My first games Rolex was a Sea-Dweller 16600, and I think it is as yet one of their most attractive divers’ watches in the assortment. For this week’s scene of Pre-Owned Picks, I chose Rolex Sea-Dwellers from 5 distinct ages. From the main reference to the current steel model on steroids.

I was so glad back in 2003 when I bought my Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 from 1996. It was somewhat of a subtle Submariner, without that cyclops however with the chronometer-affirmed development inside. Water-impervious to 1,220 meters, and with the cool-glancing helium valve for the situation band. The sapphire precious stone was thick and sat a lot higher on the watch than on the Submariner models. The bundle incorporated a jumpers augmentation, an evolving device, and a Mastercard estimated decompression table. The watch has changed from that point forward, thus did the bundle that comes with it. Mine wasn’t the principal reference possibly, it was the third reference. The Sea-Dweller starts from 1967, with their reference 1665. The Sea-Dweller additionally left the assortment for roughly five years in 2009, just to come back for certain updates in 2014.

Every week we pick a couple of used watches from Chrono24, the biggest commercial center for wristwatches on the planet — watches that we love ourselves, or figure they will be intriguing to you. So honestly, we picked the watches, Chrono24 just sent us the pictures without their watermark and in an appropriate resolution.

Reference 1665

Rolex Sea-Dweller 1665 (€29,900)

The most acclaimed execution of the Sea-Dweller reference 1665 is likely the Double Red Sea-Dweller, which was created from the absolute initially starting till 1977 or something like that. From that second on, the Sea-Dweller just accompanied white imprinting on the dial and gatherers nicknamed it “Great White.” This specific watch goes back from 1979 and comes with box and papers. This 40mm Sea-Dweller was (or is) water-impervious to 610 meters and is the last form that accompanied a Plexi gem. It was as yet underway when the replacement was presented, with a sapphire precious stone. You can locate these 1665 “Great White” references for under €29,900, however this one is a complete bundle and in great condition. Delightful features on the drags and the first dial, hands, and bezel have tritium lume in a coordinating shading tone. The Sea-Dweller 1665 utilized the type 1575 development. .

Reference 16660

Rolex Sea-Dweller 16660 (€15,900)

The same applies to this ‘Triple Six’ Sea-Dweller, the replacement of the Great White, that you can discover one with a more appealing cost. Notwithstanding, this one comes as a complete bundle and is in unique condition. The watch has been obviously worn, yet that’s how it ought to be, as I would see it. The triple six was the principal Sea-Dweller with a sapphire gem and was underway till 1989. This specific watch traces all the way back to 1985. The initial not many 16660 references accompanied a matte dial with printed numerals, while later (and this one here) models had a gleaming dial with white gold hour marker rings. Additionally new to this variant was the type 3035 development. It currently had a brisk set and a higher ticking number (28,800vph). The aluminum bezel on this watch shows some wear, yet the case actually has the aspects appropriately set up. .

Reference 16600

Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 (€7,480)

In 1989 the Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 was presented. No extravagant epithets, and practically indistinguishable from the Triple Six. Notwithstanding, Rolex presented another development in this reference, the type 3135, with a twofold extension for the equilibrium wheel for greater strength. Till roughly 1997, it utilized tritium for the hands, dial, and lume pip on the bezel and from that second on, it utilized Super-LumiNova. The Sea-Dweller 16600 was delivered until 2009, and it is a serious simple reference to discover, even with box and papers (like this one). Incredibly, the costs on these are generally steady for a long time now. Maybe in light of the fact that the Sea-Dweller was never a hot-selling model or the way that the 16600 was underway for such a long time, and there are a lot out there available. All things considered, it is an incredible present day jumper watch that tick a ton of boxes. .

Reference 116600

Rolex Sea-Dweller 116600 (€11,330)

Right before the 16600 was suspended in 2009, Rolex presented the Deepsea Sea-Dweller in 2008. I will avoid the Deepsea Sea-Dweller models with regard to the condition here, and center around the normal Sea-Dweller watches. This Sea-Dweller 116600 is the appropriate replacement of the 16600 and was presented in 2014. Presented as the Sea-Dweller 4000, alluding to its water obstruction in feet (yet being 1,220 meters). This Sea-Dweller was just shortlived, from 2014 till 2017. This 40mm Sea-Dweller is fundamentally the same as the 16600, obviously, with a Cerachrom earthenware bezel. This set comes with box and papers, and since it was truth be told, without further ado underway, this may be a wise speculation if that’s the thing you are pursuing when purchasing a (cutting edge) Rolex. .

Reference 216600

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126600 (€12,200)

The greatest – or most odd – update came in 2017, with the presentation of the Sea-Dweller 126600. Why abnormal? Indeed, not predominantly due to the expanded measurement from 40mm to 43mm, however principally in view of the presentation of a cyclops on this model, and the red imprinting on the dial. The red printing alluding to the 1665 or red Submariners and the cyclops was never utilized on a Sea-Dweller. Maybe Rolex felt that the Sea-Dweller needed obviousness or something. I won’t attempt to clarify or settle on presumptions on choices taken by Rolex. In any case, this model is as of now in the list and has the most recent type 3235 development, for instance. The retail cost is €11,100, yet as you probably are aware, the market costs (counting those of used) are above retail for a few Rolex references. .

I think my number one Sea-Dweller stays to be the 16600 on the grounds that that was my first Rolex sports model. Nonetheless, the Sea-Dweller 1665 is generally one of my #1 vintage Rolex models. Costs are everywhere, except beside the generally disliked 16600, it is effectively five digits for a decent Sea-Dweller in great condition.

As consistently, with used watches, try to do your (own) research. Likewise, don’t hesitate to make a proposal on these watches (recollect, these are simply asking costs), and don’t be reluctant to examine the guarantee the vender can give. Chrono24 offers its Trusted Checkout framework, so you have legitimate purchaser assurance ( ). However, it never damages to be surer than sure. Continuously get your work done. Investing satisfactory energy in a buy can help limit dissatisfactions further down the line.

Happy Hunting!