Looking to wear a calm watch this week, companion of the show Alon Ben-Joseph (CEO of Ace Jewelers in Amsterdam) offered me to attempt his watch. An extraordinary and restricted release of the Nomos Orion 38, the ‘100 Years De Stijl’.

Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl Limited Edition

Last summer, this unique release was started by Alon’s family-claimed company, Ace Jewelers in Amsterdam. We showed it to you here . Alon, being an extraordinary aficionado of this neoplasticism workmanship development as long as he probably is aware, found in the 100th commemoration of the De Stijl development an ideal chance to dispatch this watch. Nomos, consistently excited about straightforward designs also, sealed to be the ideal partner.

The Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl on my wrist

Technically The Same

Technically talking, the Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl doesn’t contrast from the normal model in Nomos’ line up. That implies a 38 mm tempered steel case, lodging the hand-twisted, no-date, Nomos Alpha type. Marginally domed sapphire gems, back and front, compliment the streaming lines of the packaging. It’s 3 atm sprinkle proof.

A Different Interface

The contrasts are in the interface of the watch, its dial and hands. When taking a gander at the watch initially, one wouldn’t even notification it. However, truth be told, the dial is absolutely et remains totally plain and simple.

Starting with the hands. In their customary Orion 38 models, Nomos offers these in tempered blued steel, or cleaned and rhodium plated. In the Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl the hands are, I surmise painted, black.

The hands compliment the dark index markers in its aroused, white silver-plated dial. Also, here we are the place where this watch truly takes off from the ordinary.

That Dial!

Looking all the more cautiously at the dial it appears to be that nobody index marker is the equivalent. What’s more, I read this previously, in the authority dispatch data, also. A long slim line, an intense short line, something in the middle. A thick square speck, and somewhat fine one. I wouldn’t be me however on the off chance that I didn’t go for a third look. What’s more, as far as I might be concerned, it appears to be that a portion of the index markers have been utilized twice, and one even multiple times 🙂 Have a nearby look yourself and informed me as to whether you’re with me.

The smooth twisting of the watch is a genuine pleasure

How to make a bond with your watch

Not explicit for the Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl obviously, yet winding the Nomos Alpha type feels so quality. A genuine bliss, and something no programmed watch can give you. One reason I like hand winding watches to such an extent. That vibe consistently before you put on your watch, it gives you something of a bond with it.

No! No date

I’ve referenced it before most likely. However, what I like a ton too about this type is that it has no date. My capacity to peruse a date on a watch is ongoingly declining, which may be one reason. A perfect dial is absolutely significant for me. The Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl is no special case here.

Quite a hole between the lower part of the dial and the lower part of the little seconds sub-dial

I should concede that with all Nomos Orion 38 dials, there’s a serious hole between the lower part of the dial and the lower part of de little seconds sub-dial. Nomos, or presumably Ace, probably been exceptionally content with this hole. Since in the De Stijl-dial it would have been quite simple to dispose of that hole. Simply place one of the more drawn out index markers at the six o’clock position. Be that as it may, they didn’t. Opposite, the littlest index marker in the dial was picked to be set there.

Availability and Price

The Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl was, or will be, created in a restricted run of just 100 pieces. 100 to commemorate the 100th commemoration of the De Stijl workmanship development. Founded in 1917 in Leiden, Netherlands. Principle agents of De Stijl, what might later become one of the world’s most notorious contemporary craftsmanship developments, were notable specialists like Mondriaan and Rietveld.

Even the cost of the Nomos Orion 38 De Stijl is equivalent to the customary form, € 1.960,= including European VAT. It very well may be solely acquired through Ace Jewelers in Amsterdam, who offer it for worldwide deals online too. .

For more data on Nomos and their complete program of watches, you’d head over to their .

The smooth twisting of the watch is a genuine delight Quite a hole between the lower part of the dial and the lower part of the little seconds sub-dial