This scene of 52Mondayz is somewhat of a farewell to a watch. Before long, I will bid farewell to this delightful Omega Seamaster 600 PloProf from the original. However, before it is that time, let me talk somewhat about this famous jumpers watch from the 1970s.

Omega Seamaster 600 PloProf

54mm in width, 45mm long and 15mm thick

After four years of broad testing Omega delivered the original of the PloProf in the start of the seventies. The Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises (short ) and notable expert jumper Jaques Cousteau were of help to Omega with building up the first waterproof watch planned and assembled exclusively for the plunging proficient. The watch was scratched PloProf, got from Plongeur Professionnel which is French for Professional Diver.

A significant worry with proficient jump watches is the section of helium inside the watch case. Helium is utilized in plunging ringers when proficient jumpers need to work at more noteworthy profundities for a more drawn out timeframe. Regardless of whether an ordinary jumping watch can withstand a specific water pressure, helium atoms actually could possibly gradually enter the watch through its gasket materials.

The red catch keeps the bezel from turning unintentionally

When while surfacing the pressing factor drops, the helium will extend. It’s not ready to leave the watch rapidly enough, and the watch will get harmed by for example flying off its glass. Around then some watch brands were trying arrangements empowering the helium to get away from rapidly enough from the watch. A supposed helium get away from valve (programmed or manual) was created and utilized for example by Rolex and Doxa.

Not Omega. Omega decide to create a watch packaging which was sufficiently able to maintain a strategic distance from helium to enter in any case. they concluded that it is smarter to keep helium from entering the watch in any case. Subsequently the PloProf was conceived. Omega estimated the most extreme pressing factor the Ploprof could deal with which brought about a disappointment of the watch at 1370 meters (or 137 bar) as the second hand halted because of distortion of the precious stone and case. The later re-release of the PloProf, presented in 2009, has a helium valve.

So far a touch of history, back to my watch. I purchased this watch about 10 years prior from the primary proprietor. He had gotten it well overall. It was a troublesome watch which sat in the shop for a long time. He could secure it with a pleasant discount.

However he also referenced that it wasn’t a watch everybody can wear consistently. Positively for that time (the seventies) it was a colossal and present watch. He wound up not wearing the watch particularly too, and the watch wound up with its container and papers in a cabinet. A long time later he took it out and chose to offer it to purchase a watch which would suit him better for day by day use.

To be straightforward, I didn’t wear the watch frequently too. Once in a while half a month, and frequently when going to a watch related occasion. The PloProf consistently stands out and is exceptionally esteemed by many watch lovers. However, even while not wearing it consistently I didn’t need to leave behind it.

Until now that was. Unintentionally an individual Facebook watch bunch part referenced to me that he was searching for a PloProf. Simultaneously I added some new pieces to my Omega Speedmaster assortment. I thought this was a the ideal chance to let it go..

A monobloc packaging helps making this watch super-waterproof

We did a more inside and out article on te unique Ploprof here , while there’s one more educational article at John Wallis .


The red catch keeps the bezel from turning unexpectedly A monobloc packaging helps making this watch super-waterproof 54mm in width, 45mm long and 15mm thick


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