We chose three fascinating watches from ongoing Catawiki barters: an IWC Mark XII, a Longines Legend Diver and a Rolex GMT-Master II.

As consistently, let me start by saying that before you offer on a watch, you ought to have gotten your work done. Particularly when it concerns vintage watches. A few brands can help you distinguishing them, however more often than not it may require some more exertion. From this week’s marks for instance, Longines is known to have an extraordinary historical center and file that can assist you with validating a watch. IWC has a little historical center in Schaffhausen and ought to have the option to give you some assistance too. With Rolex, it will be hard to get some authority help from their workplaces in Geneva, yet there is such a huge amount out there on their watches (counting the GMT-Master), it shouldn’t be hard to source a decent GMT-Master II. With vintage Rolex, it is something alternate however, that will require substantially more exertion to get things authenticated.

The choice I will show you here, are as of late sold things. Indeed sold. The thing is, the turnover on Catawiki of closeout things is so fast, it leaves us with brief period to do an appropriate review. So I show you a few watches that I loved of the past sell-offs, which may motivate you to appear to be identical or comparative watches. Each watch gets a touch of depiction, which I trust encourages you in making the privilege decisions.

Catawiki Favorites

Only the IWC Mark XII is the most established watch of this determination, the Rolex GMT-Master II dates from 2006 and the Longines Legend Diver was initially sold in 2012. The Mark XII was presented in 1993, so authoritatively we could call this vintage yet idealists may have various thoughts regarding the period of vintage watches. In the last Catawiki Favorites we likewise included a Longines watches, a vintage chronograph from 1972, yet this time we have an advanced watch, be it one with an extremely short creation period however. Right away, let’s view the selection.


IWC’s Mark XII was the hotly anticipated replacement for the Mark XI, an expert pilot’s watch that was utilized for quite a long time. The Mark XII has a width of 36mm and was underway from 1993 till 1999, so just a generally brief period. IWC’s Mark XII uses the Jaeger-LeCoultre type 889/2 development, which was simply the principal twisting development for the Mark-arrangement (The Mark XI was furnished with a hand-wound development, type 89). The Mark XII was prevail by the Mark XV in 1999, which was fitted with an ETA 2892-A2 based movement.

The genuine creation year isn’t totally obvious from the Catawiki portrayal, however we are certain that you can discover by reaching IWC in such cases. The Mark XI that we have here, sold for €2149 (barring premium), which is really a low cost for one.

However, the state of this watch – as you can see – isn’t excessively incredible. Albeit the merchant appraised the watch a 8 out of 10, we find that there are no authority papers with this watch, no unique tie and clasp and we saw very some wear (scratches and even a few dings) in the bezel and drags. To get this watch back in great condition, it will likely need some TLC from IWC in Schaffhausen. This will interfere with several hundred Euro, particularly in the event that you additionally need to have a unique tie and clasp for this watch. Administrative work is missing and is something you can’t supplant. In cases this way, it very well may be more insightful to spend a touch more and get a watch that is really in acceptable condition and complete with box and papers.

Longines Legend Diver

We did a top to bottom survey of the Longines Legend two or three years prior ( click here ). Notwithstanding, that was the model with a date window. All things considered, that is the solitary model still accessible at this moment. The variant without date, that we have here from Catawiki, was ended not long after its underlying delivery. Quite recently, we discussed this particular rendition here . The reasons for what reason isn’t totally clear, and furthermore Longines couldn’t disclose it to us, other than that they just settled on the choice to drop one of the two models. The date being as yet essential to a many individuals, an exceptionally viable complication, was kept with the Longines Legend Diver. The no-date rendition is difficult to find, you will infrequently come across one available to be purchased. That additionally makes it hard to put a sticker price on this model. At the point when new, they were around €1300-€1400, yet since they are basically not accessible, it makes things complicated. Particularly since there is a significant interest for the no-date variant. Besides, this was a BNIB Longines Legend Diver, which implies it was unworn.

This part was sold for €2565, barring the buyer’s premium. That could seem like a precarious sum, yet remember that this watch comes with all embellishments and paperwork.

Rolex GMT-Master II 16710

A full set GMT-Master II reference 16710 is up straightaway. There’s little to clarify about this watch other than we previously did in our Rolex GMT-Master History Overview article . It is stunning how rapidly these watches went up in cost, as I sold mine (likewise a 2006 delivered model, much the same as this one) for 4000 Euro in 2010. The costs of these watches are currently above and beyond €8000 and in the event of this specific full-set proposal on Catawiki, the purchaser paid €9000 barring deals premium. The watch you see here is otherwise called the stick dial, alluding to the kind face on the dial (ll rather than II). The exorbitant cost is essentially disclosed because of the way that likewise here, similar to the Longines Legend Diver, we talk about a watch that has never been worn. The Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 was prevailing in 2008 by the 116710LN, the main GMT-Master with fired bezel and beefier drags. The breadth continued as before since the reference 1675, at 40mm.

In 2006, the Rolex GMT-Master II 16710 had a rundown cost of €4050 Euro, so it has been a preferable venture over you cash in the bank (more than 10 years of premium wouldn’t have multiplied your sum). On the off chance that you truly have one of the last 16710 references, that was quickly created with type 3186 (rather than 3185), the cost would be a lot higher even.

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