Aurel Bacs & Livia Russo in relationship with Phillips sales management firm are back for their seventh Geneva watch sell off together. Moreover, they gathered an exceptional Rolex Daytona thematic closeout they have named The Daytona Ultimatum.

Although it is Mr. Bacs’ second Daytona thematic closeout (Lesson One at Christie’s in 2013), it will be the first for Phillips and is set to be their best thematic deal to date.

The Geneva Watch Auction: Seven additionally packs a serious punch for certain fascinating, shocking and uncommon watches from an assortment of brands. A large number of these have significant provenance and it was interesting to investigate a few of these.

I was eager to get an early review a week ago and I had the opportunity to pick my top choices from both sales.


This thematic closeout happens in the early evening on Saturday, May 12th in Geneva is comprised of 32 vintage Daytonas, curated by gatherer/creator Pucci Papaleo, that either stand apart because of their condition, provenance, extraordinariness or, as a rule, every one of the three. Each watch has an epithet that is identified with its exceptional credits. In the event that you are interested about a portion of these monikers, you should ask as they frequently have a shrouded meaning and merit looking at. To see the full list, you can see it on the web .

The name of this deal is motivated by Pucci Papaleo’s 2013 prestigious book: “Ultimate Rolex Daytona”. The utilization of the word final proposal for this deal could have an assortment of implications and I believe that was the point. It was deliberately intended to be provocative as to move conversation and reflection on the state and eventual fate of the vintage Daytona market.

Prices and request have constantly been bullish over the previous decade and keep on advancing unbelievablely. Gathering vintage Daytonas has become its very own section, even separated from the remainder of vintage Rolex watches.

In expansion, famous watches within recent memory are characterized by staying consistent with their unique legacy throughout the long term, yet then continually improving actually as far as toughness, accuracy, comfort and innovation too. This is likewise what makes the firsts so attractive. To genuinely value a Daytona today, one should likewise value its inceptions and evolution.

I restricted myself to simply picking one single watch from the thematic closeout that I for one would appreciate exploring and was new to. Therefore, the Daytona I decided to research and impart to you is the last lot of the catalogue:

LOT #32 – Rolex 6240 Daytona “The Neanderthal”

It is continually fascinating to gain some new useful knowledge or see a watch that I’ve never seen before.

A little history:

1965: The 6240 is dispatched in 1965 and is the primary screw-down pusher Daytona reference. These early screw-down cases are additionally recognized by their “millerighe” pushers, which signifies “1,000 lines” in Italian, and are once in a while seen, particularly intact.

1967: The principal “Paul Newman” Daytona dials were presented in 1967 with the 6239 “tricolore” outlandish dial. That was the 6239 that Paul Newman wore, and his watch was as of late unloaded for a world record result by Phillips in New York.

1969: The primary screw down Paul Newman dial Daytonas in 6263/6265 references were introduced.

This 6240 watch traces all the way back to 1966 making it the principal fascinating dial at any point noticed, therefore the moniker “The Neanderthal”. This has an alternate design from later outlandish dials. This Rolex just or “solo” colorful dial has the matchstick registers and white ring on the outskirts. The registers seen here are bigger than on its replacements meaning an alternate design from the beginning making this dial perhaps unique.

Admittedly, I may have gone with a somewhat hotter name like The Ancestor (since Lucy was taken).

Nevertheless, it is difficult to figure the outcome for this one, be we will observe live and see what occurs. For more data about this watch if it’s not too much trouble, look at it .

Estimate CHF 2,500,000 – 5,000,000



This sell off, which happens on the nights of Saturday (12th) and Sunday (13th) in Geneva, is comprised of a profoundly curated choice of 185 watches. You can see this list on the web .

This index keeps on contribution a wide assortment of wristwatches with 24 brands present (same number of brands as their last closeout) including some dazzling Omegas.

I attempted to stay zeroed in on pieces I really had never seen or I discovered to be fascinating to find out about and here is my selection:

LOT #103 – Breitling 765 Co-Pilot “Jean-Claude Killy”

I have seen this model previously and know about it. What I find noteworthy here is the uncommon condition.

Although Phillips calls this one Raquel Welch in their index, for Breitling devotees, this is a Jean-Claude Killy or JCK. Innocuous little misstep folks, particularly since the watch is stunning!

The story of the 765 AVI chronographs start in 1953, one year before the Navitimer, with the model we call now “Lucy” in computerized or simple forms, however both with every single dark dial and steel bezels. It wasn’t until after 1963, that Breitling presented the silver registers on the dial on the 765 chronographs and a rendition with a dark bezel. That reference included CP (Co-Pilot) rather than AVI. The 765 AVI switch panda was seen worn by Raquel Welch in Fathom film in 1967, in the interim, the 765 CP with dark bezel was seen on the wrist of Jean-Claude Killy in 1968 at the Grenoble Winter Olympics. Consequently, the distinctive nicknames.

I have not seen an extraordinary 765 CP at closeout in quite a while and will be extremely inquisitive to perceive what this excellence sells for. Should you need to have some more data, you can see visit the page and ask directly.

Estimate CHF 8,000 – 12,000

LOT #119 – Breguet Pre-Type XX Flyback Chronograph No 1164

The Breguet Type XX chronographs are notable for having been provided to the French military pilots during the 1950’s until the 1970’s. Nonetheless, we are as yet finding out about how Breguet built up these watches and how they happened to be picked as a provider for the French Air Force and Navy pilots.

We realize that the Breguet family was profoundly engaged with avionics in France.

In reality, Louis Charles Breguet, French avionics pioneer and the incredible extraordinary grandson of the acclaimed watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, established the Société des Ateliers d’Aviation (Breguet Aviation) in 1911. He provided surveillance planes to the French Air Force during World War I and this company later converged with Dassault, the prestigious French airplane maker. Furthermore, in 1919, a similar Louis Breguet additionally established the airline Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes, which, through a progression of consolidations, advanced and became Air France in 1933.

Although the Breguet watch brand was claimed and run by the Brown family from 1870 until 1970, Brown had been a watchmaker for Breguet company when he assumed control over the brand. It would appear glaringly evident that he and his family kept close binds with the Breguet relatives regardless of whether they had moved into innovation improvement and, a while later, aviation.

The Breguet Type XX wristwatch for pilots was dispatched in 1955 and conveyed to French Navy pilots (Marine Nationale Aeronautique Navale). This watch, bearing coordinating case and dial chronic number 1164, is a “pre-Type XX”. It was made in 1952 and conveyed to airplane producer Société d’Aviation Louis Breguet on February 3, 1953. Thus, it was made by the Breguet watchmaking company run by the Browns and conveyed to the Breguet flying company run by the Breguets.

This early ‘model’ ties a great piece of Breguet history together and pre-dates the Breguet Type XX by 2 years. It would make sense that Breguet avionics company took an interest in the improvement of the Type XX plan and highlights. This was a lot of amusing to explore and likewise, the watch is lovely and protected in mint condition as well.

For further data on this exceptional watch, you can peruse more on this lot .

Estimate CHF 25,000 – 50,000

LOT #158 – Omega Alaska Prototype conveyed to NASA

In the months paving the way to and following the Phillips sell off in New York that sold a model “Gold country III” outspread dialed Speedmaster Moonwatch, a lot of fascinating data surfaced about the Alaska program by Omega. The Frozen North was the code name utilized by Omega for all advancements for NASA being kept exceptionally secret inside Omega and with outside providers too. More on the theme can be perused here .

The current watch highlighting electronic innovation and a tuning fork development as the controlling organ was authorized by Bulova during the 70’s. The Omega Caliber 1255 turned into the development for the “Speedsonic”, and this early model with clear dial was conveyed to NASA in 3 models with the reference ST188.0002/999 in April of 1978. As a component of the Alaska proposition to NASA, Jim Ragan, who was accountable for gear and testing these Omega watches, felt the utilization of batteries in space could be hazardous and picked against this model. He rather chose to stay with the mechanical 861 Speedmaster chronographs instead.

This watch was then no doubt got back to Omega subsequent to testing and comes with duplicates of documentation with that impact. A truly fascinating provenance for this watch and the information keeps on developing. The read the full paper on this one if it’s not too much trouble, click .

Estimate CHF 10,000 – 20,000

LOT #160 – Omega retailed by Tiffany & Co and claimed by Elvis Presley

I will begin by conceding that, as I would like to think, the provenance of this watch is undeniably more significant (outside the watch world) than Paul Newman’s “Paul Newman Daytona”. Obviously the actual wristwatch not the fundamental fascination here, albeit a decent little measured white gold Omega with precious stones retailed by Tiffany & Co has some worth. It’s about The King.

Elvis is known as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll and perhaps the most persuasive and incredible performers of all time.

This extraordinary watch has an etching on the back:

“To Elvis

75 Million Records

RCA Victor


With the date on the back being December 25th, it is protected to expect this was watch was offered to Elvis Presley as a Christmas present in 1960 his record company RCA Victor (today RCA Records) to praise his accomplishment of 75 million records sold.

In 1955, RCA Victor bought the account contract of Elvis Presley from Sun Records for the then massive amount of US$ 35,000. Presley would become RCA Victor’s most noteworthy selling recording craftsman. Music was changed perpetually when the future King of Rock and Roll dropped “Grievousness Hotel” in 1956. His first gold single “Don’t Be Cruel”, delivered in 1956, alone sold 1,000,000 units that year and had sold more than 6,000,000 duplicates by 1961.

In March 1958, Elvis was drafted into the U.S. Armed force and despite the fact that he was stressed over the impact it would have on his profession, he served his country for the accompanying two years and still had 10 top-40 hits during 1958.

He got back to the United States on in March 1960 and was respectably released with the position of sergeant. He then got back to his profession and before the finish of 1960 was viewed as the main music start on the planet. The coquettish teen icon with a kind nature kept on changing the scene of the music world and the whole insubordinate stone culture. While we can say popular provenance from a symbol can radically build the worth and collectability of a thing, Elvis was not simply a symbol, he was an idol.

This significant piece of memorabilia isn’t a wristwatch any longer, but instead a collectable fortune and significant authentic thing. The event it stamped and the individual it had a place with is monumental.

I don’t figure the outcome will be in a similar stratosphere as the PN Daytona from New York, however we should see a comparable provenance esteem versus watch esteem proportion of 100 to 1, if not higher. What do you think the watch alone is worth? On the off chance that you do a little math and you have my expectation on the outcome however will probably fly well over its high gauge. To see more data about this watch, if it’s not too much trouble, click .

Estimate CHF 50,000 – 100,000