Exactly one year back, when  Panerai dispatched the Luminor Due, it was well-archived that I wasn’t persuaded about this new, second section for the much-cherished Luminor assortment. To come to holds with it and see what it’s like in the metal, I chose to survey the  Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674, which is the hardened steel, 45mm wide form of the four pieces that Panerai appeared the Luminor Due assortment with.

The Luminor Due as of now comes in either 42mm or 45mm-wide cases in one or the other steel or red gold, with the 42mm forms including the P.1000, which is a gorgeous, little, hand-wound, “3 Days” type. The 45mm variations, similar to the one we are taking a gander at here, are fueled by the still astoundingly thin yet complicated P.4000 in-house type, which likewise offers 3 days of intensity save however adds miniature rotor-driven automatic twisting to the blend and about $2,000 to the cost. Accordingly, we are taking a gander at a Luminor that retails for marginally over the $10k mark. This prominent, what I initially had issues with were the name and a portion of the specs of the Luminor Due, so let’s check whether these begin to bode well, in actuality, before we do our ordinary survey run-down on the PAM674.

Luminor Due As In Luminor Two

Due (articulated “doo-eh”) implies “two” in Italian, so the Luminor Due collection carries the heaviness of being the second era or second section of the Luminor, quite possibly the best and unmistakable (see how I tried not to state “iconic”?) watch assortments of this century. Likewise, this is actually what confounded me when I covered the Luminor Due upon its presentation in May 2016.

In my brain, in accordance with item naming practices across any industry I can think of, when an item name has a succession number added to it, I am persuaded it is generally comparable to, or better than the one that went before it. This applies to vehicles, innovation, avionics, family gadgets, and basically every other industry. So the Luminor Due, one could think, is predetermined by definition to succeed, yet additionally beat the standard Luminor.


However, the Luminor Due offers an amazingly baffling 30 meters of water obstruction, which is measly for any watch and sin for one that says Panerai on the dial. The Due doesn’t stop there in light of the fact that, similar to a genuine Luminor, it has the exposed cheek to boast the “REG. TM.” checked crown defender. Thus, the inquiry stands…


Can And Should This Be A Luminor?

With this significant shortcoming noted, I’ll actually state: truly, and here’s why. Panerais and particularly Luminors are rarely actually quite lovely. Cool, manly, old-school, running, even – every one of these things, clearly, however pretty… nah. A pretty Panerai is an uncommon variety, regardless of whether they do get the extents right a great deal of the time. I would not consider any Panerai pretty, save for the two exemptions that uphold the standard – each a Radiomir 1940 in red gold: the PAM575 and the PAM513. The PAM690 in steel comes close with its terrific blue dial and slick case, yet passes up a major opportunity by being 47mm and having a unimposing sub-seconds.


As you have speculated at this point, this is the place where the Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674 comes into the image. The PAM674 is sold on a dark calfskin strap – the most exhausting strap in all of strap history and one that does little equity to the watch, however it is, as a matter of fact, a decent back-up in the event that you need to wear it with formal clothing. In this way, subsequent to putting it on to facilitate my heart, I eliminated the dark strap. Bored carries are valued and, in this example, work much preferred tastefully over the huge, screw-made sure about pins. The strap I installed is an aged, tan calfskin strap that genuinely changed the vibes of the watch.

All this was to portray the uncomplicated cycle that prompted the accompanying sensational second. As I returned to the PAM674, presently with the tan strap (featuring the tan numerals and text), laying on its crown defender, I plainly review thinking to myself, kind of in stun: “My God, that’s an extraordinary looking watch.” A test to emulate with photography, yet a critical second that did especially happen.

Design & Execution

There is something extraordinary that its new-discovered thinness – a slim 10.70mm for the PAM674 even with the slightly domed gem and calculated hauls – provides for the Luminor 1950 case. It looks easy, light and, even in this 45mm variant, wonderfully proportionate. Notwithstanding, I would incline toward the PAM676 in 42mm, which would truly accommodate my wrist size better.

I state this essentially every time when I examine style, and it definitely should abandon saying: feel is something for everybody to make up their psyches about all alone. Yet, what can unbiasedly be resolved about the Luminor Due is that it is one of the most un-meddlesome, most adjusted Panerai plans to date –and this, being another take from Panerai, is at long last something that commends crafted by today’s Panerai creators, not those from two ages ago.

The mystical combination of a completely round bezel and a pad case needs no prologue to any individual who has ever enjoyed a Panerai plan, however the Due offers an alternate interpretation of the longstanding formula. To begin with, the bezel is exceptionally thin in any case, with its precarious edge and generally significant tallness, it stands apart enough that it doesn’t show up excessively little or delicate. The pad case is a take not on the standard Luminor, but instead, the Luminor 1950 with the profile transforming upwards and into the upper corners, as opposed to running into vertical lines. This further upgrades that thin, filigree look, while the neatly defined (and equally nice-to-the-contact) edge that runs along the full length of the side adds some visual interest and a nice tactile element.

The short, restricted, bended drags and the moment space between the strap and the edge of the case all show up mindfully planned and, once more, the penetrated openings fill in as a gesture towards the Luminor Due’s device watch predecessors – even if this second section obviously isn’t one.

Something I was unable to get exhausted of over the three or so weeks that I had the PAM674 was the thin crown defender connect – and that, I see, positively seems like a competitor for this month’s coveted “Nerdiest Sentence of the Month” grant. It completely changes the appearance of this ubiquitous component. While the standard crown defenders I found on occasion were huge for being enormous or essentially too massive, each time I saw this one looking free from a shirt sleeve, I just needed to pivot my wrist and investigate it. Possibly that’s just me, yet something unquestionably ticked as this cleaned connect sat so perfectly close by the complex corner of the case. On the off chance that, out of the blue, you need a comparable Panerai without a crown watch, the Radiomir 1940 PAM572 is basically the same ( active here ).

Legibility & Wearability

Legibility is acceptable, as the intelligent blueprints of the hands contrast pleasantly against the glossy silk look of the dial. The dull dim sandwich dial of the Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674 really has an unobtrusive sunburst completing to it that is completely unnoticeable under low-light conditions and stands apart just when hit by solid light at a point. It is a decent, quality detail however one that will take the secondary lounge close to other dial components. Lume is acceptable, however as is typical for non-conventional lume colors like this one in tan, the green shine isn’t as splendid and enduring all things considered on standard Panerais.

The gem, as on most Panerais, is basically excessively intelligent. I have a hypothesis that says this additional reflectivity gives a psyche, unidentified feeling of enhanced “luxury” to the individuals who know literally nothing about watches and are simply going with the “the shinier the more valuable” approach. Given the wide notoriety and market that Panerai is in, I surmise this is a strategy that works. This prominent, I really can’t think of some other conceivable clarification – and I know even this one is somewhat of a stretch. All things considered, the reflectivity of the gem is “good&#8221 to the point that it gives a surprisingly sharp picture of whatever is behind or over you. You can see your face when you take a gander at it or the rear of your telephone as you attempt and snap a photo, or the individual leaves on the trees above. Under some lighting conditions, reflectivity isn’t really awful – it is in open air conditions where it truly becomes too much.

Wearability has been amazing, regardless of whether this 45mm variant, once more, will be more ideal for those with 7.5″ or bigger wrists. Since it is thin, the PAM674 doesn’t get made up for lost time with sleeves, it simply slides under, which makes it significantly more comfortable to wear. The 24mm-wide dark strap was thin by Panerai norms and, with its tang clasp, simple to put on. The strap I wound up wearing with the PAM674, however, was this tan piece from Junik, which worked such a lot of better with the general looks. When purchasing, I would ask the boutique/store to supplant the processing plant dark strap to something of this tone since, as an every day wearer, this is only a significantly more energetic, however no less exquisite combination. Besides, you can generally get a reseller’s exchange dark strap for twenty bucks or so to wear on more formal occasions.

The Panerai P.4000 Caliber

The Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674 is fueled by the in-house planned and – made Panerai P.4000 type, a “3 days” development rewound either through the smooth and clicky crown or the miniature rotor perfectly incorporated into the development. The P.4000 type runs at an advanced 4Hz and still offers 3 days of intensity save – great specs from a development that is just 3.95mm thick. It comprises 203 components and 31 gems, yet the majority of these are covered up by the enormous plate that covers such a large amount of the development. The equilibrium haggle are held safely by their scaffold and rooster, and the miniature rotor has the Officine Panerai text and logo on it – however this is pretty much all the beautiful sight you’ll get from the P.4000. The red gold variation has a gold miniature rotor and text – as it ought to, considering the strong cost premium.

Accuracy has been acceptable, only a couple seconds too quick and the miniature rotor made an OK showing with keeping the development wound. In any case, in the event that you wear the watch a couple of hours daily, sometime, it will run out of juice and you’re good rewinding it through the crown each day. This is anything but difficult to do, as the crown isn’t a screw-down sort, you can twist it at any moment.

One part of the miniature rotor – and this is something that has applied to each miniature rotor watch I have dealt with to date, paying little heed to maker or value point – is the observable commotion it makes. To Panerai’s credit, it must be said that I have heard a lot stronger full-rotor automatics, so the P.4000 truly isn’t that loud, yet it is discernible in a calmer room or in a tranquil vehicle halted at a bunch of lights. The ticking of the development can likewise be heard in the event that your hearing is great – in any case, on the other hand, the PAM674 is a long way from being the most intense mechanical extravagance watch I have heard. It is on the more discernible side; however it is genuine that unnecessary and rehashing clamors do make me distraught super quick (admission time).

All altogether, the P.4000 is amazingly thin while it actually packs commendable specs – 4Hz and 3 days is a combination a lot thicker however likewise as of late presented developments from large “maisons” (ugh!) neglect to accomplish. Dispatched in 2014, the P.4000 was Panerai’s first miniature rotor issue and they worked really hard at handling what is really a provoking development to plan and deliver in volume.


The Panerai Luminor Due is the adult Panerai, if there ever was one. It is for those powerlessly enamored with the Luminor look, however who have developed from the admittedly and agreeably juvenile feel of most Luminors. You don’t need to bid farewell to those notable (darn it, I just said it right there!) plan components like the sandwich dial, the round bezel, the pad case, or the crown monitor, yet you do get a watch that won’t push your sleeves back up to your elbow or request a lot of consideration. You won’t be that guy wearing a flashy Panerai at this week’s corporate-wide cutback meeting, however the person who can look down at his wrist and still glimmer an inconspicuous grin as you see everything you enjoyed in a PAM while keeping the love to yourself.

Is the Luminor Due a one-up from the normal Luminor (Luminor Uno? No, that simply sounds wrong)? It obviously isn’t, and the 30-meter water opposition almost is annoying. Yet, its shocking extents, perfect subtleties, incredible wearing comfort, and strange development make it a recommended thought for the individuals who have been searching for a more develop Panerai. Possibly it ought to have been known as the Luminor Ultra-Thin (or Sottile – assist me with trip if this isn’t right and you know the right term in Italian) or maybe Luminor Eleganza.

Price for the Panerai Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674 is $10,500 in this 45mm organization with the miniature rotor development, while the hand-wound, 3 days, 42mm wide PAM676 retails for $7,900. panerai.com  

Necessary Data

>Brand: Panerai

>Model: Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic PAM674

>Price: $10,500

>Size: 45mm wide

>Would analyst actually wear it: Yes, yet prefer the 42mm.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone who loves Panerai and particularly the Luminor yet needs something more prudent and comfortable.

>Best normal for watch: Beautiful in the metal, adaptable, comfortable, new-ish sense is valued. Great movement.

>Worst normal for watch: Price is still up there (however not incredible). The intelligent precious stone needs to go. Wish the development was impeccably silent.