It’s the ideal opportunity for our yearly Fratello Christmas Special, where we investigate a unique watch.  This year, we pick two with the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary in gold and the Breitling Navitimer ref.806 1959 Re-Edition.

We’re very much aware that both the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 and the Breitling Navitimer have been assessed endlessly during 2019, so why have we gotten back to a particularly trampled subject?  That’s a simple one to answer since we end up having both one next to the other and your writer has worn both broadly for well over a month.  Consider it an opportunity to hear the specs again, if just momentarily, however to hear more about what it resembles to live with both of these tremendously fruitful pieces throughout each and every day (hell, my parent’s canine even gave the Speedy a nip!).  We realize that they’re both since quite a while ago sold out, yet maybe you’re considering discovering one on the optional market.  We trust this article will give you a more profound impression and help you settle on a more educated choice on what are two of the most exceptionally respected arrivals of 2019.

The Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 – 1,014 Pieces

The Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 was delivered on March 12, 2019 and we covered it live.  Unless this is your first time understanding us, we were so stricken with this watch that a couple of us from the group requested one.  At a rundown cost of 32,300 Euros (!!), this was quite difficult, however murmurs inside the consecrated corridors of Omega recommend that more than twofold the 1,014 pieces made of these slyly created Moonshine gold chronographs might have been sold with ease.  Nonetheless, Omega killed the nozzles at 1,014, which turns out to be a similar number of gold BA145.022’s that were made 50 years before.  Speaking of that more seasoned version, the enhanced one looks fundamentally the same as, yet it has been refreshed with a shiny new development and new materials.

Don’t stress, the manual breeze development remains it actually has its underlying foundations in the first Lemania 861, however this one – the 3861 – presently has a Co-Axial escapement, METAS chronometer affirmation, lastly hacks.  Regarding bundling, Omega reproduced its renowned pit box, yet utilized 3D imprinting to do so.  Yes, everything is as it was 50 years prior when man originally strolled on the moon, yet it’s been presented to 2019 specs.  We’ll show a greater amount of the subtleties shortly.

Breitling Navitimer ref.806 1959 Re-Edition – 1,959 Pieces

Shortly after the arrival of the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11, we were shown the new and restricted Breitling Navitimer ref.806 1959 Re-Edition at Baselworld 2019.  Actually, our man with an eye for things, Bert, carried up and back to Zürich to go involved with the new Navi before the release.  Yes, we were that eager to see it.  You see, Breitling had been arranging a perfectly tuned come back under the rudder of Georges Kern for almost a couple of years now.  We love the new Premier and the remainder of the arrangement have all improved, however us vintage curmudgeons were aching for a genuine gesture to the brand’s voluminous back catalog.  With the 806 Re-version, we got it and it showed up in spades.  Breitling gave us an incredibly dedicated reissue of a 60 year old “all dark” Navitimer and with the man generally considered as THE principal vintage Breitling master installed to help explore its commencement, Fred Mandelbaum, the undertaking appeared as a moment success.  At 7,700 Euros, this is likewise not a modest watch, but rather every one of the 1,959 pieces sold in practically no time and demonstrated that notwithstanding some dull a very long time for the brand beginning in the 90’s up until a couple of years back, fans were ravenous for some old fashioned slide rule.  Breitling ventured to such an extreme as to build up another chronometer-confirmed manual-wind type (the B09) dependent on its programmed type 01.  They even added contacts, for example, hand-applied lume to the dial and Fred cleaned off a wide range of calipers to quantify textual style thicknesses, hand widths, and beaded bezel breadths to guarantee that the 0.1% of us would be pleased.  Like the Omega previously, the Breitling is a tour de force and we believe it’s a genuine indication of what’s to come.  But we’re here to discuss what these watches resemble to wear today.


The Omega Can Take a Beating…or Biting

Yes, believe it or not, my parent’s canine secured on my arm while we were playing and one of her canines got on the edge of the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 bracelet.  The Speedy shook it off and requested more.  But more than that, it should disclose to you that I’ve been so quiet in wearing this watch that I didn’t think to eliminate it while taking part in some pony – fail, canine – play.  It should come as nothing unexpected, yet since I took conveyance of this new Omega in excess two or three months back, it’s seldom left my wrist.  It is unequivocally the best watch I’ve ever owned  and it gives me a gigantic measure of unparalleled delight at whatever point I attach it to my wrist.  But as a colored in-the-fleece vintage fellow, wouldn’t I rather have a unique gold BA145.022 Speedmaster ?  My answer is an atypical “no”.

A Bracelet Worth Raving About…

With the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11, the company figured out how to make a watch that is inconceivably dedicated to its precursor, however current innovation has made it consistently wearable.  I prefer not to begin with the arm band, yet we’ve been so damn reproachful of Omega’s wristbands in the new past that had they gone down the way of making something with a gigantic catch and square end joins, I would have revoked my order.  Well, they didn’t, and I didn’t.  Omega constructed a flat out diamond of an arm band with end connects that don’t come out past the case while permitting the primary connect to overlap 180-degrees under the watch.  The entire thing verbalizes wonderfully and gives that vintage feel while saturating the proprietor with certainty because of strong links.

The catch stays dedicated to the first with its 14mm width (that is an emotional tighten from 20mm at the drags) and holds back from adding superfluous thickness or length.  And my statement this 42mm watch is comfortable.  It’s damn weighty, however it’s very wearable.  Coming back to the fasten, it’s perfectly completed and when the two side catches are delivered, this uncovers the lone steel-shaded actualize I can discover on the watch: the locking pin.

Hell, even the catch and end connect spring bars are done in gold tone!  Now, you can see that in under a quarter of a year, that smooth fasten has borne the brunt of every day abuse.  It’s damaged and plainly not as it was, but rather I genuinely don’t care.  This new Moonshine composite will scratch, yet such is reality with 18K gold regardless of what’s been tossed into the softening pot.

Sapphire = No Issue

The Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 50th Anniversary in gold uses a sapphire gem in lieu of the brand name Hesalite acrylic that fans hold so dear.  I’ll concede I was wary of this decision before all else, however I’ve in a real sense never considered it since taking ownership.  Yes, I’ve had insight with a sapphire Speedy subsequent to getting the Tokyo 2020 “Rising Sun” , yet it works stunningly better here.  Perhaps that is because of the moderately splendid strong gold dial with onyx markers and the way that the counter intelligent covering really cuts things down a notch.  But it’s additionally a genuine assistance in everyday wearing where worries about an intermittent door frame thump or scratch while raising gear into an overhead could make for standard dates with Poly Watch.  Ditto that with the great clay bezel inlay.  I guarantee I will not deliberately wear this watch while doing DIY, yet it’s ideal to realize that it ought to basically appear to be identical in a long time from now after ordinary wearing.

Wearing Gold…Regularly

People do give you looks when you’re wearing a wrist beast like the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11.  After all, it’s a genuine lump of gold on the wrist.  The Moonshine tone may help it mix in with skin tones more so than ordinary yellow gold, however it’s still uproarious and proud.  I’ve met individuals who love the watch and I’ve met other people who actually think that its flashy and a piece obnoxious.  And then I’ve met the individuals who have warmed to it over the long haul once they appreciate its details.  And simply a word on strolling around with what adds up to a beautiful darn decent vehicle on one’s wrist; I decide not to carry it to certain regions or to keep it hid in some situations.  For instance, I wound up snatching the rails on the cylinder in London with my privilege hand.  In spots like Sedona, Arizona or Napa Valley, California I didn’t mind at all and was presumably lovely unknown among the armada of gold Daytonas, AP’s, and Hublots that were on close steady display.  And to address some senseless worries about matching the watch with certain clothing?  I wear it with everything.  Heading to Starbucks in running pants?  Check.  Suit and tie?  Absolutely.  Jeans and (rancher) boots?  Yep.  Would I wear it to the pool?  Probably not, despite the fact that it has 50 meters of water resistance.

A Display Back to Put on Display

One keep going thing worth referencing on the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 is the case back.  I don’t disdain a presentation back however much that Robert-Jan, yet I truly could mind less.  Much like watch bundling, these are subtleties left to the inconspicuous once the underlying originality fades.  But on this watch, the case back treatment is unbelievably done.  The cal. 3861 is a stunner and the gold plating truly causes it coordinate the general extravagance of the remainder of the watch.

Things like the expansion of the moon (made of shooting star) and the earth in amazing polar extent are simply dazzling adders that inconspicuously educate you that this is an extraordinary piece.  I look at the case back on this watch more than on any other.  I like the detail and I like the token of what it signifies.  And what about utilizing the new movement?  It twists so easily and for what feels like always; the force hold is minimalistically assessed at 50 hours.  The verifiably right squat pushers enact easily as well.  basically the new development is a genuine replacement to the 1861.  Let’s see where it winds up next!

The Breitling is So Good it Looks Old

If the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 stands apart for being debauched, the Breitling Navitimer ref.806 1959 Re-Edition makes its imprint for being unfathomably dedicated to the watch that roused it.  If that seems as though I’m treating it with chilling disdain, think again.  I made notice that the work done on this watch to accomplish such exactness is downright a supernatural occurrence in this day and age where dollars and pennies tally more than ever.  But no, it is anything but an ostentatious shimmering piece like the Omega and that is consummately ok.

The Breitling Navitimer you see here turns out to be from the assortment of Fred and he was adequately caring to permit me to utilize it for over a month to get a genuine impression of how it piles up versus observes new and old.  I referenced to you that the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 has seldom left my wrist.  Well, on the off chance that it has, there’s about a 99% possibility that the Breitling took its place.

Finally, a Vintage Style Navitimer that Can “Weather” a Storm

I think the central issue for me was whether one could wear this Breitling Navitimer as an every day watch.  If you’ve perused my audits of vintage Navis and Cossies, you’ll review that I’ve examined how these watches are so non water safe that they likely have a place in a desert.  Seriously, they’re apprehensive about dampness and that makes taking a gander at the meteorological forecast an unquestionable requirement when choosing whether or not to don one for the day’s activities.  Well, I’m satisfied to say that the new model is useful for 30 meters of water obstruction and that gave me a huge load of confidence.  I ended up carrying the Navi to Bergamo, Italy and Bratislava, Slovakia and it was pouring cans on both trips.  I never dreaded for the enormous 41mm Breitling and it performed without issue during those insane Christmas Markets!

Referring to the verifiable precision of the Breitling Navitimer, it sounds senseless however it makes somewhat of a test for the mind – particularly in the event that you end up possessing a real vintage Navi from 1959 like I do.  I’ve worn a ton of good reissued watches – the genuinely ongoing Speedmaster 60th Anniversary being a genuine model – yet I’ve never worn a watch that looks as old as this one does.

A fast look will totally persuade you that this is a genuine vintage piece and that, as far as I might be concerned, is a genuine sign of its success.  That hand-applied lume is truly something; there’s none of the counterfeit sheen that’s at any point present on the machine-painted stuff.  Speaking of looks, I met individuals who like watches and the individuals who are truly into watches.  All of them experienced passionate feelings for this piece and were instnatly unnerved to discover that it was a distant memory! It’s a genuine charmer and the mass of subtleties on the dial make it charming versus ugly.

A Highly Versatile Piece that Goes with Anything

On the wrist, this most current Breitling Navitimer fits consummately and works out positively for pretty much anything.  It’s slight enough to slide under a shirt sleeve, however strong enough to wear with pants and something like a flannel.  One thing you’ll note is that I moved away from the manufacturing plant dark calfskin lash with side stitching.  There’s nothing amiss with it, yet I like how the earthy colored sets off the dial and gives it a considerably more crude vintage look.  Horses for courses… .  But honestly, everything from reptile to a NATO would function admirably on this exquisite pilot’s watch.

The New Caliber B09 is a Gem

As far as contrasts versus the old model, we’ve examined the way that the Breitling Navitimer 806 Re-Edition can go through climate, yet the formation of the new manual-winding B09 is huge news.  As referenced, it depends on the in-house Caliber 01 programmed chronograph development and that implies a chronometer-confirmed section wheel engine.  I can just envision how enticing it would have been for Breitling to have kept things self-twisting, however I’m so happy they didn’t.

As you can see, it’s not even close as “skeletonized” as the 3861 found on the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11, however the way that Breitling made another development only for this watch (and ideally others later on) is significant.  This makes a couple corrective contrasts versus the first from 1959.  Notably, the precious stone is all the more exceptionally domed to prepare for the pile of hands.  Also, the pushers are at a further separation from the crown than the original.  But none of those things are an issue; I even like the more profoundly domed gem more than the flattish piece on the original.  Winding the B09 is fascinating as in it’s scarcely noticeable, yet in the event that you put the watch to your ear, that large marked crown is doing its thing.  The pushers are a bit firm, yet I’d say that is by virtue of this being a shiny new piece that should be broken in a tad.  All in all, this new Navi is one genuinely awesome product.

Final Thoughts

The watch group may complain that brands are depending too vigorously on reissuing more seasoned models as opposed to coming up with new designs.  I hear that, however truly, both of these celebrated companies are currently making a wide determination of alluring new models.   And while we may be more acquainted with Omega coming up with vintage-enlivened watches, this is another game for Breitling and we welcome that!  And here’s something else: watches will be watches and in the event that they’re acceptable, who cares on the off chance that they pull intensely from old fashioned designs?  I’m just an enormous fanatic of these exemplary watches that are presently hitting the market with present day technology.  In the Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 and the Breitling Navitimer 806 Re-Edition, we have two totally different watches as far as cost and materials, yet their missions are similar.  They praise the past while acquiring the future by showing what each company can offer similar to exertion and innovation.  Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that each can be worn each day without apology.  Kudos to both Omega and Breitling for presenting to us some genuinely great equipment this year; my conjecture is that you wouldn’t be disillusioned with either.  And at long last… Merry Christmas from Fratello Watches!

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