When Omega presented their De Ville Trésor back in 2014, it was just accessible in white, yellow and Sedna gold. The watch got a great deal of appreciation, however it was just too far for large numbers of us. Omega tuned in and accompanied a hardened steel version.

Two adaptations, with a blue dial (that we have here today) and one with a shiny opaline dial. The Omega De Ville Trésor in white gold is a watch that I took a gander at ordinarily in shops, yet the sticker price of €12.800,- was all in all too steep for me. A pity, as it ticks a great deal of boxes for an appropriate dress watch. A couple of months prior, during the Time to Move occasion in Switzerland, Omega showed us the new De Ville Trésor, with models in gold and tempered steel. We got our hands on two of them, so let’s have a nearer look.

Omega De Ville Trésor

The De Ville assortment was just presented in 1967 after this name had been utilized effectively for certain Seamaster “De Ville” watches since 1960. It was the last added assortment to the Omega family (Seamaster, Constellation and Speedmaster). Today, the De Ville assortment is doing quite well, especially in Asia with the De Ville Prestige watches. I accept that the presentation of the De Ville Co-Axial in 1999 (surely, the main watch in arrangement to have the Co-Axial escapement that George Daniels designed) promptly put it at the center of attention again in different pieces of the world. Today, you’ll locate a few sub-assortments in the De Ville family: Ladymatic, Hourvision, Prestige, yet additionally Trésor. As I wrote in the short presentation of this article, in 2014 Omega showed us the De Ville Trésor with an in-house produced hand-wound development. Be that as it may, in valuable metals only.

Although you are qualified for feel that a dress watch ought to consistently be in valuable metal, I oppose this idea. There’s nothing amiss with a delightful, rich watch in steel, that has quite a few elements for a dress watch. An unobtrusive case shape, as slim as could be expected, calfskin lash and downplaying the capacities. Maybe a spoiler alert, yet the recently delivered gold adaptations have no date window, which I like. The models delivered five years prior, in valuable metals, had a date window too. So by one way or another Omega chose to strip down the elements of the gold forms a smidgen more than the treated steel model. I’m almost certain that there are sufficient individuals out there, who like to have a date work however, I am simply not one of them.

Blue designed dial

On the tempered steel adaptation with the blue dial, you will locate this excellent example. It helps me to remember those rich dials from the 1960s (and 1970s), with a wide range of themes, examples and embellishments. It is the explanation I lean toward this variant over the shiny opaline dial of the other De Ville Trésor in tempered steel. It looks radiant and combined with the applied stick markers and smooth hands; it adds all up to a wonderful dress watch. Hour markers, just as the hands, are made of 18-carat white gold. At 6 o’clock, you will discover the date gap. In spite of the fact that it is pleasantly done, not very noticeable, I might have managed without one.

Sleek case

Where my darling Omega Constellation Globemaster ( you can discover my musings on that watch in this article ) has a generally thick case, the De Ville Trésor has a more exquisite case. Particularly its profile is sleeker. Not just the state of the case all in all yet additionally the hand-wound development assumes a fundamental part in the components of the case. The case quantifies somewhat over 10mm in thickness.

Caliber 8910 and 8929

When the De Ville Trésor was presented back in 2014, it previously had the Master Co-Axial Chronometer development type 8511 inside. Likewise hand-twisted, obviously. In these new 40mm De Ville Trésor watches, there are two unique types. The type 8929 for the gold models (additionally utilized for the red dial De Ville Trésor 125th Anniversary release that was presented last January, here ) and the type 8910 development for the steel watches.

The gold watch with type 8929 has a gold extension, yet something else, these developments are essentially indistinguishable. Both have 72 hours of force hold, which comes in valuable for a hand-wound development. In 2014, the developments inside the De Ville Trésor were not ‘Master Chronometer’ as METAS just began their accreditation for Omega watches in 2015. These two new watches are Master Chronometer ensured and meet all the requirements for that.

De Ville Trésor on the wrist

I don’t have many dress watches that I wear routinely. That is for the most part a result of the size, as I do have a lot of 34mm and 36mm vintage dress watches. My 39mm Globemaster in gold is ideal for me, yet I surmise that its thickness maybe is declassifying it as an exemplary dress watch. At the point when I put the Omega De Ville Trésor on my wrist, it is an alternate look & feel from the Globemaster. It looks more ‘vintage’ due to the more slender case and because of the case shape. In spite of the fact that I particularly incline toward gold for a dress watch, this blue designed dial is just an executioner. On the off chance that you’re in the running for a dress watch from one of the enormous brands out there, the steel form yet in addition the gold model (contingent upon your spending I surmise) are models you give a try.

All varieties come on crocodile cowhide lashes, with pin clasps. The gold watches come with a gold lock in coordinating tone, obviously. The steel model comes at €6200,- , paying little heed to which dial shading you pick, and the gold renditions come at €14.300,- . On the off chance that you need to go full scale, the red lacquered dial form (Sedna gold) that was presented recently, has a sticker price of €16.900,- .


Omega, nowadays, is maybe most popular for their Seamasters and Speedmasters and a wide assortment of ‘editions’ in those two families. The Constellation and De Ville are regularly disregarded, as their assortments are a piece ‘all over the place’. I’m almost certain that a many individuals know about the De Ville Prestige and Constellation ‘Manhattan’ models, yet have no idea about the Trésor or Globemaster assortments, for instance. These are sub-assortments of an assortment. Since the presentation of the De Ville Trésor in 2014, a few group revealed to me that they adored that model a great deal, however couldn’t stand to go for the white gold adaptation. Presently, there’s a steel model with a staggering dial, so I surmise the watch is likely more available now.

Where I see the Globemaster (fail to remember the models on a metal wristband, consistently go for a lash with these watches) more like a watch reasonable for ordinary use, or maybe even as a ‘only one’ watch for certain individuals, the De Ville Trésor is less adaptable. It is a dress watch and a wonderful one! I surmise that other than your games watch(es), there’s consistently space for a watch like this.

Starting at €6200,- (incl VAT), more data on Omega’s .