There are not many brands that can make a case for an after as intense as the Paneristi. A gathering of watch darlings so energetic, they brought forth their own, official model. As a distribution with some experience of the equivalent, we need to say this: Respect where regard is expected. Panerai, after so long, keeps on keeping an old plan new. With the new PAM01661, Luminor Marina experiences Carbotech.

The Panerai Luminor Marina is a work of art. For sure. The Luminor range was made in 1950, yet didn’t go marked down to general society until 1993. At the point when it did, the Luminor Marina joined the assortment and has been a fan most loved from that point forward. The way that for such a large amount of the brand’s history its watches were just inaccessible for general buy likely has a ton to do with the degrees of agitation we’re used to seeing each time another reference drops.

A part of the time with Panerai watches, the progressions are inconspicuous. Here, however, the entire body of the Luminor Marina is produced using Panerai’s unique Carbotech material and rejuvenated by splendid blazes of blue on the dial, hands, and lash stitching.

The first time

Reference revelers will like this model, as it’s the first run through this assortment has seen the combination of Carbotech and the sandwich dial (modernized here with that unique blue). It’s these “micro-firsts” that truly get the Paneristi moving. Like aficionados of old-school Submariners biting over dial misprints, strangely blurred bezel embeds, or apparently indistinguishable hand/dial combos, these little subtleties stir up the flames of desire.

As dimensionally forcing as the 44mm case is, it really wears quite well. This is thanks in enormous part to the momentous softness of Carbotech. At only 96 grams, this watch is roughly 33% of the heaviness of an Omega Ploprof . So how does Panerai do it?


Carbotech is framed by stacking layers of carbon fiber on top of each other, exchanging the grain each time. This “mega sandwich” of carbon is then compressed at a high temperature, while fuzed together with a restricting lattice dependent on PEEK (polyether Ether Ketone). That’s the sort of stuff you’d hope to discover holding a Space transport together. Or then again, in any event, you’d trust to…

Because of this sporadic design each piece produced using Carbotech totally extraordinary. Also, these cases are solid. They can withstand stuns from any point, as the effect is scattered all through the case’s atomic structure.

Built by Panerai

Inside reference PAM01661 is the P.9010 type, made by Panerai in its Neuchâtel fabricate. As this century wears on, Panerai is by all accounts increasingly more worried about thinning down its pieces. Such an errand clearly starts with the development. The P.9010 is simply 6mm thick and fits more wearable watches. The brisk set hour hand is connected to the date instrument for quick change. Furthermore, in spite of the movement’s slimness, there is room enough for twin barrels that kick out an especially appreciated 3-day power reserve.

This energetic Luminor Marina watch is water-impervious to 300 meters. A Panerai Sportech lash is the ideal accomplice for this watch. It is a water-safe elastic material that is however comfortable as it could be useful. The Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech (PAM01661) will retail for a shockingly “attainable” €12,500. To find out additional, visit .