Filling out another niche in the Sixty-Five assortment from Oris is a cooperation with a free pants maker, Momotaro, situated in Japan. The lash takes an off-cut of indigo denim with two white “fight stripes” on the clasp end of the strap.

The twin stripes are a theme of Momotaro in their assortment of high-end denim pants and coats made utilizing vintage looms. While it wouldn’t vibe with most of my wardrobe, this lash would be the ideal complement to a road or sports outfit. However intriguing as the tie may be, however, it is that dazzling dial shading that takes the limelight.

Oris × Momotaro

This might simply be my number one dial plan of the Divers Sixty-Five up until now. The angle mint-green dial is frosty cool. It helps me to remember the with a comparable shading that comes in a more current bundle. Yet, as the name proposes, the Sixty-Five is profoundly established before. However the enthusiasm for the assortment has not died down since the Sixty-Five was once again introduced in 2015 .

I hopped on board when I bought the 40mm exploded numerals Sixty-Five not long after it was uncovered. Strangely, it’s the more heritage-roused dials with spot and shield markers that have become the center of the assortment. I guess the worked on design prepares for an assortment of combinations and restricted editions.

We’ve seen numerous partnership versions with the base 40mm Oris Sixty-Five with the bronze external bezel. RedBar Crew launched a 100-piece restricted release ox-blood dial for its worldwide individuals. The followed this with a consumed orange dial. Now in the mix is this new Momotaro. One thing they all have in common is the oversight of the date window that regularly lives at the 6 o’clock position. I will in general utilize the date sensibly regularly in my watches and have never had a lot of issue with the window on the Sixty-Five. Yet, supplanting the window with a rectangular marker gives a cleaner look and signals that this model is something special.

The Bronze Age

Other than the denim tie, green dial, and the absence of a date window, this is a Divers Sixty-five through and through. With that, you get a moderately thin “skin-jumper” profile that’s useful for water excursions up to 100 meters. Powering the piece is the Sellita SW200-1, with a power hold of 38 hours. With the Oris Pro-Pilot X bragging a power save 10 days, I would get a kick out of the chance to see the 65 at any rate get a knock to 60 or 70 hours for each full wind.

If you can see yourself owning this watch, I’d recommend you search out the matching two-tone steel and bronze arm band for a touch of assortment. The bolted arm band was reported a year ago and will build up a patina that mirrors the way of life of the owner. However, with a drag width of 20mm, the world is your clam with a lot of lash alternatives. Making the Oris Divers Sixty-Five somewhat of a .


I do like how this watch comes together, however I am now wondering, following five years, if the Divers Sixty-Five is expected for a refresh. Not to change the fabulous plan but rather to nuance update the components. I’d love to see the bezels liven up with more tone and harden up by utilizing fired rather than aluminum. The crown could likewise do with a smidgen greater refinement by smoothing the edges. Until further notice, appreciate the Oris x Momotaro Divers Sixty-Five accessible for CHF 2,100.

The watch is being made accessible by means of Oris’s new E-Shop today and later through retailers. Conveyed within a special denim travel pouch, E-Shop purchases will likewise come with a unique Momotaro Jeans Bag. Make certain to check out additional about Oris on the Fratello site here .

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