When Omega presented the Seamaster 300M in 1993, their lead model was the Chronograph reference 2296.80 that arrived in a combination of three materials: titanium, tantalum and rose gold. Of course, there was an all gold model also, however this tri-shading form was the model they publicized with for the new 300M (chronograph) assortment. Tantalum is an uncommon, hard, blue-dim metal that is profoundly consumption safe. Today is basically utilized in hardware, yet at times it had a reason in the watch business too. Omega isn’t the lone brand who utilized it, additionally Audemars Piguet, FP Journe and Panerai utilized it for their looks for example.

Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph 1993

The blue-dim shading gives a decent differentiation to the dim (grade 2) titanium and rose gold. The first Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph in titanium, tantalum and rose gold was a watch I had been after for quite a while. Nonetheless, it was extravagant at that point and difficult to find. So eventually, I agreed to a full titanium form of the chronograph all things being equal. Whenever I got the opportunity to purchase the reference 2296.80 with its Ti/Ta/RG case and arm band a year ago, I chose to let it all out. Fueled by Omega’s type 1164, in light of the ETA/Valjoux 7750 of every a period where Omega didn’t produce their own developments. I felt cheerful as a child when I got it, and I frequently end up wearing this watch. It is a stunning piece, albeit numerous individuals – including Mrs Fratello – think I am nuts for wearing a particularly strong watch, with the rose gold components. I’m not the sort of fellow that thinks often much about other’s opinion about the thing I am wearing (or not wearing), so all fine for me. The 18 carat rose gold decorate is fitted in the tantalum bezel and as you can see underneath, two lines (out of 9) of the wristband are likewise made of tantalum. Encircled by 18 carat rose gold. My own reference 2296.80 traces all the way back to 1993 and in decent condition, yet similarly as with numerous Seamaster 300M models from that time, the red tips of the hands are blurred to light pink, practically white even.

Reference 2296.80

I couldn’t be more joyful to discover a week ago that Omega chose to bring back this amazing combination of titanium, tantalum and rose gold (utilizing Omega’s own compound called Sedna gold obviously) for their new Seamaster 300M . Of course, in a restricted release of 2500 pieces in particular, for the 25th commemoration of the 300M assortment, however in any event Omega chose to bring back the tri-shading to respect the exceptional 2296.80 reference.

Seamaster 300M Reference

The new Omega Seamaster 300M Titanium/Tantalum/Sedna gold isn’t a chronograph obviously, and planned in similar style as the ordinary new 300M models: 42mm case, 13.56mm in stature, new arm band style, conelike molded helium valve and this thick wave design dial. In any case, the shading combination certainly helps me to remember my 2296.80 chronograph from 1993.

Improvements Made

Omega rolled out some significant improvements (or enhancements, as you need) however. Tastefully, yet in addition in fact. To begin with the last one: the rose gold is currently Omega’s exceptional compound called Sedna. They’ve been utilizing this for about a large portion of 10 years, and it guarantees the rose shade of the gold. Typical rose gold tone is returning to yellow after a great deal of wear, with Sedna gold this won’t be the situation. Another specialized improvement is the new licensed helium get away from valve, as clarified in this article . Fundamentally, it can now likewise be utilized submerged (up to 50 meters submerged). A red marker will show the wearer that the helium valve is open.

Also, the development is currently an in-house created Omega type, 8806. This is essentially a similar development as the 8800 as in the normal Seamaster 300M, yet without the date. An exceptionally welcome element as I would like to think, as I like watches to be unadulterated. Presently you can discuss how unadulterated a watch is in this tri-shading combination of titanium, tantalum and Sedna gold, yet the dial looks a piece cleaner without a date as I would see it. Where Omega utilized their type 2500 (fundamentally an adjusted and pleasantly completed ETA2892-A2 development with Omega’s Co-Axial escapement introduced) for the past Seamaster 300M and their type 1164 (ETA7750) for the chronograph, I accept that this production Master Chronometer development is actually a stage forward. To exhibit their pride, Omega chose to utilize a sapphire caseback so you can appreciate the development, without risking its water safe of 300 meters.

Sedna Gold Bezel

Then there’s the Naiad lock of the caseback. This will guarantee that the situation of the caseback, with the entirety of its etchings and laser carved seahorse on the precious stone, stays arranged consistently. Omega’s Sedna gold bezel with the entirety of its raised numerals and lists has been made utilizing laser removal. As should be obvious, this implies that exorbitant material has been eliminated by illuminating it with a laser pillar. It looks cool without a doubt, and you won’t experience the ill effects of what my old chronograph has been experiencing, that the dark veneer dropped out of the bezel after numerous long stretches of wearing (my watchmaker reestablished it pleasantly however, with the assistance of some dark Revell paint).

Omega additionally brought back the wave example to the dials of the Seamaster 300M, so likewise to this Seamaster 300M Titanium/Tantalum/Sedna gold rendition. The dark shading matches pleasantly with the tantalum of the bezel and connections. Much the same as the other 300M models, the wave design has been laser engraved. The skeleton hands are in similar rose gold tone as the Sedna components of this watch, like the bezel, crowns and connections in the wristband. On the caseband, you will locate somewhat applied ‘plaque’ that demonstrates the one of a kind number of every one of the 2500 watches. The plaque is made of Sedna gold.

For Who Exactly?

This watch is surely not for everybody. The comments on my Instagram picture of this watch are extremely blended. From total love to absolute scornful reactions. Also, that is fine, truly. This watch is, as composed above, not actually intended to be for everybody out there. Maybe you have, similar to me, the first reference 2996.80 model with the titanium/tantalum/rose gold combination or consistently lamented you never got one whenever you had the chance. Or on the other hand, simply verbally processing here, you simply end up preferring this watch a great deal. Which I can surely envision, particularly in the event that you have a vibe for unique materials and are not terrified of wearing a touch of gold in a games watch.

So, at that point there’s the cost. Recall that the first Omega Seamaster 300M titanium/tantalum/rose gold form didn’t come modest, by any stretch of the imagination. This new restricted release model additionally doesn’t come modest. Omega puts a retail cost of on it. The ordinary treated steel Seamaster 300M model retails for CHF4500 Swiss Francs on a steel arm band, the bi-shading (in any case whether it is steel and yellow gold or the steel and Sedna gold adaptation) for CHF6000 Swiss Francs on elastic and CHF9000 Swiss Francs on the bi-shading wristband. The utilization of tantalum and the extra utilization of gold for the bezel adds some more to the cost, of course.

It Is All Good

To me, this tri-shading titanium/tantalum/Sedna gold 300M form with reference, is a definitive rendition of the new Omega Seamaster 300M. The leader, on the off chance that you wish. I don’t know whether Omega expected to make a restricted version out of this, as it would be restricted by request/creation at any rate. Notwithstanding, I can likewise envision that specific individuals like to assortment restricted version models and need by one way or another a ‘unique number’ watch. Is it worth to you? Up to you to choose, yet in the event that you don’t feel along these lines, you can generally agree to the ‘regular’ bi-shading renditions of the watch or simply the tempered steel model with elastic lash or steel arm band. The beneficial thing is, they are on the whole great. Despite the fact that this Seamaster 300M probably won’t trigger the excitement from idealists and vintage gatherers, it isn’t planned to be all things considered. The Seamaster 300M is a bread and butter watch for Omega and with this new refreshed model, they will likely keep on doing as such. Also, presently, it is with the most recent innovation that Omega needs to offer.

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