The Speedmaster 376.0822 was nicknamed ‘Holy Grail’ by Chuck Maddox for one basic explanation: as per himself he looked for this watch with the force that King Arthur looked for the Holy Grail. He started calling the Speedmaster 376.0822 “the Grail” on the grounds that he was that fixated on it.

It isn’t the main Speedmaster that got a moniker by its gatherers, as the ‘Broad Arrow’ for instance was utilized before for the CK2915. In any case, we could say that it was without a doubt one of the main monikers given by gatherers to a Speedmaster. Throw adored the Speedmaster 376.0822 several valid justifications, most significant was the combination of the Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’ case and the utilization of the incredible Lemania 5100 development. This development, named type 1045 by Omega, was at that point utilized for the Speedmaster Mark IV and Mark V and various other variations.

With the Lemania 5100 based development inside, the Speedmaster Holy Grail got a more ‘toolwatch’ look, with the unified chronograph minutes hand, the day and day markers and the additional sub dial at 12 o’clock, being a day/night pointer (or 24-hour pointer, as you wish). That, however during that time (1987) Omega likewise utilized the well known . A nearly ‘Presidential’ wristband that is considered by many (counting me) as outstanding amongst other Speedmaster arm bands that has been produced.

Speedmaster Holy Grail – Chuck Maddox

Until as of late, there was mostly secret about this watch other than the documentation on the Chronomaddox site. After Chuck’s passing in 2008 ( read my meeting with him here ), the entirety of his work has been moved to that site and it has not been contacted ever since.

You need to understand that for quite a while, it didn’t actually matter that much if a watch had gotten administration parts or not. You just didn’t think about this, as you didn’t have the foggiest idea what the first/starting execution looked like of a watch (read about this watch, today you’d see a ton is ‘wrong’). Indeed, even ‘official’ materials (Journey Through Time) from Omega showed the Speedmaster Holy Grail with an off-base arrangement of hands for instance, which is not difficult to clarify, as the picture in there was taken of a model of the reference 376.0822. Just later on, the utilization of time-right parts turned into a vital viewpoint when gathering Speedmasters and made it practically disreputable to utilize ‘just’ true substitution (administration) parts.

Chuck’s research was incredible and numerous individuals depended (and still do) on it. Nonetheless, present day times assume a part and in the then the Omega historical center and chronicles opened up for gatherers and columnists to perform appropriate exploration themselves. Additionally individuals working there spend numerous hours on investigating watches and notable events.

This, and the way that realness turned into a substantially more significant perspective when gathering looks (as a lot greater costs are included nowadays, compared to when Chuck Maddox purchased his Holy Grail more than 15 years prior), prompted some incredible activities to get the unadulterated truth out there on watches like this Speedmaster 376.0822. Indeed, even with admittance to Omega’s documents in Bienne not a simple errand to perform. The proprietor of the activity did a work to get all the subtleties directly for example.

Speedmaster Holy Grail Research

However, the writers of the Moonwatch Only books did some broad examination on the Speedmaster Holy Grail, and as of late distributed it on their site. Albeit the Speedmaster 376.0822 was not referenced in their first version of Moonwatch Only, where the emphasis was exclusively on the hand-wound Speedmaster models, in the second release of the book there’s a part about other Speedmaster models too, including the Holy Grail. Where it was accepted that there were around 1500 Holy Grail watches created, new examination lead to the way that 2000 of these watches have been produced.

Speedmaster Holy Grail – Moonwatch Only

With a similar scholastic methodology how they composed the Moonwatch Only book, writers Grégoire Rossier and Anthony Marquié presently recorded the Speedmaster reference 376.0822 Holy Grail such that will assist authorities with recognizing and purchase a right model. Or possibly empower them to do an appropriate danger examination before they get one, so they know about things that are inaccurate and need an extra investment.

Speedmaster Holy Grail – Moonwatch Only

The best way to research the Speedmaster Holy Grail and decide the specific executions in 1987 and 1988, one needs to jump into the Omega files in Bienne. Rossier and Marquié should have invest very some energy there, as they experienced a great deal of information and pictures to take a few to get back some composure on the specific bezels that were utilized, the tale about the two diverse end-joins for the 1450 wristband (808 and 809) just as the nations to which the Speedmaster Holy Grail was shipped.

The consequence of their examination of the Omega Speedmaster 376.0822 “Holy Grail” is an energizing perused. Numerous pictures are utilized to clarify the right pieces of this Speedmaster, just as one of the first 1986 datasheets of this watch. The style and utilization of pictures and graphs is indistinguishable from those in the Moonwatch Only books, so those of you who have one of those, will perceive the spread out right away. I don’t need to uncover excessively, so head over to and have a look.