 days), however it winds up being a huge load of fun. This likewise doesn’t mean Antiquorum just obliges the section level purchaser since they have some vital and noteworthy wristwatches in this auction.

After glancing through a portion of the upcoming looks available to be purchased, and not long prior to leaving, I complimented them on having way less present day watches than any time in recent memory. Once more, I was shocked by his answer: “It isn’t that we would prefer not to take present day looks available to be purchased. There is still large interest for decent recycled watches. In any case, proprietors simply don’t have any desire to take enormous misfortunes on what they paid and like to keep their watches as opposed to face challenges and acknowledge our reasonable worth assessments.”. I hadn’t actually contemplated it that way, yet it does thoroughly bode well. Why dump your advanced watch on the off chance that you can simply appreciate wearing it a couple of more years? Except if you truly don’t care for it, urgently need the money or your present sweetheart discovered your ex got it for you, I surmise I truly don’t perceive any reason why by the same token. Intriguing contemplations from Julien and thank you for setting aside the effort to see me.


The Antiquorum watch closeout, which happens on Sunday November 12th in Geneva, is comprised of 598 parcels (44 more than last deal) including a segment of 40 Patek Calatravas named The Art of Calatrava. There is a beautiful noteworthy assortment of Rolex Daytonas in this deal too and, in general, a wide choice of all our #1 vintage watch brands.

As referenced beforehand, Antiquorum presents one of the broadest assortment among watch closeout houses and covers a few specialty markets, which makes it fun and fascinating to see and find out about. They are in fact including 40 Patek Philippe Calatravas in this inventory, yet I didn’t will consider all to be them as the lion’s share were voyaging when I cruised by. I think this was a lovely fascinating thought thinking about that these more modest breadth exemplary time just watches haven’t been the focal point of much consideration as of late. It will be fascinating to see where the market is arranged today and in the event that we can foresee a restored revenue for more modest widths outside of the Asian market.

Here are a portion of my #1 wristwatches from the catalog:

LOT #140

Wittnauer-Longines “Weems” Second-Setting Pilot’s Wristwatch

The history of route and aeronautics wristwatches are intently integrated with Longines and Wittnauer, US merchant of Longines looks for a very long time. The most notable is without a doubt the Longines “Lindbergh” Hour Angle Watch, a navigational watch created for and with the American pilot Charles Lindbergh in 1931. He was put on the map four years before for his constant, solo Atlantic intersection in 1927, and Longines, the Olympic watch in those days, planned the occasion (absolute was 33 hours and 30 minutes).

What a significant number of us don’t think a lot about is its archetype: the Longines Weems Second-Setting Watch that depended on the route framework concocted by Captain Philip van Horn Weems. In 1929, Navy Captain Phillip Van Horn Weems related to Longines (and Wittnauer) built up the Weems Second-Setting watch for nautical route. It was later the motivation for Lindbergh’s flying watch. Weems, and the less natural Weems watch was the base model of the Lindbergh watch, basically making Lindbergh’s a refreshed and improved Weems. This 47mm wristwatch’s distinctive trademark was its turning seconds dial in the middle used to synchronize precision while tuning in to minute blares over the radio. The turning inward dial showed the right minutes and graphically showed the room for give and take from the first set time. The press button on the crown would permit to pivot between elements of winding and setting.

It is genuinely astounding wristwatch with its noteworthy 47mm silver case, unique dial design and work and, obviously, heritage.

Estimate CHF 17,000 – 27,000

LOT #173

Breitling Ref. 764 Split-Seconds Chronograph

It is no mystery or shock that after the thrilling ascent popular for vintage sports models like Rolex, Omega and, all the more as of late, Heuer, many have been saying that Breitling would be straightaway. The new move from Richemont Group to Breitling by Georges Kern has caused a lot of to notice the brand and its legacy. They have just connected the absolute most energetic vintage Breitling authorities to conceptualize together and bring back a portion of the spirit that has blurred over the long haul in its present assortments. In any case, as indicated by our sources, they don’t plan to go straight into re-releases, yet rather re-focus the brand with its center DNA. As to Breitlings, finding these uncommon fortunes in amazing condition is getting more troublesome, yet that has not debilitate Breitling gatherers. The chase proceeds for veteran authorities just as more blended gatherers, which are presently focusing better on 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Breitlings. More competition implies more exorbitant costs, obviously, yet there is as yet a huge load of significant worth in these delights. This Breitling Split-Seconds chronograph is no exemption. Albeit some discussion has proceeded over the non-duograph dials on split-seconds Breitlings, this piece appears to have all its unique components, is in generally legit condition and is fitted with a stunning Venus 179 (base 175) movement.

Estimate CHF 20,000 – 30,000


LOT #235

Rolex 6264 “Linz Paul Newman” Daytona

I am a Paul Newman Daytona master, however to the extent panda dials go, I lean toward these bakelite bezel designs on a simply stylish level. There is likewise the special reward of the uncommon 6264 reference (supplanting the 6241) with the overhauled 727 caliber.

The Linz signature on the dial is the place where it really gets intriguing. Rolex, settled in Geneva, initially sold its watches straightforwardly through gem specialists like Linz Brothers in Dallas, Texas. Rolex Watch USA wandered into the Texas market in 1945. By 1950, Linz Brothers were selling the biggest volume of Rolex in the United States. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson, a local Texan, was broadly seen wearing a 18K gold Rolex Day Date (later nicknamed the Rolex President) during a question and answer session after his nerve bladder medical procedure. Rolex turned into a practically quick should have for each effective Texan. By 1970, Rolex had 75 approved retailers in Texas and was its best market. As a State it sold more Rolex than most nations were around then. The mark on the dial addresses an interesting piece of Rolex history, especially according to its rich custom in the territory of Texas. The last time a Linz Paul Newman Daytona was sold at Phillips closeout in November 2016, it was a 6239 assessed at CHF 200-400K and it outperformed all assumptions selling for an incredible CHF 874,000.

Estimate CHF 250,000 – 450,000

LOT #424

Patek Philippe Ref. 570 “Pink on Pink”

A Patek Philippe Calatrava is a round dress watch that has been a quintessential piece of the brand character since the 1930’s. The term Calatrava has even been broadened to portray other round dress looks as an overall term. In 1932, Patek delivered the reference 96 dress watch, the primary Calatrava. The Bauhaus impact was straightforwardly noticeable in its super improved on structures, winning levelheadedness being attached to usefulness just as the basic core value that mechanical creation could in any case grandstand an unmistakable imaginative soul. To the extent Calatravas go, my number one remaining parts the reference 570, which was delivered in 1938 with a bigger breadth of 35.5mm versus the 31mm of the 96. The plan and soul are the equivalent, anyway I locate a 35.5mm more wearable today as a dress watch versus a 31mm. I seldom wear a gold watch, yet I favor pink gold over yellow gold because of its hotter shade. At long last, when taking a gander at this model, the striking pink dial on this 570 could, when hearing the thought, sound unusual. In any case, when you see it face to face there is a congruity of tones and differentiation that simply makes you go amazing! (or on the other hand me at least)

Estimate CHF 35,000 – 55,000

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