In the recent years FIDES, the venture bunch that possesses the Geneva & Hong Kong branches, has been cautiously getting this gathering in a good place again. A fascinating improvement since Antiquorum NY has been completely isolated from Antiquorum Geneva & Hong Kong, is the freshest gap line has been drawn: the sites have been completely isolated. The NY company is keeping the and Geneva has dispatched the new to separate itself as a different company. I figured it would be irritating, yet it’s truly not. The Geneva based sales management firm has likewise dispatched its own application and anticipating perceiving how this new autonomy proceeds to evolve.

FIDES has likewise declared the appearance of Romain Rea, a famous French watch master, as the CEO for the gathering. Romain has insight in the watch closeout scene having been associated with France for quite a long time. He is additionally a counseling master for the memorable divisions of Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre and, all the more as of late, Tudor. We have known Romain for quite a long time and he will pull in fine watches and new customers to the association, yet in addition abundance of involvement, information and energy for vintage watches to the group. With an energy for specialty marks, a firm information vintage Patek, Rolex and Omega and his exceptional and now and then even unconventional tastes, it will be fascinating for us to perceive how the curation cycle will develop for future auctions.


The Antiquorum watch sell off, which happens on Sunday May 14th in Geneva, is comprised of 554 parts (obviously, the most among its friends). They ordinarily hold their bartering on Sunday and it was astounding that Sotheby’s, which has been bobbing around dates and staff for some time, had the senseless plan to hold their closeout simultaneously. The outcome is that Antiquorum will hold their bartering at the Kempinski lodging, as they used to a couple of years back, rather than the Mandarin Oriental.

On a more brilliant note, I had a ton of fun glancing through watches in my private review with Julien Schaerer, Managing Director and Watch Expert, here in Geneva. The inventory is enormous and it incorporates an intriguing assortment of exceptional and luxurious pocket watches, melodic articles and ornamental things called the ‘Sovereign’s Collection’. The assortment didn’t have a place with a sovereign, however was fairly given this name as it was genuinely fit for one. It was put together by a Swiss respectable man and had a place with his dad, who gathered for the most part in the 1960’s and 70’s. Albeit less ‘famous’ today than wristwatches, these chronicled things have amazing provenance, craftsmanship and some remarkable brightening strategies, which have nearly vanished today. This is an absolute necessity for any obvious watchmaking devotee. The two ‘Mandolins’ are required to be the feature of the sale as their indistinguishable twins are now in galleries. The other green ‘Mandolin’ like Lot 223 is in the Hans Wilsdorf assortment and the other red ‘Mandolin’ like Lot 222 is at the Patek Philippe Museum. There is additionally an aroma gun, Lot 227, which is stunning as well.


Part 222 Lot 223 Lot 227

Antiquorum presents one of the greatest assortment among watch closeout houses and covers a few specialty markets, which makes it fun and fascinating to see and learn about.

I experienced piece by piece over a couple of days to present to you a portion of my number one wristwatches from the index. Likewise a little note that may assist with the comprehension of the costs I talk about is that the Swiss Franc (CHF) is practically at 1:1 with the US$.

LOT #4

RECORD Datofix Ref 257

Usually, I am not an aficionado of ‘two-tone’, gold covered or gold plated watches. In any case, there is not all that much about this watch. To begin with, the tear drags, tropical moon stage plate and blend of pink gold surface and steel just as the mint condition are attractive. Additionally, this watch is fueled by a Valjoux 88 type which is significantly more complicated than the Valjoux 72C (Chronograph Triple Calendar) as it likewise has a moon stage marker. The pink gold plates are welded onto the highest point of the bezel and carries giving a one of a kind impact to this case. What does a segment wheel chronograph triple schedule moon stage cost today? Significantly more than this gauge! I feel there is a ton of significant worth here and sits pleasantly on the wrist even at 35mm gratitude to the stretched tear lugs.

Estimate CHF 2,800 – 4,800

Lot 4 – Record Datofix


LOT #14


The Arithmo was created in the 1940’s for use by mathematicians and researchers utilizing logarithmic tables. Since we are neither one of the we, will not endeavor a clarification on how it functions precisely. The slide rule work had been utilized route previously, however on wristwatches this was an oddity at that point. We are more acquainted with Breitling’s utilization of the slide rule for pilots, however the thought is the equivalent. These were easy routes to make snappy counts a long time before the electronic time of number crunchers. Likewise with most vintage apparatus observes today, their underlying reason (like jumping or timing races) are outdated. Notwithstanding, they offer the wearer an opportunity to have a piece of history on their wrist today. Once more, gold and steel, I know. Notwithstanding, there is should be a circle of fans for these 42mm impossible to miss watches considering what the last one (yet with iridescent hands and dial) sold for at Antiquorum Geneva in November of 2016 (Answer: CHF 10,000 including premium)! It had a very much like gauge of 1,200-2,200 Swiss francs.

Estimate CHF 1,000 – 2,000

Lot 14 – JUVENIA Arithmo

LOT #37

UNIVERSAL GENEVE Compax Ref. 885103/01 “Fiendish Nina”

So, what happens when you put a Valjoux 72 development into a Hugenin Freres case, with a Singer dial and a Gay Freres arm band? Sorcery, that is the thing that! These 1960’s Universal Genève Compax chronographs, referred to casually as the Nina Rindt (white panda dial) and Evil Nina (dark converse panda dial and red chrono seconds hand) have made a serious buzz in the course of recent years. By buzz, I mean costs have shot up like there’s no tomorrow. Regardless of whether that is chilling remaining parts not yet clear. In the in the interim, I for one intend to have my oar up on this parcel, yet doubtlessly will get left in somebody’s rearview reflect. All things considered, I keep thinking about whether the web offering will have any bugs to figure out for this sale on the new site. We will see.

Estimate CHF 10,000 – 15,000

UNIVERSAL GENEVE Compax Ref. 885103/01

LOT #48

AQUASTAR Airstar V72 Chronograph

I particularly recollect lamenting not accepting the one that sold at Christie’s in November 2015 for CHF 4,375 including the purchaser’s premium. I believe that value point has cruised away.

I do concede this watch was overlooked and underestimated for quite a long time. It comes up so seldom available to be purchased in acceptable and unique condition that it was expected at a cost change. Dark dial, screw back steel case, signature tonneau shape and an awesome history connected to the Calypso make for a beautiful executioner watch. Gatherers are getting behind Aquastar and there are even gossipy tidbits about an Aquastar GTG in Geneva during the closeout weekend.

I wouldn’t be shocked if this one hit its high estimate.

Estimate CHF 4,000 – 6,000

Lot #48 – AQUASTAR Airstar V72 Chronograph

LOT #325

PATEK PHILIPPE Amagnetic 2570-1 Yellow Gold

If I had one gold Patek Philippe hour/minutes watch, the 2570 would be it. The gold form of the acclaimed 3147 in treated steel, infrequently flies of available to be purchased. We do see the seel 3147 occasionally, however once in a while a 2570 in gold.

The dial has ‘Amagnetic’ on it, which, similar as the IWC Ingenieur, Rolex Milgauss and Omega Railmaster, demonstrates that it has hostile to attractive properties. There is a delicate metal cap between the screw-down case back and development, the dial is thicker and the development has a beryllium balance. This model remaining parts refined as a stylish 35mm gold Calatrava on the outside, however has a profoundly safe interior.

Estimate CHF 17,000 – 27,000

Lot 325 – Patek Philippe Amagnetic 2570-1

LOT #347

ROLEX ‘Twofold Red’ Sea Dweller Ref. 1665 – Janus IV

What a cool story! This watch comes straightforwardly from the Comex jumper Philippe Jeantot after his effective make a plunge October 1977 to 501 meters. After this effective record-setting jump, the watches were shipped off Rolex and engraved and afterward given as endowments to the 6 jumpers. On the off chance that that wasn’t sufficiently stunning, Mr. Jeantot proceeded with his sea accomplishments in the wake of plunging and took an interest and won the primary BOC challenge which was a performance round the world boat race with stages. In addition to the fact that he won every one of the four phases broke the recently held record in 159 days and 2 hours. He at that point proceeded to sort out and make the celebrated Vendee Globe race which was the constant form round the world race. This is the third of the 6 Janus IV to be offered at sell off and the first of simply two to have gone down to 501 meters. I think it is likewise protected to say the others weren’t cruised around the planet and setting cruising records by the same token. As though stratospherically entrancing provenance wasn’t sufficient, the watch is likewise dazzling. The dial glowing material has matured normally to a rich golden tone, the first domed acrylic gem is worn at this point shouts unique and we see what seems, by all accounts, to be an unpolished case. Much thanks to you, Mr. Jeantot.

On a side note, I counseled some French Rolex/Comex specialists and they demonstrated that there has been a non-credible engraved Janus IV Sea Dweller available to be purchased in France for some time. Dodge that one. They likewise joyfully affirmed this one at Antiquorum is 100% unique and not to consider the requesting cost from the other one. This watch, as per the specialists, should pound at CHF 100K+.

Estimate CHF 40,000 – 60,000

Lot 347 – Rolex ‘Twofold Red’ Sea Dweller Ref. 1665 – Janus IV

LOT #430

CYMA Steel ‘Clamshell’ Chronograph

A ‘clamshell case chronograph’ ordinarily alludes to a mid 1940’s waterproof chronograph wristwatch case. These cases are held along with four tightens the rear of the carries. With a few brands (indeed, handfuls) utilizing this licensed innovation at the time from Swiss case providers, there is a developing gatherer base and devotees for these. Typically, the dark overlaid (gold or silver printed) shiny (veneer) dials are the most pursued. Why? Extraordinariness and feel. On the off chance that I would have disclosed to you this gauge three years prior, you may have snickered. Today, it appears to be basically on target. Did I notice it is 38mm?

Estimate CHF 6,000 – 8,000

Lot 430 – CYMA Steel ‘Clamshell’ Chronograph

LOT #431

ANGELUS Chronograph

This part is like the Cyma in size, however it doesn’t have the ‘Clamshell’ case, simply a standard snap back. Then again, it has iridescent hands and hour markers. That makes this watch somewhat more important, as I would see it. The low gauge is equivalent to the Cyma however the high gauge is CHF 1,000 more. Clearly, Antiquorum would concur that it is conceivably more significant. It is more enthusiastically to quantify costs on these than later vintage as it is exchanged all the more secretly and not as frequently. Regardless, there is reliably more interest for dark plated dial tempered steel chronograph in great condition.

Estimate CHF 6,000 – 9,000

Lot 431 – ANGELUS Chronograph

LOT #432

Gübelin Split Seconds Chronograph

The disposition, besides the two obvious segment wheels, with the Valjoux 55 VBR split-seconds type is its size: an incredible 40mm. This implies that it is fitted into huge 43-44mm wristwatches. In the 1940’s that was the size of a divider clock (possibly a slight misrepresentation). For instance, the Rolex 4113 (Sold for CHF 2.4 million at Phillips, May 2016) or possibly the Universal Genève A. Cairelli with 24 hour dial (Sold for CHF 197,000 likewise May 2016) both have a similar base type albeit the execution fluctuates marginally from one brand to another. The Rolex has two pushers, versus the standard mono-pusher found on this type and the UG has a 24 hour dial. Notwithstanding, this Gübelin has never been seen at sell off and, truth be told, I have never seen one. I would dare to say that the brand I am most commonly used to seeing with this Valjoux 55 base is Minerva, yet even those once in a while ever spring up any longer. I think the gauge is reasonable considering extraordinariness and magnificence of this one. With interesting watches, it is hard to foresee an outcome. There is no genuine point of reference and comparing brands regularly doesn’t decipher precisely. The gauge is in the correct ballpark, yet part of the fervor with barters is that eccentric outcome on the day the deal takes place.

Estimate CHF 20,000 – 40,000

Lot 432 – Gübelin Split Seconds Chronograph