Slowly however doubtlessly the new Seiko 5 Sports assortment becomes accessible in many pieces of the world. This week it was the turn of our country, The Netherlands, and we went there to witness.

Seiko Netherlands picked the bi-yearly and well known Trade Mart in Utrecht to introduce the new 5 Sports line to their current, and recently intrigued, vendors. At this Trade Mart reasonable, a devoted stall was set up to show the inclination and picture of this new, energetic, and effectively available line.

Further examination of the Seiko 5 Sports series

While all(*)  models were on show here, we accepted the open door to examine the real content of the new arrangement further. Making a breakdown of all models shed some understanding into what the 27 varieties of the new Seiko 5 Sports line comprise of.

A complete line-up of each of the 27 models and varieties is found . (*)Looking at the watches on show at this exceptional corner in The Netherlands, the primary thing which turned out to be clear is that not the entirety of the 27 varieties will be accessible in each market. Locally Seiko made choices of models which are relied upon to perform better in that particular market and left out others which are required to be less famous. From an aggregate of 27, “only” 20 models will be accessible in The Netherlands. Check your to see which models make it to your country.

I’m happy that my most loved model, the SRPD73K1, is accessible in our locale, and considerably more glad that I had the option to put it on my wrist as of now. As I’m a traditionalist person, my subsequent option would have been the SRPD55 with one or the other tie or bracelet.

27 varieties, 19 diverse watch heads

We discovered that from the 27 varieties of the new Seiko 5 Sports assortment, only 19 have an alternate watch head (from which 15 make it to The Netherlands). That implies a distinction for the situation, dial, hands, or bezel. The rest, 8, are variations of lashes or wristbands. Of these 19 distinct watches, five come with at least one assortments of ties and wristbands. Some with two choices, one with three, and one form – the SRPD65 – even with four distinct prospects of ties and bracelet.

The complete line of references, regarding diverse watch heads, have the following numbers, SRPD 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 76, 77, 79, 81, 83, and 85. Significant contrasts are dial and bezel tones. We discovered blue, dark, orange, green, burgundy red, cream, anthracite, and earthy colored dials and bezels. For purists, it ought to be seen that a ‘Pepsi’ bezel is accessible, nonetheless, only on a watch with a blue dial (SRPD53K1). Also, for individuals in our nation of origin, the only watch with a burgundy red dial and bezel (SRPD69K1) won’t be accessible in The Netherlands, the orange one (SRPD59K1) will of course.

Besides the shade of the dial and bezel, the distinction in watch heads is found in the watch-case tone also. Here we see three varieties, uncovered stainless steel, dark covered stainless steel, and gold-shading covered stainless steel. Eventually, the hands of numerous models have various tones also, coordinating the dials and bezels.

To facilitate your decision, Seiko split the entire line of 27 models into style-areas. These segments have names like Sports, Suits, Specialist, Street, and Sense. I should concede that I don’t consistently see an unmistakable line between models in various categories.

Different lashes and arm bands for the Seiko 5 Sports

The assignment, or reference number, of any case variety of a Seiko 5 Sports closes with K1. In the event that this watch comes with various alternatives for lashes and arm bands, this will give the assignment of a watch a K(n) expansion, as SRPD65K1, SRPD65K2, SRPD65K3, and SRPD65K4. In this assignment K1, K2, and so on doesn’t demonstrate a particular kind of tie on various watch references. It is safe to say that you are still with me? For instance, it doesn’t imply that a SRPD55K1 has a similar lash or arm band as the SRPD77K1 (indeed it hasn’t). Watches accessible with a stainless steel arm band frequently are demonstrated with K1. Some other sort of lash for this particular watch will have another K sign, as K1, K2, etc.

Stainless Steel

As said, large numbers of the Seiko 5 Sports models are accessible with a stainless steel wristband. Also, metal wristbands are, for various watch models, accessible in two varieties. Initial an Oyster-like wristband and second a Milanese-type arm band. The last being my undisputed top choice. The Oyster-type stainless steel arm bands are accessible for watches with clear stainless steel watch-cases, and for one reference in dark covered steel. Milanese-type arm bands only for exposed stainless steel cases.

SRPD65K1, dark covered stainless steel case, and bracelet


But, for the models with dark covered cases, and utilized on some clear steel models too, there’s a decent and very comfortable dark silicone lash accessible which has the surface of a Milanese wristband. Another silicone tie has a Croco-print surface and is utilized for three models in the Specialists line. Two of these are on the whole dark, one – the SRPD55K2 – has a dim earthy colored upper layer of Croco-print.



As previously referenced over, a few models come outfitted with nylon NATO-type lashes, and I was satisfied by their quality. Here also various models get various shades of NATO ties to suit their dial. I’ve seen nylon ties in dark, dull blue, dim green, olive, and dim brown.

I’m not certain if Seiko will like me for this, however I can envision that individuals should cross-change lashes implied for a specific model with another model. That is to say, all lashes will fit any model as far as size. It is possible that a specific explicit tie isn’t formally accessible to a specific watch model, however would be the individual inclination of somebody. Despite the fact that my watch, the SRPD73, authoritatively is accessible on a Milanese steel arm band (K1) or a dark silicone tie (K2) only, I could see it coordinating an earthy colored nylon lash too. Who knows, Seiko might just sell these lashes independently later on and all things considered we’re all free to chose.


Seiko 5 Sports Pricing

As far as I probably am aware, estimating of the new Seiko 5 Sports arrangement all around Europe is quite comparative. In different pieces of the world, we’ll see various figures in various monetary standards, however eventually, the outright cost will be really equivalent. Certainly in light of the fact that in Europe the 19-21% VAT, or deals charge, is remembered for the MRRP, or rundown price.

Roughly partitioned. Costs start at € 280,= (which I believe is a take) for an exposed stainless steel Seiko 5 Sports with either a stainless steel wristband, nylon, or silicone tie. At that point to € 310,= for a dark covered watch with either a nylon or silicone lash. Also, finishing at € 340,= for steel models with a Milanese steel wristband, the dark covered model with a steel arm band, and the gold-covered model with a silicone bracelet.