This report is about the dismiss from Panerai’s new way to deal with Limited Editions, the Panerai Comsubin Experience. Panerai currently offers purchasers an exceptional experience when they buy one of their uncommon and profoundly restricted models. This year, at SIHH 2019, we saw three unique models offered, each including an outstanding package.

We clarified this all around momentarily in our article on a meet with Mike Horn ; these three extraordinary releases are connected to two Panerai diplomats and Panerai’s set of experiences utilizing the Italian Navy or Marina Militare. Concerned models are the Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition (PAM983, 15 pieces), the Submersible Mike Horn Edition (PAM985, 19 pieces), and the Submersible Marina Militare Cartbotech (PAM961, 33 pieces). All in the 47 mm size.

Panerai Combusin Experience

The Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Cartbotech, PAM961, LE

Limited Edition Experiences

As said, fortunate clients who had the option to obtain one of these uncommon version watches have the chance of appreciating the Panerai Comsubin Experience. Freediving with Guillaume Néry in the sea profundities of French Polynesia, finding out about nature and how to protect it in the company of the incredible Mike Horn, or an instructional meeting with a gathering of the Italian Navy. The Comsubin Training Session was the occasion to commence this arrangement, and we were excited to be asked by Panerai to cover this first hand.

History of the Comsubin Headquarter

The Comsubin Special Forces have their central command in the fortification of Varignano, close to La Spezia in Italy. This post was worked as lazaretto (an isolate station for sea voyagers) and stockroom in 1724 under the Republic of Genoa. In 1808 the lazaretto passed into administration of the French Navy, and turned out to be later essential for the Kingdom of Sardina and afterward the Kingdom of Italy. At that point, in 1910, the fortification turned into the settle of the Regia Marina jumpers. During the first and second World Wars, the post of Varignano turned into the seat of the maritime jumpers who prepared for their war misuses. Since 1952, the fortification became settle of the Navy Raiders, which in 1960 moved to Comsubin. Still today the fortress is their settle, and this is the place where the greater part of the Panerai Comsubin Experience took place.

Contents of the Experience

The Panerai Comsubin Experience was an activity pressed three-day occasion. Appearance day, experience-day, and notwithstanding day. It held exercises like 50 bunches attack boat moves, scuba jumping, spryness course, helicopter flight, zip-line crossing, attack rifle firing, and a visit to a vessel conveying hyperbaric helium plunge loads. I’ll momentarily clarify the exercises, with however many pictures as would be prudent, individually below.

Arrival Day

Arrival day was utilized for air transport (individuals flew in from everywhere the world), security preparation, the stockpile of disguise suits, and clinical registration. Because of a strike at Schiphol air terminal, my flight was seriously postponed, and I missed the greater part of it, notwithstanding, was without a moment to spare to join for the night program of the Panerai Comsubin Experience. Sufficient to get the Italian inclination, all members were moved by vintage bikes to a wonderfull supper sea shore side.

The supper was the chance to blend and become more acquainted with individuals who’d be your pals for the exercises to come. Furthermore, now also, Mr Jean Marc Pontroué, CEO of Panerai, tended to his welcome discourse to the group.

Experience Day

Finally, Experience Day was here; this is the place where we’ve all had been anxiously sitting tight for. The day began ahead of schedule at 6:30 AM, and we got the encourage to have a light breakfast

Assault Boat Transfer

The venture from our inn in Forte dei Marmi to the Teseo Tesei Naval Base at the Varignano Fortress would have been 90 minutes via vehicle. Or on the other hand 30 minutes by a Navy attack boat. That appears to be a simple decision, anyway ‘flying’ over water at speeds up to 100 km/h isn’t something to trifle with. Luckily, we didn’t get a very remarkable decision, so the following thing happening was leaving the boats.

During the excursion, we experienced the Rolls Royce powered  . Another high velocity multipurpose watch boat of the Marina Militare, which will set out unique powers units from the naval force and is capable of paces up to 32 bunches. A dynamite see, explicitly from a couple of meters distance at full speed.

And at that point, not long prior to entering the Teseo Tesei maritime base harbor there was an Italian submarine leaving. Another stupendous sight.

Scuba Diving

After arriving at the maritime base, first up in the Panerai Comsubin Experience program was a scuba jump work out. Not simply a sporting dunk in clear blue waters, yet a few exercises in the dim water of the maritime harbor. In the first place, without air tanks, controller and breather (however with balances, a cover, and weight belt), a skimming ball must be placed into a net at – 2 meters. At that point the jumper needed to continue to – 4 meters and follow a line on the base for five additional meters. By then, a Marina Militare jumper was hanging tight for the jumper with their BCD, air tank and breather.

The second piece of the jump must be satisfied without a cover, which afterwards the jumper needed to put on and clear at the lower part of the harbor. All and every one of the a decent experience and very not the same as standard exercises of sporting divers.

Agility Course and Helicopter Flight

Next up was an impediment course, the one that no one had the option to wrap up. It finished in a tough race to a stage where a helicopter was showing up to get you for a trip to the old . The post was underlying 1870 and served during both world encompassing wars. Presently it’s a preparation base for the Comsubin exceptional forces.

I’ve never experienced a sort of helicopter flight this way. Still shakey from the obstruction course, I had the feeling that the helicopter scarcely flew on a level plane. I flew pointing nose-down and cornering at a 90-degree point. The perspectives were stunning as well.

Zip-line Crossing

Once showed up at the fort I was happy to discover some shade and water – and I wasn’t the only one – before the program went on with a zip-line getting over a 200-meter down and 100-meter wide canyon.

Heckler & Koch

This probably won’t be for everybody, except the last exercise of the initial segment of the day was the shooting of two unique kinds of programmed attack rifles. In the wake of being satisfactorily educated about the utilization, and very much educated about the dangers of utilizing this sort of weapons, there was the likelihood to evaluate the HK MP15 and the staggeringly complex . The last unequivocally being utilized by the Italian and US unique powers. I attempted the two weapons and should say shooting the HK 416 is an extreme experience.


After having followed the counsel of a light breakfast promptly toward the beginning of the day, after the shooting meeting, a large portion of us were glad to take off by a military truck to the Naval Base’s wreck to appreciate a supporting feast. What’s more, Italy wouldn’t be Italy if even on a military compound a dinner isn’t wrapped up by a coffee 😉

Visit to Anteo

After lunch, the Panerai Comsubin Experience program turned out to be more endurable. Again by quick RHIB attack boats, the gathering was shipped across the La Spezia harbor to MV Anteo.

Anteo, with military enrollment A 5309, is a submarine salvage boat of the Italian Navy, relegated to Raggruppamento Subacquei ed Incursori “Teseo Tesei”, short Comsubin. An energizing office at the Anteo is the DRASS Galeazzi SRV-300 profound submergence salvage vehicle for submarine salvage up to 300 m profound. Furthermore, complementary to this, or for the utilization in the wake of making a plunge helium times at incredible profundities, three decompression chambers.

The entire arrangement of decompression schedules, which jumpers need to trail profound helium gas plunges, were disclosed and appeared to us. Three jumpers were within a helium chime, and it was fascinating to figure out how these systems are and how communication with these jumpers is done. We even could go into the decompression chambers and feel for ourselves how small these are. Remember that jumpers need to remain here and there as long as eight days before they can go out into an atmospheric environment.

The End

The visit to the Anteo vessel finished the dynamic piece of the occasion. In any case, at night, the genuine finish of the Panerai Comsubin Experience was satisfactorily celebrated with an incredible supper. This time we were brought by exemplary vehicles to a delightful scene in the slopes above Forte de Marmi, disregarding the inlet. Panerai CEO Jean-Marc Pontroué expressed gratitude toward the current Marina Militare Comsubin staff, just as us members to the Panerai Comsubin Experience.

To me, it’s an extraordinary accomplishment that Panerai was conceivable to sort out this experience along with the genuine Marina Militare Combusin uncommon powers. As the taking an interest marines advised us ‘this isn’t Holywood, this is the genuine deal’. What’s more, I need to let it be known was extreme, however that was exactly the distinction with some other occasions I took an interest in the past.

Thank you definitely, Panerai, for the chance to partake in this extreme experience!