It has just been barely a year since Omega effectively delivered the new 42mm Omega Seamaster Diver 300M at Baselworld 2018. It seems like quite a while past, however it hasn’t been that since a long time ago the new Seamaster Diver 300M made a serious buzz at Baselworld.

The restored release of  Omega’s notable diver’s watch got a great deal of positive pundits and has become one of our top choices too. Barely a year later Omega has not been a piece of Baselworld in 2019, and the center has moved to the Speedmaster. That doesn’t imply that there are no Seamaster curiosities to talk about for 2019. At the Swatch Group’s Time to Move occasion, Omega presented three new Seamaster curiosities. In the first place, there is the all-new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M Chronograph, second a 43.5mm black ceramic and titanium adaptation of the Seamaster 300M and third the brand additionally presented another colourway for the Omega Seamaster Diver 300M with a white ceramic dial. Let’s investigate this new colourway that may become a hit for Omega.

Although we are accustomed to seeing the Seamaster 300M generally in the famous blue colourway, the new Speedmaster has demonstrated to be excellent in other new colourways too. The one that actually stands apart for the majority of the Fratello group is the steel and Sedna gold adaptation on a black elastic lash. For €6.200,- it is a shocker of a watch, and at that value point, you won’t discover numerous competitors that bring a similar style and worth. In a similar soul, the all-new 43.5mm black ceramic and titanium form is likewise a decent expansion to the Seamaster 300M line-up, however we will get to that watch an alternate time. Let’s center around the all-new Seamaster Diver 300M with a white ceramic dial as it is a keen move to deliver the Seamaster 300M in a black and white shading design. It is shrewd on the grounds that it sticks out. There is definitely not a critical number of competitive diver’s watches with a white dial and black bezel, and it feels just common that this colourway is important for the Seamaster 300M assortment. Despite the fact that there have been Seamaster 300M models with a white dial, they have not generally been a fundamental piece of the Seamaster 300M line-up. Let’s investigate some past Seamaster models with a white dial.

Original Seamaster 300M with a white dial

The first Seamaster 300M with a white dial was essential for the primary assortment of the notorious Seamaster that was presented in 1993. Albeit the watch was for the most part found in the notable blue shading design as it was put on the map by Pierce Brosnan in his job as James Bond, the 41mm Seamaster with a white dial was accessible with oneself winding Omega type 1120 development (2532.20.00) and the Omega type 1538 quartz development (2542.20.00).

2532.20 (Picture by means of Tourneau)

If you search for a , you will discover a couple yet very few for around €2.000,- . Furthermore, I get why. The one thing that stands apart most about this variant is that it has not matured well overall. In all out trustworthiness, the watch is fairly unexciting as there is not really any differentiation to be discovered, particularly on the dial. There is just a trace of shading with the orange seconds’ end hand, and for the rest, it’s a fairly dull execution of the watch. The radiant hour markers on the used rendition have changed tone over the long haul, making the dial look somewhat smudgy, and the silver hands scarcely diverge from the white dial. In spite of the fact that it is an uncommon variant of the watch, it positively isn’t the adaptation I would zero in on while looking for an original Seamaster 300M.

Seamaster 300M GMT ‘Great White’

Another form of the Seamaster 300M with a white dial is the Seamaster Diver 300M GMT (2538.20.00) otherwise called The Great White. The other accessible colourway of the watch was a form with a black dial that likewise includes a two-tone black and aluminum shaded bezel embed (2534.50.00). I need to say I have consistently favored the white rendition over the black form as it is simpler on the eye and has sufficient stand-apart subtleties that make it an exquisite watch. The principal thing that stands apart is the wavy dial that gives the watch its character and can likewise be found on the ebb and flow variant of the Seamaster 300M. There are inconspicuous traces of shading with the red GMT hand and red GMT lettering on the dial.

Further subtleties that stand apart are the larger than average 24-hour numerals on the bezel embed, the black hands that make appear differently in relation to the white dial and the unmistakable state of great importance markers. The watch is fueled by the Omega Caliber 1128, which is a programmed development with extra 24-hour hand dependent on the ETA 2892 development. You can locate a used form for around €2.500,- and generally speaking this is as yet an exceptionally pleasant watch, and albeit this probably won’t be a huge number best option, it could in any case be a decent day by day wearer.

Seamaster 300M  ‘Commander’s Watch’

The third and last of the past Seamaster 300M models with a white dial I need to address is the restricted version Seamaster Diver 300M ‘Commander’s Watch’ ( that was delivered in 2017. This recognition for James Bond’s maritime position and formal attire stands apart by the utilization of red white and blue that address the ensign shades of the British Royal Navy. The watch comes with a 41mm hardened steel case, white ceramic dial and blue ceramic bezel with differentiating red elastic covering the initial 15 minutes of the jumping scale. The cleaned white ceramic dial is recognized by the twelve blue lists, the red and blue hands and the word ‘Seamaster’ written in red. The watch is controlled by the programmed Omega type 2507 development that has ‘007’ engraved on the rotor to give it an exceptional touch. You can peruse more in insight regarding the watch in Robert-Jan’s article on the Seamaster Diver 300M ‘Commander’s Watch .

Although it’s a restricted release, there were 7007 pieces created which is a serious enormous number for a restricted version watch. So it’s not that astounding you can get your hands on one effectively for somewhere close to €3.500,- and €4.500,- . In any case, sit tight before you begin searching for one. I wouldn’t go for the Commander’s Watch on the off chance that you are searching for an Omega Seamaster 300M with a white dial. Furthermore, it’s all in view of the variant Omega presented recently.

New Omega Seamaster Diver 300M with white dial

The all-new Omega Seamaster Diver 300M with white dial is essentially a delightful watch. It’s in accordance with the new Seamaster Diver 300M models that were presented a year ago. You get a similar 42mm hardened steel case with the huge helium get away from valve at 10 o’clock and the new ceramic bezel with polish filled scale. The watch is controlled by the Omega in-house delivered Caliber 8800 Co-Axial Master Chronometer development with date sign at 6 o’clock and a force hold of 55 hours. Everything looks OK, yet the energizing news begins with the tones and execution of the various components. Since what Omega has done very well with this watch is making a shocking differentiation among black and white to streamline intelligibility and make something delightful for the eyes.

It begins with the white ceramic dial that has a similar laser engraved wave design as the wide range of various ebb and flow Seamaster 300M models. The dial is impeccably differentiated by the blackened hour markers and blackened hour and moment hands. The seconds hand is additionally black yet has a red stained tip to make an unpretentious trace of shading by and by. The blend of black and white components ensure the coherence is totally on point. The white dial is additionally differentiated by the black ceramic bezel with a white veneer plunging scale, a combination that is likewise simple to peruse. To polish things off, you can pick between a hardened steel wristband or a black incorporated elastic tie. The subsequent choice may be the victor here as it makes the watch look more slick however being energetic. Also, it makes a considerably greater by and large differentiation among black and white. The adaptation with elastic lash will cost €4.600,- and the rendition with the hardened steel wristband will cost €4.900,- and the two variants will be accessible beginning November 2019.

Omega has taken another keen action by presenting only one new colourway in 2019 to the current Seamaster Diver 300M line-up. The high differentiation black and white setup makes a watch that can possibly become exceptionally fruitful in the Seamaster 300M line-up. Regardless of whether it will be a major achievement stays not yet clear as it isn’t the notable colourway individuals may support and the past adaptations with a white dial have not generally been successes. Regardless of that, I think Omega has made an excellent watch that further fortifies the notorious Seamaster Diver 300M collection.

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