When the Omega Globemaster was presented in 2015, I was overly energized. Not just on the grounds that it was an incredible new expansion for the Constellation assortment, yet in addition since it was the main Omega watch with the Master Chronometer confirmation. That year was Silver Snoopy and James Bond, which caused the Globemaster to vanish to the foundation a bit.

Not just that, the conveyance of the Omega Globemaster watches to the shops and approved sellers took quite a while. I would say that the energy was gone sooner or later. In the most recent months, or maybe a year ago even, I would say that I see that the Omega Globemaster is at long last accepting a few credits from gatherers and lovers. On Instagram and explicit Facebook gatherings, I see more individuals gladly showing their Omega Globemaster watches. Yet, compared to a Speedmaster or Seamaster 300M, it is still certainly a minority.

Globemaster Annual Calendar

In 2016, Omega extended the Globemaster assortment with a somewhat bigger model, highlighting a yearly schedule complication. On the pie-container dial, there are the months of the year showed. An additional hand on the dial demonstrates the month, and with the exception of the jump from February to March, any remaining months have an ideal progress because of the yearly schedule instrument. I can consider myself the cheerful proprietor of an ordinary Omega Globemaster, in 39mm, and wind up wearing it frequently. It is a flexible watch, as it isn’t the common slender dress watch yet additionally not a stalwart games watch. Rather than an unobtrusive 39mm measurement, this yearly schedule model required a 41mm case development. I wasn’t excessively persuaded from the outset, not in view of the size, but since of the composition of the months on the dial. In spite of the fact that it looks rich, and we’ve seen a comparable plan from Patek Philippe as of late, it appeared to be a piece ‘too much’. I need to say that I ignored the Omega Globemaster yearly schedule more often than not, as I am satisfied with my 39mm Globemaster. Yet, this year, during the Time to Move occasion in Switzerland, one of Omega’s curiosities was again a variety of the Globemaster.


Available in treated steel, bi-shading and full gold. My number one variant is the 18-carat Sedna gold Globemaster with a staggering precious stone cleaned black dial. The dial is in the pie-dish style roused by the main Constellation model from 1952. The pie-container Constellation is perhaps the most sought-after vintage models of that assortment, which was at the time Omega’s lead. We did an inside and out review on those vintage Constellations before, which you can discover here . Under a couple of instances of mid 1950s and 1960s Constellations with the renowned pie-skillet dial shape.

The Globemaster is important for the Constellation group of watches, these days generally celebrated for their ‘claws’ and coordinated arm band plan. This plan was presented in 1982 and is alluded to as Constellation Manhattan. An assortment that men frequently skip when perusing the showcases at the Omega store, albeit in certain pieces of the world (China), it is probably the blockbuster. For women, Omega did a welcome update a year ago and presented the name ‘Manhattan’ again for these watches. The case and arm band got an update, with more angled edges, more slender case, new dials and new movements.

I am anticipating seeing the men’s adaptation of the Constellation Manhattan later on; I have a shaky area for them. See underneath for a couple of those models from my assortment. On the left the absolute first Constellation Manhattan from 1982 for gentlemen (with unique box with ‘claws’ plan) and on the privilege the Constellation’95 models, from the late 1990s.

I believe that the Globemaster is a welcome expansion to the Constellation family, as it snatches back to those early pie-skillet models. Interim, it has all the new innovations on board that Omega is so glad for. Not just the utilization of their gold combination (Sedna) yet in addition when it comes down to the in-house created movement.

Fluted bezel

One of the most continuous pundits I peruse or catch wind of the Globemaster is the alleged similarity with the Rolex Datejust or Day-Date. This has an inseparable tie to the bezel, obviously. Despite the fact that there are different brands with a fluted bezel out there, it is frequently connected with Rolex. Omega versus Rolex is regularly a subject of conversation like Apple versus Microsoft or BMW versus Mercedes. So it is additionally to be expected that when Omega began utilizing a fluted bezel (once more) too, individuals bounced on it. Omega has a set of experiences utilizing fluted bezels in the past too, likewise on the Constellation models (additionally alluded to as C-shape Constellation).

Omega Constellation 168.017 (Picture: )

I think the fluted bezel fits the plan of the Omega Globemaster consummately. I attempted to envision what it would resemble with a smooth bezel, however I figure the watch would look somewhat more blunt. What’s intriguing is that beside the fluted bezel, there’s no further similarity to the Datejust or Day-Date. The state of the case is totally different. I’ve asked a few group who thought of the ‘It seems as though a Datejust’- comment in the event that they have seen and attempted a Globemaster in the tissue, and you can figure the appropriate response. What’s more, that’s I think what makes the Globemaster a watch that is somewhat under the radar, or ‘Omega’s best kept secret’, as you wish. The Globemaster should be found in the fragile living creature and took a stab at the wrist. This goes presumably for the two forms, the 39mm and 41mm.

On the Wrist

Enough with the babbling fluted bezels and vintage Constellations. Let’s perceive how this watch looks on the wrist. Above all else, the 41mm wears fundamentally bigger than 39mm. All things considered, despite the fact that it seems somewhat huge on the image underneath, I am accustomed to wearing 42mm and 43mm watches on my 18/19cm wrist. So with regards to measure and whether it looks great, I would say it is no issue. It is exactly what you like to wear. A frequently heard comment is that 41mm, or even 39mm, is excessively enormous for some who like the vibes of the Omega Globemaster. In any case, make a point to check the 39mm out, if that’s your general thought.

I think the 41mm watch wears very well, yet the size was never my fundamental worry about the Globemaster Annual Calendar. The gator tie is of great, and the collapsing catch does the work right. Despite the fact that it seems dressy with this sparkling lash, it tends to be worn on numerous events. The heaviness of the watch is huge (since it is 18-carat gold) and the excellent completed black dial with the gold and silver accents ensure you feel that you’re lashing something uncommon onto your wrist.

The completing of the case is perfectly done, with the glossy silk brushed case band and slanted edges. As should be obvious, the marginally domed state of the case makes it additionally comfortable on the wrist. Here you can see that it is additionally nothing like the previously mentioned Datejust or Day-Date models; it has an altogether different design.

Annual Calendar

The composing on the dial was something that didn’t energize me when the Globemaster Annual Calendar was presented in 2016. I additionally need to add that I never truly worn the watch, however I had given it a shot later events when I was visiting a shop or approved seller. In the tissue, the composing isn’t that self-evident, or upsetting. I think it is considerably more obvious on this black dial variant with silver composition than it is on a portion of the recently presented models.

And I don’t understand what it is, however I like the printing of the months on this black dial adaptation. I’m speculating that it is a result of the jewel cleaned black dial. The combination with rose gold, or Sedna gold, is extremely warm. At the point when you investigate the dial, you will find that there’s very some composition on there, yet on the wrist, it isn’t upsetting by any stretch of the imagination. The silver printing makes the watch a smidgen more alive. Something is going on there, and that’s valid with the valuable yearly calendar.

Caliber 8922 & 8923

Aesthetics aside, the yearly schedule implies that there’s a more complicated development inside this watch compared to the 39mm form. A smart (customized) component can progress from the 30th to the 1st, or the 31st to the 1st of the following month, whatever is appropriate. With the exception of March 1st. From February 28th or February 29th, it will simply progress to the following digit. So on March 1st, you’ll need to do a slight remedy yourself with the date (and afterward the pointer to the month will progress as well).

Inside the Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar is their type 8922. For the gold rendition, similar to the one in this watch survey, Omega utilizes their type 8923. The solitary contrast is the utilization of gold for the rotor and the scaffold. As you can see beneath, the bi-shading (steel and Sedna gold) and the steel variant both have the type 8922, with no gold accents. The observatory emblem is additionally in gold on the full Sedna gold model. The 8 stars of the observatory have a unique importance. These 8 stars are about Omega clearing the competition and breaking eight chronometric records on the whole classifications at the Geneva Chronometer challenges in 1931.

Besides the brand and model name inscriptions working on this issue back, you will likewise locate the little globe logo engraved (close to the crown). This has nothing to do with the watch being a Globemaster, yet with copyrights and the utilization of copyrights to control explicit business sectors ( ).

The type 8922 and 8923 developments have a force hold of 55 hours, utilizing two barrels in arrangement. METAS ensured this development as Master Chronometer, so it is hostile to attractive up to 15,000 gauss and gives an exactness between 0 – +5 seconds of the day overall. Even after it has been presented to attractive fields, and this happens more regularly than you might suspect. Likewise, you will get an uncommon card with a Master Chronometer watch, where you can look into the particular test consequences of your watch. Omega gives a 5-year guarantee on their watches.


Although the Sedna gold model has my inclination, the sticker price on the steel and bi-shading models is more amiable for your wallet. The sticker price of the gold Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar is €22.000,- . The bi-shading form comes at €10.000,- and the all tempered steel Globemaster Annual Calendar will retail for €8.000,- . These are viewed as genuine costs, however we are talking genuine watches.

Just like the 39mm release from 2015, the Globemaster can utilize a hint of gold. The all tempered steel watch is maybe a smidgen more adaptable, as you can even put it on a NATO tie (or an alternate cowhide tie, play a piece with colors). Yet, I love the glow of Sedna gold, particularly with the black dial it bodes well. The bi-shading makes the watch a smidgen more shimmering than the all-steel variant, yet I am certain gold isn’t for everybody. So I feel it is acceptable that Omega made three distinct variants with the black dial to pick from.

Omega Globemaster Annual Calendar – Conclusion

The Omega Globemaster permits you to claim (and wear) an advanced watch that helps you to remember the Constellations from an earlier time, however with today’s measurements and developments. You can chase for an Omega Constellation from the 1950s or 1960s, however that isn’t the equivalent. Not every person likes to wear a 34mm/35mm watch that should be treated with care. For the individuals who love the pie-skillet dial of those early Constellations, however need to wear something current that is appropriate for regular use, the Globemaster is an extraordinary assortment. I didn’t need to get persuaded about the Globemaster ( you can peruse my prior survey here ) however accomplished for the yearly schedule rendition. Where the principal arrangement required some time from me to become accustomed to them, this cleaned black dial form was bulls-eye for me immediately. Particularly the full gold Sedna version.

The retail cost of €22.000,- will give you admittance to a variety of watches available, without a doubt. In certain business sectors, including where I live, purchasing a gold watch is as yet something uncommon or even disliked. However, as I have composed above, for me the Globemaster can utilize a touch of gold. So if the steel form is something in reach, I would attempt to extend it a piece for the bi-shading rendition. The 39mm form of this watch begins at €6500,- and the bi-shading model has a retail cost of €8000,- .

I will end this audit with the title toward the start; I think the Globemaster is a standout amongst other maintained mysteries from Omega. It is a phenomenal flexible watch, propelled by one of their works of art from the 1950s and 1960s. What’s more, it offers some very great specifications.

More data and an outline of all Globemaster watches can be found .