Nomos is a colossal hit in its nation of origin, Germany, and in its value range, the brand is very famous the company’s laid-back, amicable mentality and how Nomos approaches their customers.  Which factor is most important?  I’m not sure.


What I can advise you, notwithstanding, is that pretty much every colleague (I live and work in Germany) who purchases another watch at any rate thinks about a Nomos. The decision regularly incorporates one of Nomos’ unique models. This made me wonder more about the mystery behind Nomos’ prosperity. Actually, I like Nomos. For quite a while, we’ve visited the brand in Basel, have gone to their special gatherings at BaselWorld, and have been to the production in Glashütte on numerous occasions. However, I have never genuinely considered buying one up to this point. Allow me to expound on this a bit more.

First real watch for many

Nomos Ahoi Atlantik Datum

What I’ve been looking for is that “it factor” that clearly influences so numerous when wearing a Nomos. To endeavor this, I connected with the cordial individuals at the press office and inquired as to whether I could review one of their 2017 novelties: the Nomos Ahoi Atlantik Datum. They compassionately concurred and in a couple of days the watch was at my office. German accuracy up until now! 😉

As I lifted the green box out of the parcel, a gathering of 6 people assembled around me and before I could even take a look of the Nomos, it was no more! They all wanted to attempt it and I had no real option except to pause for a minute and let the entirety of my associates have their turns. After around 3-4 profound murmurs, many wristshots and 20 minutes later the observe was finally on my wrist. My early introduction: impressive.

New size

The Nomos Ahoi Atlantik Datum is certainly not another model, but the reach was extended when it got another size. This was key for me in light of the fact that before, I ignored Nomos looks (for my own assortment) as a result of their more modest sizes. I’m not a tremendous person, but rather I’m tall and have a generally huge wrist. Watches below 38mm don’t look so great on me, particularly if they’re current watches. Also the clean, practically sterile plan hasn’t truly been my thing. This new Nomos Ahoi Atlantik Datum, with its 40mm size and 10.6mm thickness, however, looked ideal for me. I realize some may say that Nomos should hold consistent with their generally short history and continue delivering more modest watches, yet I oppose this idea. The brand is still a long way from making >44mm timepieces like others, so call this a moderate increment. What we end up with is a well-balanced watch with a huge dial with a short haul plan that adds to the visual size of the watch.

Got the looks

The dial has a dull (Atlantik) blue tone and that is something I extravagant. The little neon orange second-hand is a pleasant touch and makes the watch quickly conspicuous. While the principle hands are gold-plated, every one of these shadings structure a decent amicability. The date is covered up at the 6 o’clock position and it doesn’t upset the solidarity of the dial. The Arabic numerals are a Nomos configuration brand name much the same as the previously mentioned orange second-hand. Like each real diver, the Nomos Ahoi Atlantik Datum additionally has a screw-down crown with crown-monitor. There are other pleasant subtleties, as the display case back, which is fixed with 6 screws to the case. Then there’s the development, which is excellent and has a genuine wow effect.


The DUW5101 (Deutsche Uhrenwerke as in German Movements) has a hacking instrument that permits you to set the time as accurately as conceivable. It’s likewise delightfully enlivened with blued screws and rhodium surfaces finished with the unmistakable Glashütte stripes and the Nomos perlage. Ahoi Atlantik Datum is viewed as a sporty watch from Nomos it additionally has a water opposition of 200 meters and that, regardless of the absence of a pivoting bezel, really allows you to take it diving. 


Ahoi Atlantik Datum isn’t calfskin, however a more lively 20mm nylon. It seems like an extremely delicate two-piece NATO Ahoi Atlantik  Ahoi Atlantik

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