After all the Rolex viciousness most recent fourteen days of Pre-Owned Picks, we will go a piece into another course with watches from Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe in the determination of this week.

Not picking the undeniable used Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo and Patek Philippe Nautilus (Jumbo), yet something somewhat more under the radar with this 26300ST Royal Oak chronograph and a Calatrava 5096J. Yet, we likewise did a couple of picks that are more wallet-accommodating (and indeed, this is additionally relative) for you. Regardless, all are watches that I appreciate. Two of them (really three) used to be in my assortment yet needed to account for something different. In close coordinated effort with the world’s driving watch commercial center Chrono24, we make a week after week choice of used watches that we like.

Pre-Owned Picks of Week 52

Besides the previously mentioned Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet (I additionally had A. Lange & Söhne on my waitlist, however I will move that to one week from now to keep things normal), there are likewise a Seiko Marinemaster, IWC Ingenieur and (obviously) an Omega Speedmaster in this outline. We go from €2100 to €20.000 this week, and every one of them is similarly as fascinating or cool for its particular explanation. Right away, let’s view these five used watches.

Seiko Marinemaster SBDX014 (€2100)

During my first excursion to Seiko, in 2015, I went gaga for the Marinemaster 1000 or ‘Tuna’. Despite the fact that I’d worn it before as one of my companions got it, the sparkle wasn’t there before I visited Tokyo when I attempted one during the Seiko Media Experience visit. Jason Heaton was likewise with me on that outing, and he was additionally wearing the Tuna. I attempted to buy one on the last night of the excursion yet neglected to do as such. Yet, before I returned home in The Netherlands, I figured out how to discover a vintage (Grandfather) Tuna on eBay. You may think a vintage, or unique, Tuna is more pleasant than an advanced one, however the majority of these watches had an unpleasant life as they were really utilized for what they’re intended for in any case. So mine required some TLC from Seiko. Eventually, I offered it to account for a Grand Seiko, however I do miss the Tuna every so often. It’s a particular and cool looking watch, not actually reasonable for day by day wear, however certainly a friendly exchange. If I somehow managed to buy another Marinemaster, it would be this SBDX014. A bit of gold, which I happen to cherish, a fabulous development (type 8L35), which discovers its base in one of the more seasoned Grand Seiko developments and astonishing plunging specs. It is a ton of watch for the cash. This one is situated in Japan, so remember you may need to pay a portion of your well deserved cash to your administration (once more). .

Omega Speedmaster 3594.50 (€2600)

Why is it actually in any event, available to be purchased on Chrono24? Purchase this. Presently. Alright, the disadvantage may be that this one doesn’t have box and papers, yet that will slow down you two or three hundred more. Or on the other hand haggle on this one. At any rate, I’ve composed a protracted article on this Speedmaster with reference 3594.50 that you will discover here , however in short: this is one of my most valuable Speedmasters, as I got it from my girl (and spouse) on my absolute first Father’s Day. Be that as it may, other than the enthusiastic connection, it is essentially an incredible minor departure from the Speedmaster Professional. It is from a period (1998-2003) where Omega backed off of the restricted releases (this isn’t a LE at any rate) yet additionally from the time that Omega didn’t truly realize how to do an appropriate re-version. They made this it the Replica ’57, which sounds wrong at any rate, and (much) later named it ‘Relaunch ’57’. Affected by the absolute first Speedmaster CK2915 with Broad Arrow hands, however in a customary ‘Professional’ case. This watch was likewise essential for the Mission Suitcase from 1997 (50 pieces altogether) and (one of) the first to have the then-new type 1861 development. Prior renditions of this watch come with a black box and wristband without pushers on the fasten, later forms (post-2000) have the later arm band and the red calfskin box. This specific watch has the wristband without pushers, so I surmise that it would be a more established one. Papers are hard to supplant, yet a dark calfskin box is quite conventional and can be found on eBay. A concentrate of the documents would be an ideal to have once you gotten it. Beside the entirety of the abovementioned, this is only a cool watch to have. The glossy expansive bolt hands and applied logo, in combination with the steel bezel, make this watch fairly more unique than the standard Moonwatch, which is all dark & white. Trust me, this particular reference won’t let you down.  .

IWC Ingenieur 3227-01 (€4099)

I haven’t possessed numerous IWCs, however this Ingenieur 3227 was something I just sold in light of the fact that I required the assets for a Royal Oak. I got it in 2008, three years after the presentation of this particular model, when I was all the while working for a speculation bank. I love the vast majority of Genta’s plans, including the first SL1832 Ingenieur that Mike covered in the relatively recent past in his Wrist Game or Crying Shame arrangement. This Ingenieur 3227 is very surprising, yet it isn’t and shows a great deal of its legacy. IWC killed these Genta motivated Ingenieur models meanwhile, which I feel sorry for. Today’s Ingenieur is altogether not quite the same as the Genta plan, and despite the fact that I can envision that these weren’t the smash hits, it would have been decent if IWC at any rate saved a couple of varieties in their assortment for the fans. In any case, I surmise the CFO of IWC did the talking here. At any rate, this Ingenieur 3227 is the one to have, as I would like to think, particularly if your financial plan doesn’t stretch enough for a unique reference SL1832. The 3227 has an in-house type 80110 development. In spite of the fact that IWC isn’t especially known for their solid developments, this development didn’t let me down, and I incline toward it over the later SW200 they utilized in the Ingenieur 3239 . That was quite crazy in any case, to put a Sellita SW200 in a +6000 Euro watch.

Nevertheless, this used Ingenieur 3227-01 (with in-house development) is valued at 4099 Euros, which is underneath the first retail cost of once upon a time yet not excessively far away. So it kept its worth very well, you could say. I can likewise envision that these watches will go up in time in any case, given the current assortment of non-Genta Ingenieurs. It very well may be your last opportunity to claim a Genta plan at a sensible cost. This specific one comes with box and papers. .

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5096J (€11968)

€20.000, €26.000, €30.000, €45.000, €49.000, €54.000, €65.000, €75.000 and €80.000. That’s the value improvement of the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A since 2010 for you. In spite of the fact that I love the Nautilus, and particularly the 3700 and 5711 references, this value improvement appears to be exceptionally unfortunate to me (except if you got one pre-2010s). Besides, on the off chance that you will spend that much cash on a steel watch with three hands, you’re a maniac (and you know it!). Totally different is this Calatrava with reference 5096J. It is without a doubt not for everybody (nor is a Nautilus, obviously), yet it is a run of the mill Patek Philippe watch. Exquisite, valuable metal, and wonderfully wrapped up. Goodness, and it is little. Just 33.5mm, yet exquisite in any case, regardless of whether you’re favored with huge wrists, you pull off a little Calatrava in gold without a doubt. Inside is Patek Philippe type 215, a wonderful dainty manual injury development. This watch is exceptionally slim (7.5mm), from a period where brands didn’t shout that these were super meager or extra-slender, and so on This yellow gold Patek Philippe comes with box and papers for under €12000 from this vendor in the USA. On the off chance that you’re situated in Europe, for instance, there are some available to be purchased ‘locally’ also, so you don’t need to manage the twofold digit customs rate premium. This is an awesome looking dress watch, at an alluring cost considering the production it is from. This Patek Philippe doesn’t breath ‘money’, however refinement. .

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 26300 (€19500)

I used to have a Royal Oak 15300ST with a brilliant white dial yet exchanged it for a Royal Oak 15202ST with charcoal dial in 2009. In spite of the fact that to me the 15202ST is one of the most perfect Royal Oak watches, I missed my brilliant white Royal Oak dial. So in 2010, I began searching for a Royal Oak with a shimmering white dial. From the start, the chronograph with reference 25860ST appeared to be fascinating to me, yet I immediately discovered that this reference is somewhat less unadulterated as the later presented 26300. Why? The screws (and fasteners) in the 26300 are really having a legitimate capacity. In the 25860, they are only there for stylish reasons and don’t experience the case altogether, so it is essentially ‘show’. I don’t like that in a watch from this type. So all things considered, I went for the 26300ST and chose for the dial setup accurately like this one here. The AP Royal Oak Chronograph ‘Panda’ was one of my number one looks for quite a while, however exchanged it for some different watches 2013 as I really discovered the lone AP I was wearing was my 15202ST. Be that as it may, the 26300 was an astounding watch and, as far as I might be concerned, the most delightful Royal Oak Chronograph execution right up ’til the present time. Inside is a development dependent on the F. Piguet 1185. It has a few idiosyncrasies, however, similar to a little ‘jump’ of the moment hand when you push the crown back in. Very irritating, and it doesn’t happen constantly, yet very senseless at a watch with this cost tag and ‘prestige’. This specific watch is situated in France and comes with box and papers, making me can’t help thinking about what dolt throws those away of a 5-digit watch. Be that as it may, as far as you might be concerned, the purchaser, it implies this watch comes at an appealing cost. The crate is very nonexclusive and can be purchased by means of eBay, a book and endorsement of confirmation can be bought on top of an assistance update at AP in Le Brassus. No man over the edge, I would say. .


As consistently, with used watches, make a point to do your (own) schoolwork. Additionally, don’t hesitate to make a proposal on these watches (recollect: these are asking costs) and examine the guarantee the vender can give. Chrono24 offers its Trusted Checkout framework, so you have appropriate purchaser security ( ). All things considered, consistently get your work done by and by. It can keep you from a ton of disappointment and ‘stuff’ you would prefer not to need to bargain with.

Happy Hunting!


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