In 1957, Omega presented three looks for proficient use: the Railmaster for researchers and designers, the Seamaster 300 for jumpers and the Speedmaster for sports, race vehicle drivers and architects too. Presently, after 60 years, Omega felt all was good and well to bring hommage to these watches. Allow us to acquaint you with the 60th commemoration restricted releases of the Railmaster, Seamaster 300 and Speedmaster.

Holy Trinity of Omega

The gossip machine began some time prior already, will there be a re-release of the Speedmaster CK2915? What might be said about the Seamaster 300 and Railmaster? Those are likewise 60 years of age. Exceptionally evident, and obviously Omega remembered about that. You don’t should be clairvoyant to perceive what was coming from the assembling from Bienne. In 1997, they already delivered a relaunch model of the Speedmaster CK2915, yet utilizing the normal Speedmaster Professional case. There was additionally a Railmaster once again introduced (and stopped) some time prior, Michael Stockton expounded on it here . The Seamaster 300 was once again introduced in 2014, yet planned dependent on current standards.

Two Series – 557 Pieces and 3557 Pieces

Omega presents an extraordinary box with each of the three watches inside, restricted to 557 pieces altogether. Yet, don’t stress, these watches will likewise be accessible independently, restricted to 3557 pieces altogether. The trilogy box just as the different boxes will be in a similar style as the first packaging from 1957. There is the Seahorse on the top of the container, a retro Omega logo and red corduroy lining. The bigger box for the trilogy restricted releases contains two extra lashes; calfskin and NATO, just as an apparatus to change them.

Railmaster Reference

Let’s start with the Railmaster. The watch for engineers that necessary a watch that was against attractive and entirely readable taking all things together conditions. Albeit initially this watch accompanied a hand-wound development, the new Railmaster refernece is outfitted with the most recent type 8806 development that is ensured as Master Chronometer which implies it will in any case perform well inside chronometer norms in any event, when presented to attractive fields up to 15,000 gauss. We did a review on the Master Chronometer guidelines (confirmed by METAS) in this article some time ago.

This 38mm re-release of the first Railmaster CK2914 comes extremely near the first. A great deal of subtleties have been regarded by Omega. Obviously, the new development, a sapphire precious stone and utilization of Super-LumiNova make it a 2017 watch that comes with 4 years of warranty.

The retail cost of the new Omega Railmaster is set to 6300 Swiss Francs (barring deals taxes).

Seamaster 300 Reference

The Seamaster was already there in 1948, yet in 1957 the time had come to make it an expert jumpers watch. The Seamaster 300 (water impervious to 200 meters, yet that was basically on the grounds that the testing hardware didn’t go any further) was their response for proficient jumpers who were searching for something dependable and usable in extraordinary profundities. The first Seamaster 300 had reference CK2913 and a similar case plan as the railmaster, be it a tad bit bigger, 39mm. This new 2017 Seamaster 300 restricted version additionally gauges 39mm and utilizes the Master Chronometer type 8806 development also. Once more, this watch regards the first plan components, including a re-understanding of the first reference 7077 arm band yet has been fitted with a sapphire gem and uses Super-LumiNova of course.

The retail cost of the new Omega Seamaster 300 is set to 6500 Swiss Francs (excluding deals taxes).

Speedmaster’57 Reference 311.

Last yet unquestionably not least, the re-release of the sacred goal to numerous Speedmaster lover, the Speedmaster reference 311. Don’t stress, Omega hit the nail on the head and put a Hesalite on it and the trusty type 1861 inside (a help eh?). You should take a second look next time you see a unique CK2915 or this new reference to recognize which will be which. Some may have expected the type 321 development, yet to the extent we know the rights for this developments are still with Breguet. Never stop trusting however. This Speedmaster has the straight carry case, 7077 style wristband and a distance across of 38(.6)mm. Along these lines, you could say a preferred translation of the CK2915 over the 42mm Speedmaster’57 they did in 1997 ( or the later type 9300 model that we talked about here ).

A Dot-Over-Ninety bezel, broad bolt hands, no crown-monitors, the typography and so forth Everything matches to be that magnificent commemoration piece of the Speedmaster.

The retail cost of the new Omega Speedmaster 311. is 6700 Swiss Francs (barring deals taxes).

Some Thoughts

We will examine the watches in the tissue tomorrow. As usual, Omega has us first thing on the principal day of BaselWorld, for which we are grateful. The cost of the all out set has not been authoritatively communicated at this point, yet we are almost certain it is around the 20.000 Swiss Francs mark because of the additional items you will get with these watches.

These watches are a little glimpse of heaven for some Omega lovers and authorities. They are pleasantly done and have the soul of the absolute first references CK2913, CK2914 and CK2915 with their broad bolts hands, straight-haul cases and level 7077-style arm bands. There’s little we can condemn dependent on these pictures, albeit some may rather have seen the Hesalite on every one of the three watches. In any case, it would not be a major issue for us 🙂 We are interested how the wristband is in the substance, on the off chance that it has a similar vibe to it as the first 7077 and maybe whether it likewise comes with flex-links.

We will try to have an article and some live pictures ready for you tomorrow.