52Mondayz week #21 isn’t about the watch I’ll be wearing this week. It’s an accolade for the watch my significant other is wearing. Not just this week, not just this month, not just this year. Anyway each and every day during her work as at her own café during the last 10 years.

The Omega Seamaster Professional 300 Chronometer Mid-Size, reference 2252.50.00

Life for a watch at the wrist of a culinary specialist is unforgiving, amazingly cruel. Steam, ice, water, oil, and persistently hitting everything from the stove to the sink, from the coffee machine to the bar.

Hotel and cooking industry-worthy

In my expert life as a watch seller I’ve had numerous gourmet specialists as esteemed and faithful clients. Furthermore, I’m extremely satisfied that they were steadfast as a great deal of watches I sold them didn’t make it in the kitchen for more than a year. Most likely they’re accustomed to it. It’s not just the watches which don’t stand the climate, other apparatus and hardware not uniquely appropriate for this sort of occupation fall through too. Whenever existed ‘hotel and catering industry-worthy’ would be an extremely undeniable degree of certification.

Born in 2001

This Omega Seamaster Professional 300 was first purchased new on December seventh 2001 at a notable Omega advertisement in The Netherlands. It bears chronic number 80198703, and the MRSP was € 1.580,=. At that point my better half got it used in 2008, complete with the first internal and external box just as with the having a place booklets and guarantee card. Since the time she’s wearing it during work daily.

Serviced twice

And that can be seen obviously. The watch had been adjusted not long before she got it, and in spite of the fact that she had the watch overhauled once also she picked not to contact the watch remotely/cosmetically. Just the bracelet’s collapsing catch was supplanted during administration, as it didn’t close appropriately any more. It’s no time like the present for the second assistance now I presume. It’s been five years once more, and the watch begins to run fairly lethargic. Not even enough to pester her however 🙂


Cosmetically into a ‘status quo’

A watch which gets such a lot of misuse appears to get cosmetically into a certain ‘status quo’. At a specific level the scratches, scratches, gouges and imperfections don’t appear to deteriorate. They simply change spots, or they appear to fill each other up.

It truly amazes me that a great deal of the first completion on the packaging and wristband can in any case be seen. With everything taken into account the watch is still generally excellent looking, and from the start sight there’s nothing which demonstrates that this watch has a particularly extreme life. Just on close assessment, or when taking close-up pictures, one will specify the fight scars. Explicitly the practically whole dark anodised aluminum decorate of the jumpers bezel is noteworthy.

History of this model

A piece of history. The Omega Seamaster Professional 300 portrayed in this weeks 52Mondayz is gotten from the first and original Bond-Seamaster . It’s first appearance was in 1995, in James Bond’s Golden Eye. Ideal to realize that this model, reference 2541.80.00, was a quartz watch. After two years, in Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond wore the primary programmed chronometer rendition of this watch, the reference 2531.80.00.

Different packaging diameters

The dark dialed model of this watch turned into the 41 mm mens-size, reference 2254.50.00. Aside from an alternate tone, the dial got diverse records too, and in like manner the hands various shapes. From this full size model the Seamaster Professional 300 Chronometer 36 mm fair size (or kid size) model which I’m expounding on in this article was derived.

Chronometer type 1120

Interestingly the two models, the full-size and moderate size, sport a similar programmed chronometer development. Omega’s type 1120, with a recurrence of 28.800/h and 44 hours power reserve.