While most Speedmaster authorities are exceptionally centered around the 1960s and 1970s, I’d say that the 1980s and 1990s are likewise intriguing for various reasons. To begin with the 1990s, these watches are regularly complete (which means boxes, guarantee card, booklets and so forth) and those with a tritium dial (up till 1997) tend to get this lovely yellow-ish coloured hour markers and the equivalent applies for the lume on the hands. On top, you will locate that the 1990s models have this extremely attractive looking wristband with reference 1479 (additionally till 1996) with a solid tightening towards the fasten. The 1980s additionally has various fascinating models, and I will clarify one of them for today’s Speedy Tuesday article here on Fratello.

Speedmaster Professional 145.0808

In the 1980s, Omega actually created a great deal of ungainliness with regards to the Speedmaster. The Speedmaster Mark arrangement proceeded with the Teutonic model for the German market, there were three diverse Speedmasters with a Moonphase pointer and there was, obviously, the Holy Grail reference 376.0822. Be that as it may, the ordinary Speedmaster additionally proceeded, as the 145.0022 and later on as 3590.50 (and variants).

Sapphire Case Backs

In 1980, Omega presented the main Speedmaster Professional with a sapphire case back. These were commemorative models for Apollo XI (and truth be told to praise the re-capability for the space transport mission) and just accessible in valuable metals. Roughly 300 of them were made in gold (reference BA345.0802), and just 20 in white gold (reference BC345.0802). The entirety of the white gold watches and about portion of the yellow gold watches were conveyed to the German market, at the time a significant one for Omega (and the Speedmaster). Not exclusively did these watches have a sapphire case back, yet these Speedmaster models additionally had somewhat various developments from the typical Mooonwatch creation. Both accompanied the Lémania based type 861L, where L represents Luxury (finish). Truth be told, these were not copper hued however rhodium plated and with two additional gems (19 rather than 17).

Caliber 863 Introduced

Interestingly, at the time a sapphire case back on a games watch was exceptionally uncommon. Indeed, even Patek Philippe just did as such on uncommon demands just, for their most significant customers.

Then, in 1985, Omega even began to fit sapphire case backs on the hardened steel Speedmaster Professional with a type 863 development. This development had a copper hued finish (and no Delrin brake), which was a lot later supplanted by the type 1863 (still underway). These hardened steel observes regularly went ahead a reference 1450 wristband (with ref.808 end-pieces) or the reference 1447 arm band (with ref. 805 end-pieces).

These Speedmaster Professional models with type 863 development and sapphire case back were numbered and accepted that will be that there are just 1000 of them delivered at that point. We are discussing the reference 145.0808 watch (on cowhide, and reference 345.0808 for the rendition on a treated steel arm band). The typical reference for the Moonwatch with steel case back and type 861 development was 145.0022 at that point (and going to change to 3590.50 in 1989).

Each watch was engraved looking into the issue back with an individual number and a similar number could likewise be found between the drags. This is very extraordinary, as we don’t discover numbers between carries of other Omega references. Other than that, it very well may be really the main steel sports model to have a sapphire case back that shows the mechanical movement.

We’d be glad to learn if there were others previously, so if it’s not too much trouble, reach us in the event that you are aware of such a watch.


The anecdote about the watches we have for you today is considerably more ‘rare’ than the 1000 created ones with a sapphire case back somewhere in the range of 1985 and 1988. Of these 1000 watches, inside the unmistakable chronic number scope of 48,169,000 and 48,169,999, just 40 pieces were delivered to Mexico. These watches are the reference 145.0808, so without a treated steel wristband. As you have seen effectively, the watches we have here do have a treated steel wristband. So that would formally make them a 345.0808, yet that’s not the situation. They have been transported to Mexico as a 145.0808 without a wristband, and besides, it is additionally accepted that these watches were sent ‘head only’, so without a calfskin tie as well.

It was recently accepted that these were conveyed on cowhide ties to Mexico, however some new exploration uncovers that they were rather fitted locally in Mexico with Mexican made Omega “jubilee” arm bands by the Mexican merchant Holzer y Cia SA. The merchant name is a similar mark found on inward catch just as the time of creation of the actual wristband. Holzer had been creating Omega wristbands in Mexico since the 1960s, however we didn’t understand they requested this cluster without arm bands because to fit them with their own.

These two instances of 145.0808 were fabricated in 1987 and conveyed to Mexico as per their Archives extricates, with no notice of the wristband obviously. The arm bands have various dates and undoubtedly were fitted from stock upon deal in Mexico at various occasions. One is from ’86 and likely sold first, while the other is from ’88, so probably was sold a year later. Underneath, a photograph of the two Extract of the Archives from Omega in Biel that shows all the significant data, with the exception of the reality an arm band was fitted later on obviously. The Extract just shows how a watch left Biel, not how it wound up or looks today.

As you can see, there are intriguing things that come to the surface when it concerns Speedmasters, even the ones that were delivered in a period that is normally viewed as not to be the most fascinating one (despite the fact that I ask to differ).

For this article, I might want to thank for furnishing me with foundation data and the pictures. This watch isn’t available to be purchased and has a place with a private collector.

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