Last week we got the Oris Aquis Date jumpers watch in for audit. Right on the money to be my 52Mondayz watch during the current week, as this week I will go to an occasion which incorporates diving.

Oris Aquis Date – 52Mondayz, week #24

The Oris Aquis was somewhat updated and introduced at this year’s Baselworld. Compared to the previous Aquis model (you’ll discover our audit here ), the new Aquis is fairly more refined in its appearance.

The overhaul of an all around alluring watch

The crown watchman and drags have become more mellowed, also the hands got a fairly more unmistakable appearance. The bezel trim got brushed from gleaming clay. With everything taken into account little changes which influence the presence of the watch towards more gentle. While still a lot of staying the strong and vigorous device watch a jumpers watch ought to be.

An Oris Aquis is an undeniable jumper. In any case, what I like such a great amount about the watch is that it’s not another look-alike of the Rolex Submariner . Obviously it has a dark dial with white hands and lists, and a dark turning bezel. In any case, the state of everything about the watch is close to home to such an extent that it is indisputably an Oris Aquis.

With a case width of 43,5 mm the Oris Aquis Date is very present on the wrist. Unquestionably on a hardened steel arm band. Presumably the short carries make that it’s not excessively present. On my moderate 18 cm wrist, it fits very well.

The tempered steel bracelet

Coming back to the hardened steel arm band: it appears to be exceptionally strong and is beautifully finished for certain pleasant subtleties. The upper side of the side connections of the arm band are cleaned. Much the same as the top side of the drags, and even the upper side of the crown watch and the bezel are cleaned. Very much pondered. The collapsing clasp closes with a firm and secure snap, hold by two pins at within. Pressing the two side catches of the fasten opens it again.

There are 5 removable full-size joins in the arm band, in addition to 2 half measure ones. Too there are 3 openings in the catch to fine change the length of the wristband. I’m sure these entirely adaptable change prospects will make it fit to any measure or state of wrist. Eliminating joins is enough done by little screws. An in-and out-collapsing jumping augmentation (for a 3 mm plunging suit I surmise) completes the great bracelet.

Finish and design

Further on completing: the sides of the watch packaging are brushed, similar to the sides of the arm band and the middle connections. The sides of the crown monitor and the collapsing fasten are brushed also, it is all very well-balanced. And all adding to the inclination that this watch is something serious.

What I like and referenced about the plan and type of the packaging, is that it’s cone shaped. From the case back upwards the packaging gets smaller. Only up to the pivoting bezel, which is a similar width again as the case back. This is a wonderful method to ease getting of the turning bezel, without making it bigger than the measurement of the actual watch. I’ll attempt to get that in the pictures.

Oris Caliber 733 automatic movement

Oris wouldn’t be Oris if there’s no mechanical development inside. Which is obviously the situation with the programmed Oris 733 caliber, in view of the Sellita SW 200-1S. To me it is somewhat odd for a plunging watch (mind you the watch is evaluated 300 meters), yet this development can be appreciated through a straightforward caseback. For Oris presumably satisfactory as the obvious red rotor is essential for their plan strategy.

Further particulars and price

The Oris Aquis Date has a domed sapphire gem which is two-sided hostile to intelligent. Obviously, the grippy crown of this watch has a screw down development. The radiant material utilized on all fours glows bluish under low light conditions and is named Super-LumiNova BG W9.

The Oris reference number of this watch is, and I kid you not, 01 733 7730 4154-07 8 24 05PEB. The cost for the watch I’m wearing this week is € 1.800,= (counting VAT) while an adaptation with elastic or calfskin lash is accessible at € 1.600,=. Altogether the Oris Aquis is accessible in no under 99 varieties, you’ll discover them all at the Oris site .