Fortis has been endeavoring to rebuild their image. They will likely keep the old qualities yet give a cutting edge wind to the Grenchen-based watch fabricate. They skipped Baselworld this year to zero in on this rebuilding. Occasionally we actually hear from them however. Leave that alone a watch survey, somewhat of an inside data on what’s in store for them or an occasion. Furthermore, we love to partake on the off chance that we have the opportunity to do it. The last united us for an extraordinary even in Switzerland with PC-7. Here’s our photograph essay.

Private Label

Not sure if there’s another image out there with close connections to flying groups, companies, and salvage powers than Fortis. Their “Private name” is a help where anybody can demand a progression of watches, in view of existing Fortis models, with their own private logo on the dial, case or case back. The Hungarian Air Force was the first to demand such watches followed by various units and flying clubs. One of these clients was the PC-7 Team of the Swiss aviation based armed forces. The PC-7 Team is an aerobatics crew comprising of 9 Pilatus PC-7 mentor planes. They have been dynamic since 1989. To stamp this commemoration Fortis chose to deliver another watch for the squadron.

PC-7 Team

The thought of the occasion was a touch of work and a touch of delight, as is commonly said. Fortis welcomed us to observe the 2018’s first preparing of the group at a military air base close to Zurich. Prior to the flight, we endured the preparation. Unfortunately on account of my corroded Swiss/German information and the way that the pilots utilize a code language called Bambini-code during the instructions I was frequently lost. At that point we were shipped to a piece of the runway where we were available at the remove from the 9 PC-7 planes. A while later, we headed to another part where we could watch the entire show. When the folks landed we endured the questioning before the joy was finished and the work began.


Our little gathering of around 15 columnists, mechanical fashioners, watches sweethearts and companions of the brand had one more undertaking prior to heading home. I need to say this is the place where things got intriguing. As though the aviation expo wasn’t fabulous enough we were asked by Fortis to help them and a few individuals from the group who were additionally present to plan their new PC-7 Team restricted version. 2019 will check the 30th birthday of the group and , their authority watch provider, however it’s an ideal opportunity to deliver another watch to stamp this commemoration. We conceptualized for about 60 minutes, come up for certain thoughts, taken a gander at a lot of various models and met cool individuals from all fields of life simultaneously. Tragically, I was unable to take photographs there for evident reasons. Trust me, the watch will look extraordinary, and we’ll cover it.