I am an enormous aficionado of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches, and consistently at the SIHH in Geneva I am looking forward to seeing what they’ve been doing. This year, other than the excellent titanium & platinum “Jumbo” and an assortment of [bold coloured] Offshore watches, it was the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin that nearly cleared me off my feet.

I’ve attempted numerous [and possessed some] Royal Oak watches, yet the “Jumbo” is the one that intrigued me most. Since it is so very flimsy, yet additionally on the grounds that the plan is simply awesome. The measurements are acceptable to the point that it is elusive whatever else from the Royal Oak assortment with better extents. Previously, I additionally claimed a 39mm Royal Oak chronograph, and despite the fact that I preferred it without question (I in reality actually incline toward it over the later/current 41mm adaptation), I sold it since I ended up wearing the “Jumbo” constantly, which is only 8.1mm in thickness. Put in a complication, and the watch will get thicker. Or then again greater in general.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2

This year, Audemars Piguet showed us a Royal Oak that additional 2 millimeters to the distance across, yet really got more slender also. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar isn’t extra-dainty, no, it is super slender. It gauges only 6.30mm in stature. Unfathomable! More slender than the Jumbo, with an astounding complication on top of that.

Completely made of platinum (Pt950), the 41mm x 6.30mm case houses the Audemars Piguet type 5133 development. This development is just 2.89mm thick and has a measurement of 32mm (14 ¾ lignes). By re-making and planning the ceaseless schedule development, the architects at Audemars Piguet accomplished to diminish its thickness by 30%. Typically, their self-twisting development with a never-ending schedule is develop in three layers, yet for this type 5133, they re-planned it in such way, that it simply comprises of a solitary layer.

The AP type 5133 has a force hold of 40 hours and comprises of 256 sections. As a comparison, the type 5134 (self-twisting development with interminable schedule) that is being utilized in the Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar reference 26597PT.OO.1220PT.01 comprises of 374 sections (and measures 4.31mm in stature). So that’s about – 30% for both thickness and number of parts.

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak RD#2 in platinum is more than noteworthy, by its size, thickness and weight. Also, obviously by the wonderful completion of the case, arm band and development. You would likewise nearly disregard how excellent the Tapisserie dial is, with its applied white gold hour markers and white gold hands. So here’s the amicable reminder.

The advancement of this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 idea watch took their team roughly 5 years. That’s a serious speculation to lose some mm’s and, at that point, not making such a watch accessible for the general population. I’m certain they will go through this information to come with something later on for course. The good thing about this watch not being available to be purchased is that I don’t need to add one more unimaginable watch objective on my rundown. I can simply keep on making the most of my Royal Oak 15202ST without envy.

As you know, next SIHH in Geneva will occur in January and it will really be their last one also. Audemars Piguet chose to end their cooperation with the SIHH following 19 years to zero in additional on direct associations with its clients and accomplices later on. I’m certain their last exhibition in SIHH will present to us some marvelous Royal Oak news obviously. Maybe they’ve even incorporated a portion of this idea watch into one of their new watches.

In the display beneath you will locate some more photographs of this Audemars Piguet Royal Oak RD#2 Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin that Bert took during our gathering with them recently. Appreciate! More data about the Royal Oak RD#2 reference 26586PT.OO.1240PT.01 can be found .