It is conceivable, and this is absolutely a hypothesis, that the ‘demo’ dials didn’t have the T’s on them from the production line as they were not expected for resale and later on, with the finish of the type 321 approaching, the couple of test dials were collected and sold. This is obviously guess dependent on my own perceptions hitherto and Omega’s records are hazy regarding the matter. We do jump at the chance to try not to utilize the word ‘model’ for watches that were made and sold, so we are glad to call these ‘Intriguing dial’ and appreciate the conversations that proceed on these strange models. To investigate the online list, you can see this specific watch .

Estimate CHF3,000 – 5,000

LOT #493 – Tudor 7031/0 Black Homeplate Dial

I’ve consistently been somewhat inquisitive (suspicious) about these Tudor ‘Dark Homeplate’ dials as we have never truly seen one from a unique proprietor on the square previously. Since the old Tudor lists didn’t show the dark dials and that just one of them had at any point come available to be purchased (before now). There has been theory on numerous hypotheses including that these are altogether free dials and were found as of late and added to existing watches or that these were, indeed, exceptional orders, thinking back to the 1970’s. This current watch coming from the proprietor and including the first papers and receipt just as a help receipt builds up the contention that albeit a few free dials may have been discovered later on, a couple of these were initially fitted during the 70’s. These dials are found in both case variations: the dark tachymeter bakelite bezel ref. 7031 or the metal tachymeter bezel ref. 7032.

These references were delivered in 1970-1971 and incorporated a similar style pushers found on early screw-down Rolex Daytonas (6240 or 6263/6265) from a similar period. Alongside its Rolex partners, the screw down pushers developed more than a few adaptations throughout the years also. The absolute first arrangement pushers are called ‘millerighe’ (In Italian, in a real sense signifies ‘thousand lines) as found on the present watch.

For more data on this and its embellishments, if it’s not too much trouble, click .

Estimate CHF 60,000 – 80,000

LOT #607 – Rolex 6542 GMT Master 18K Yellow Gold

Last yet not least, the watch that truly amazed me the most was this breathtaking 18K yellow gold Rolex GMT Master 6542. The principal GMT Master reference 6542 in steel from the mid-1950’s is a chalice among gatherers. The dark yellow gold form only sometimes comes available to be purchased and I’ve never seen one in such fantastic condition and straightforwardly from the first proprietor for sure. Presently, when I understand that the dial and hands are a perhaps special arrangement and it has an awesome story in its set of experiences, what more would we be able to ask for?

Antiquorum is calling this one “THE LIFESAVER’S ROLEX 6542 GMT” in light of the fact that the proprietor of the watch got it as a blessing in 1960 in the wake of saving a kid from suffocating in Geneva. He was important for the lifeguard relationship of the Lake of Geneva (SISL – societe internationale du sauvetage du leman). The actual watch has been kept in awesome condition. The bezel, which is generally corrupted and harmed on these, remains absolutely unblemished. The Geiger counter was ticking like insane for a unique radium Bakelite bezel. In the interim, the GMT hand and areola dial markers were thoroughly drained of any radium material. Not that it had been taken out, but instead with a more critical look utilizing a loupe and UV light also showing no follow that radium or any iridescent material had at any point been there. Likewise, the hours and minutes dauphine hands don’t have the opening in the middle to convey brilliant material by any means. These full hands are additional confirmation that this watch never had a glowing dial. The outcome is a perhaps remarkable watch. The absence of radium, which as a rule ages a dial, has kept the dial surface of this watch in totally new condition.

The case was perfectly kept just as the first bolt flexible gold wristband with large logo (dated 1.60).

I was overwhelmed by this one as I have never seen an illustration of this reference very like this one.

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Estimate CHF 100,000 – 150,000