Being in the microbrand dive watch space, Ocean Crawler is no uncertainty swimming in packed waters. Their watches, in contrast to numerous brands, endeavor to be novel in their plans and they’ve genuinely assembled a style all their own across their deliveries. Inside the microbrand universe of watches, I think there are two things needed to make for a watch worth your cash – the first is that it has an exceptional plan that isn’t only a praise, and the second being producing quality that coordinates with its value point. While I’ve found the opportunity to claim and deal with various microbrand watches, not every one of them satisfy those two rules for me, and others far surpass assumptions like contributions from Monta or Halios. Competing in this scene, is the Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator, an idiosyncratic titanium-cased diver with some obscure plan viewpoints. At the point when I originally tied this watch on the wrist, I wasn’t exactly certain my opinion about it. The case, while light, is huge, the dial is overflowing with shading, and there are three huge crowns jutting dismissed from everything related this issue. Following half a month on the wrist nonetheless, I developed to truly appreciate this piece for what it was. We should investigate this new diver from Ocean Crawler.


Measuring in at 42.9mm in breadth, barring crown (45.9mm including crown), 14.67mm thick, and a drag to haul of 50.3mm, the Ocean Navigator commands a huge wrist presence. It from the start misled me, on the grounds that regardless of the bigger size of the watch, the Ocean Navigator isn’t weighty or massive on the wrist like other huge cased divers I’ve attempted. This is because of the case being made out of a decent, lightweight titanium.

Coming from the EDC world, titanium holds a unique spot in my heart, and I’m generally happy to see more titanium watches. One perspective here that I truly acknowledge, is that Ocean Crawler settled on to a greater extent a glossy silk finish to the titanium, instead of a completely quieted, impacted completion that numerous producers use with titanium. This permits the hazier tone and character of the titanium to truly come through. While titanium is lightweight and great, one lamentable drawback of this metal is that it is inclined to scratching significantly more so than hardened steel, and will show more wear.

The case completing by and large is all around done. There are some decent plan components here like the smooth slanted edges to the carries that give it greater character. All around there are no sharp edges, everything is quite smooth to the touch. As you check out the case, you’ll no uncertainty notice the 3 crowns extending away from apparently all sides. This is a plan decision that took me some time to become acclimated to, yet following a couple of days on wrist, I don’t actually see them. What’s more, obviously, satisfying its name, the Ocean Navigator is water-impervious to 600m.

To separate it, the essential crown at the 3 position is utilized to wind the watch, and set the time/date. This crown is the biggest of the three, and has a pleasantly done completion to it that helps me to remember a portion of the more seasoned Stowa Flieger crowns. The machining here gives a great deal of grasp without being sharp or uncomfortable against the wrist, and covering it off is an engraved Ocean Crawler logo. Moving to one side of the case, the top crown changes the inside pivoting compass bezel, and highlights a similar processing and engraved logo. Dropping down the base crown is the helium get away from valve. Presently, I know the consideration of a HEV will get a few people upset, as it truly isn’t vital for 99% of individuals, divers or something else. I generally approve of the HEV, in spite of never wanting to utilize it, however your experience may differ. The HEV crown is appropriately set apart with an engraved “He” instead of an Ocean Crawler logo.

Rounding out the case, the caseback is likewise made of titanium, and is engraved with the Ocean Crawler logo, a trilobite, and fundamental insights concerning the watch. It would have been ideal to see a presentation caseback here given the value purpose of this watch, yet this definitely so isn’t a major issue in my book.


The dial of the Ocean Navigator is, in single word, occupied. To explain, I don’t imagine that is something awful however it’s worth considering. In the midst of the sunburst blue dial, logo at 12, 4 lines of text on the lower half of the dial, hour markers, minute markers, date window, orange accents, orange hands, and sense of direction bezel, the Ocean Navigator can be somewhat overpowering from the outset. It took me a couple of days on wrist to truly acquire a thankfulness for the plan components here. Regardless of everything going on with the dial, it actually stays adjusted. No component overwhelms another, and everything comes together for a pleasant device watch aesthetic.

To look somewhat nearer at the dial, we have trapezoidal painted markers at every hour, except for the 3 position, where the date window is put. I generally value having a date work as I think that its helpful, however it would have been pleasant to a shading coordinated wheel, instead of white. Up at the highest point of the dial, we have the enormous Ocean Crawler logo, and at the lower part of the dial, an extra 4 lines of text. This is excessive for my taste, as I will in general incline toward a cleaner dial, and a portion of the data introduced here is somewhat superfluous. In orange content it states in a cursive text style “Wreck Hunter,” at that point “Programmed” in a non-cursive white text style, at that point “2,000 feet” as the profundity rating, and afterward beneath that “Ocean Navigator.” All of this equivalent data is imprinted on the caseback and could be found there, and I’m confounded at the decision to make “Wreck Hunter” the biggest, most adapted content, and the real model name at the base in the littlest text.

All this to state, generally speaking, I do truly burrow the dial plan of the Ocean Navigator, particularly in this blue colorway. There’s a pleasant measure of shading with the orange moment hand and orange tipped seconds, and the sunburst blue dial gives this dial a decent piece of character. All the hands and hour plots are lumed with C3 Super-LumiNova, just as the pivoting bezel, and covering the dial is a sapphire gem. Generally speaking, I discovered this to be a pleasant watch to wear particularly seeing as it’s mid year at the hour of my testing.


An significant component to any dive watch is its bezel, and Ocean Crawler certainly put some idea into the bezel on the Ocean Navigator. Encompassing the edge of the bezel, giving the client grasp are some cool scalloped pockets. These not just give a decent grasp to turn the bezel effectively through its 120 ticks, yet in addition look pretty cool, as I would see it. The bezel here has a sapphire addition, which takes into account the bezel to be completely lumed too. This is a marvelous detail, and one that I love to see on dive watches. While I’m not a diver, I love coming inside on a brilliant day and seeing the watch shine all finished. The activity on the bezel is fulfilling, clicky, and uproarious. The bezel has some slight play between positions, however.

Now, to take a gander at the inside bezel, we have a compass scale imprinted in exchanging orange and white. This bezel is worked by the crown at the 10 position. This bezel doesn’t have such a clicking activity, and turns easily. I eventually didn’t want this inward bezel, so it remained generally untouched.


The Ocean Navigator is fueled by the STP1-11 programmed development, which has a force hold of 44 hours, and beats along at 28,800 bph. This is an entirely fine development, and it has performed well under my perception. I think that its intriguing to perceive how the developments utilized in microbrands have advanced in the course of the most recent couple of years. After ETA started slicing off stockpile to non-Swatch bunch individuals, Miyota became ruler, and now Miyota has additionally begun to change their estimating and strategies, driving brands to go with alternatives like the STP, or NH35 from Seiko. I generally approve of any of these developments, and I wouldn’t roll out any improvements in the development division of the Ocean Navigator.


The Ocean Navigator comes bundled with two ties – canvas and calfskin. On account of my blue audit model, the two lashes are a coordinating blue. I incline toward the appearance of the canvas lash, and decided to wear it more often than not. The ties are all around developed with pleasant sewing, and on account of the canvas model, it has a little cowhide strip over the openings to keep them from fraying and destroying, which is a decent touch. The two ties have clasps endorsed with the Ocean Crawler logo.

These ties were both very hardened out of the case, and had somewhat of a break-in period before they got comfortable. From that point onward, in any case, I discovered them to be entirely comfortable. I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see an elastic tie or arm band alternative here, perceiving how the Ocean Navigator is promoted as a diver’s apparatus watch, yet I’m content with the choices gave. Something other to note here is that the Ocean Crawler utilizes screw-in bars, as opposed to customary spring bars, which is incredible for security, yet makes it a smidgen to a greater extent a cycle to change out lashes on the fly.


The Ocean Crawler Ocean Navigator carries a great deal to the table, and I hail them for attempting to stand apart from the pack with their plan. From the lightweight titanium case, to the top notch utilization of shading on the dial plan, I had some good times time wearing the Ocean Navigator. The tones and plan language here consistently made me wish I was in a tropical climate, instead of in the landlocked south, and I burrow the general stylish that Ocean Crawler has accomplished with their watches. There are some plan decisions that probably won’t be as everybody would prefer, however Ocean Crawler worked really hard at settling up the essentials, and delivering an all around machined/planned case with quality materials, development, and even quality packaging.

At its value purpose of $1,249, the Ocean Crawler is competing for certain really solid models. While I do locate the quality somewhat higher here, one could without much of a stretch draw comparisons between the Ocean Navigator and the Halios Seaforth, which is a couple hundred dollars less expensive, or even the Zelos Mako , additionally less expensive. You could banter about worth the entire day, be that as it may, the plan of the Ocean Navigator sticks out, and in the event that it has caught your heart, you won’t be baffled with this watch.

Necessary Data

>Brand: Ocean Crawler

>Model: Ocean Navigator

>Price: $1,249

>Size: 42.9mm width, 14.67mm thick, carry to drag of 50.3mm

>Would analyst actually wear it: Yes! After the lash break-in, this turned into a go-to look for me.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: The boat proprietor or incessant tropical voyager, because of its great tones and lightweight case.

>Best normal for watch: The titanium case. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and looks extraordinary with its glossy silk finish.

>Worst normal for watch: Excessive dial text. I’d favor a cleaner dial in this re