As clear devotees of Doxa, we were quite eager to see an email in our inbox today reporting another delivery: the Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition.  A full half of the Fratello group claims either another or vintage jumper from the free Swiss brand, so we’re consistently anxious to hear what’s on the way.  To be open, these are stock photographs, however we’ll go active with the watch at Baselworld 2018 next week.

Over the a few years, Doxa has been two or three years prior, the 50th Anniversary of the SUB300 was praised for certain genuinely steadfast diversions of the first SUB.  The Professional, the Searambler and the Sharkhunter were completely made and gobbled up by excited collectors.

Late a year ago, the brand kept on the subject and observed Aqua Lung’s 70th commemoration with a “ Black Lung ” two or three us requested those and they’re incredible – particularly on the off chance that you were sufficiently lucky to score a knife!  For this year, we see the vintage Doxa tone that’s been away for quite a while and that’s yellow with the new Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition – and it praises the 60th commemoration of the Swedish jump gear company of the equivalent name.

The Divingstar was the name for everything yellow from Doxa, yet the tone didn’t advance toward the brand until 1969 and that turns out to be the point at which another, thicker case style appeared for the brand and with a level, mineral glass precious stone in lieu of domed acrylic.  With the Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition, the brand brings back the tone and the case style from 1969 with this restricted release of 300 pieces.  The Poseidon, incidentally, is quite possibly the most legendary Doxas and as the site, legitimately expresses, the watch is absurdly rare.  Perhaps more than the small bunch that the site calls out have now been found, however the new restricted edition’s run will no uncertainty predominate the original’s parcel size.

At 42mm, with a level sapphire precious stone, and a dots of rice arm band the watch shares key plan characteristics with its 1969 predecessor.  1200M of water opposition, the expansion of a helium valve and the utilization of an ETA 2824-2 imprint the major changes.  If you’re keen on a Doxa SUB300T Poseidon Edition, you’d should be prepared to act quickly.  The watch goes on special tomorrow(!!!) – March 16, 2018 – on and will sell for a charming $2,490.  Let’s trust a cool jump veil is important for the arrangement! 😉