The Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Chronograph 41.5mm sure has been around for a decent time now, and it in fact isn’t such an Omega that’s been taking features as of late, yet kid, have I developed to adore it for all these – and an assortment of other – reasons. It isn’t without its own idiosyncrasies either, so let’s perceive how it charges in the long run.


Let me start with a portion of those cool plan components and eccentricities before we talk size, wearability, and intelligibility. At the point when the Seamaster 300M Chronograph is given to you, the primary things you’ll presumably notice are the weight, the extents, and the manner in which the bezel and case come together. Weight and extents we examine underneath, so let’s leap to the bezel: it is that regular “scalloped” bezel seen on Seamasters previously, a bezel that seems to have equivalent pieces nibbled out of it.

Omega state this is for upgraded grasp and it manages job: the 120-click bezel is anything but difficult to clutch and turn against clockwise. The intriguing thing is the manner by which this edge of the bezel works stylishly with the bended cleaned edge that runs at the edge of the case and the downturned carries. Here and there a bezel appears as though an important detestable that must be incorporated into the plan, a flapjack with an opening in the center, stuck on top of the watch to shield it from self-destructing. This on the Seamaster 300M, I believe, is one of only a handful few occurrences where somebody discovered a combination of bezel and case that is both remarkable looking and works truly well.

Both sides of the case include complicated-looking pushers and stuff that helps tell the world you’re a resigned 00 specialist and additionally that you’re truly enthusiastic about watches looking more complicated and accomplishing more than they’d carefully need to. A most fitting guide to this is the way both chronograph pushers appear to have screw-down edges which are really “fake,” as they can’t be gone to bolt the pushers. On the off chance that I was Doug Demuro, this peculiarity would make them shout in fervor at this point, however since I’m not, I’ll simply state I am not at all dazzled by these unnecessary components. All things considered, I do like the blue earthenware (I accept they are fired) rings on the chronograph pushers.

On the opposite side of the case we have a helium get away from valve, a basic component for the most genuine of work area jumpers. The idiosyncrasy here is that despite the fact that it does in reality consider unscrewing and fixing, there really is the date corrector pusher covered up in its center. A helium get away from valve with a date corrector in the middle… Definitely a commendable contender for the unsurpassed most odd combination of highlights in an extravagance watch grant. Shockingly, the pusher functions admirably and looks significantly better here, than those terrible correctors set into the sides of in any case smooth case profiles.

I tried it, for no particular reason, and the pusher does indeed work independent of the condition of the fixing of the helium escape valve’s cap. I’ve seen watches get a hopeless 30m rating since they have corrector pushers in the side of their cases, but then Omega by one way or another figured out how to keep up the Seamaster’s 300m rating.

The addition of the previously mentioned bezel is in blue clay – Omega offers the Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Chronograph 41.5mm in two varieties. One is this blue, and there is likewise a dark bezel and dark dial variant. The bigger 44mm adaptation gets a couple of more color combinations. The fired bezel is a most welcome update that simply looks a great deal more current and high caliber when compared to metal additions. The vibe of the bezel is in accordance with what we are accustomed to seeing from earthenware. It can focus in brilliant colors if the light hitting it is amazing and “white” enough, however in different circumstances it can take on a level blue look. I figure most would concur that it looks considerably more top of the line and noteworthy than metal bezel inserts.

The dial is in blue finish yet done in a way all enamel dials ought to be done in extravagance watches. Under wide lighting conditions, the color shows a ton of profundity and wealth. At long last, it is a lacquered dial that isn’t frightfully level and exhausting to take a gander at. It really looks near veneer. It is likewise a decent match with the fired bezel – the bezel is somewhat more matte while the dial looks more “polished,” however they actually work flawlessly. The three sub-dials have a scarcely noticeable score surface to them and do show up unseemly to the blue of the dial itself, yet saw in the metal these, and even the white on dark date circle, seem to mix together far more than can be seen on a ton of the pictures. Other plan components, highlights, and the development will be talked about in their particular sections below.

Is 41.5mm Or 44mm The Way To Go?

That relies upon a lot of things and is for everybody to choose – we won’t judge – yet the main factor of all is most likely your accessible wrist genuine estate.

In late memory, there have been various Omegas that I enjoyed more than I actually could. No, in a real sense, so many of them are 44.25mm or bigger. They are gigantic watches that not every person, including myself, can wear either for wrist size restrictions, or potentially on the grounds that they are excessively indecent and reckless for the exceptionally evolved watch-taste universe of 2017. I’d state the two components are similarly pertinent, to the extent I’m concerned.

While the Seamaster in 44.25mm is actually still wearable, for successive/ordinary wear a case a couple of millimeters more modest can make a recognizable difference.

This is terrible information for those of us who are restricted to wearing more modest watches either by our preferences and inclinations in watch sizes, or our smaller wrists, on the grounds that a ton of the curiosities by most all significant brands, not simply Omega, are solely accessible in bigger sizes. While this Omega Seamaster 300M Chronograph isn’t an all-new watch in any way shape or form, I actually needed to look at it for an involved survey to check whether it’s a sufficient option in contrast to each one of those extravagant 44.25mm models.

“41.5mm” is in the very name of this watch – a training more brands with many models in their portfolio should grasp to make the lives of their sales reps and to-be clients that a lot simpler. 41.5 doesn’t sound like a lot, particularly for a 300m jumper, however who cares what it seems like if this is, for some, the furthest reaches of what is comfortable to wear?

I’ll go above and beyond and state that wearing this Seamaster 300M Chronograph has been a reviving encounter not on the grounds that I’m immersed with pointlessly enormous watches, but since I have seen something that I’ll always be unable to unsee. That would be the means by which most of bigger watches as of late add additional size to their dials and cases around an absolutely unaltered development. This outcomes in watches that seem to have been expanded (helium get away from valve breakdown?) or like a huge watch ate a little development. Huge watches with bespoke developments as well as other innovative components I’m on occasion OK with, yet pointlessly fat watches ought to consistently have a more modest, more proportionate option in their particular collections.

By contrast, found in the metal this 300M looks directly in a manner few watches do today. It would seem that Usain Bolt at a body builders’ convention or Alicia Vikander close to the Kardashians. Strong solid and amazing, yet without all the shocking overabundance. Don’t misunderstand me, as I’ve said further over, this Seamaster 300M is as yet super in various manners, when you compare it to a common, essential watch – much the same as those two past individuals are close to normal, regular people.

Still, numerous watches nowadays I see seem to have been planned (and picked by clients) to go with a significant part of the created world’s anomalistic interest with greater in some way or another equalling better in the things we own – we live in the period of falsely augmented women’s bottoms, the ghastly Mercedes-Benz GLS, and 45-46mm wide watches regularly offered without a more modest counterpart… And by these norms this 41.5mm wide, exemplary Seamaster looks laid back and restrained.

On an individual note, and I realize some may dissent, I think it’s about time things get downsized a little – and no, I’m not composing this in a hippy-loaded Starbucks or on board a VW minivan, and I’m not a major city douche who thinks 36mm is the zenith in hipdom and refined watch taste (no offense to non-douchy large city inhabitants). All I’m saying is that there is an invigorating thing to having a thing that was planned at a time and age when this was the request for needs: 1) usefulness, 2) comfort, 3) looks, 4) swelling – and not the opposite way around. At 41.5mm wide, the Seamaster 300M Chronograph seems to fit that ideal request of things… Mind you, this isn’t to state it is liberated from subjective plan components and swelling – yet not many extravagance watches are and those frequently are hesitant and boring.

The principle contrast between this reference and its 44mm counterpart in the Seamaster 300M collection is in extents. The 44mm is as yet an extraordinary looking watch, yet the 41.5 by one way or another feels more tight, sturdier, and more adjusted than its falsely expanded sibling. The Omega Seamaster 300M Co-Axial Chronograph 41.5mm is one thick watch, however what you notice more than its thickness is its weight. Indeed, even with a couple of connections eliminated, it is one truly powerful watch, the sort you certainly wouldn’t need to be hit in the head with – or, for a more sensible relationship, drop on your feet when putting it on.


Weight flawlessly drives us to wearability. The vital thing here that I discovered is getting the length of the arm band right – I mean exactly right. On the off chance that you like wearing your watches free, this presumably isn’t the watch for you since its sheer weight will pull it strongly down and have it beat facing the highest point of your hand. What you’ll need is a moderately exact fit, so the watch stays level on your wrist and doesn’t slump about. It is a moderately thick and substantial watch head that does in fact will in general shake about on the wrist. The wristband has little enough half-size connects to take into consideration exact calibrating, and once you hit the nail on the head, it feels strong and comfortable on the wrist.

Speaking of the arm band, it is essentially a 9-interface plan, with cleaned bits separating the scope of glossy silk completed components. The arm band doesn’t tighten and it is, come to consider it, one of those not many non-tightened wristbands that I like the vibes of. Wristbands with equal sides I typically discover look superfluously massive and blocky, however here it by one way or another works incredible against the more modest case. Within the connections is wonderfully smooth, maybe the very edge of the arm band is somewhat more keen than I’d prefer.

The catch is a more extended (however I accept not the longest) Omega-marked fasten that looks and feels incredible and surpasses the thickness of the connections as meager as is conceivable. Inside is a basically futile diver’s expansion, which is likely the greatest frustration in this watch. In the event that you are in the single-digit level of Seamaster proprietors who routinely (and I do mean consistently) jumps with his/her Seamaster, at that point I should advise you, I’d happily penance your convenience for a portion of mine – and the remainder of the I surmise around 95-99% of Seamaster proprietors who’ll never utilize this extension.

I would have wanted to see a miniature change there, particularly since, as I stated, getting the fit perfectly is significant with a watch of such considerable weight. Omega has a miniature change in a portion of its different fastens and I wouldn’t be amazed on the off chance that they could be effortlessly traded for the one in this. Long story short, the diver’s expansion sounds great in official statements and online watch portrayals, however is absolutely pointless in our regular daily existences of work area plunging. The diver’s expansion ought to be a choice offered to get in the event that you need it, and not the alternate way a