Last week we held our sixth Speedy Tuesday Event this year, this time in the city that never rests: New York.

Different from the past releases were the themes we had for the visitors of the New York City Speedy Tuesday occasion. We added the platinum Speedmaster with type 321 to the introduction given by Omega’s VP Head of Product Management Gregory Kissling, yet we additionally discussed a watch we haven’t contacted prior to during the occasions: the Speedmaster X-33.

We figured it would be a fascinating theme, as the extraordinary visitor of the New York City Speedmaster Tuesday Event turned out to be space traveler Terry Virts. He is a previous Space Shuttle space traveler and International Space Station commander, who spiced up the occasion for certain quite wonderful stories and pictures that he took himself. When in space, he was wearing the Speedmaster X-33 (second Generation). During his EVA, he, obviously, wore the hand-wound Moonwatch. All things considered, we’ve saw this all the more regularly with space travelers and cosmonauts, that they are enthusiastic about the X-33 and even feel genuinely connected to it. Along these lines, there was sufficient to discuss in front of an audience (and off stage as well).

For the event, Bert and I brought our own Speedmaster X-33 watches. An extremely helpful watch when venturing out to other time zones.

New York City Speedy Tuesday Event

The New York City Speedy Tuesday Event was held at on 123 Nassau Street. We impeded the whole lower level, comprising of two huge rooms and a banquet hall, a sum of 3,100 square feet.

We had very nearly 400 enrollments during the current day, however we were simply ready to choose 65. This has basically to do with the arranged supper, getting a spot for such countless individuals is certifiably not something simple to do. The New York City Speedy Tuesday Event began at 2:30 pm, and the principal visitors showed up effectively somewhat sooner than that. There were some natural countenances (either from past occasions or from the #SpeedyTuesday Facebook Group or Instagram), however we likewise met a great deal of new individuals that day. From Fratello, we were available with Bert Buijsrogge (photographs and video), Daniel Müller (Head of Operations) and me. Omega’s USA Brand President Arnaud Michon welcomed all visitors and gave the word to Omega’s Head of Product Management Gregory Kissling (Switzerland). On my turn, I welcomed all the visitors to this Speedy Tuesday for Fratello. I likewise clarified the foundation of Speedy Tuesday and what makes it a particularly incredible community (in short: you!) and furthermore said thanks to the man that merits a ton of credit, and without him, there presumably was no Speedy Tuesday: the late and unbelievable Chuck Maddox . My chase for Speedmasters and acquiring information about these watches was totally started by him, and he affected large numbers of us before it even turned into a ‘profession’. I saw (and astounded myself) that it wasn’t simple to discuss my companion without stammering (thus the cut in the video). He is beyond all doubt missed. I likewise talked about the X-33 and my own relationship with it. My own Speedmaster X-33 recently had a place with a space explorer also, and I shared the story on how it wound up in my assortment a couple of years ago.

Omega USA Brand President Arnaud Michon

On my turn, I requested that space traveler Terry Virts come in front of an audience and he gave a great introduction on being a space traveler and his experience on board of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. He imparted some really astonishing photos to us, that he took in space. In the video, you can watch an impression of his discussion during the New York City Speedy Tuesday Event. His book, View from Above, can be requested .

In a later article, we will distribute the meeting that I did with him before the occasion began, where we go more inside and out about his time in space and the job his Speedmasters played.

Astronaut Terry Virts

After his introduction, a board talk followed, where we zeroed in on the utilization of the Speedmaster X-33, the beginning of the X-33 and Terry Virt’s experience with the watch in space. The board talk finished with a Q&A meeting, and the participants showed a gigantic interest in Terry Virt’s space voyages and, amazingly, knew a lot about it. It was intriguing to observe how much the space program lives in the USA compared to Europe. At that point, it was the ideal opportunity for some more watch talk. Gregory Kissling presented the Apollo XI watches that have been delivered recently, and which are currently being conveyed to their clients. He likewise discussed the new type 321 development and, obviously, showed the new Speedmaster in platinum with type 321 development. Our visitors were among the absolute first to really deal with and attempt the new platinum Speedmaster type 321 watch themselves during the touch & feel meetings in one of the other enormous rooms.

The day finished with an extraordinary supper at Gran Morsi, a café not far away from The Beekman Hotel. We’ve met a ton of incredible individuals! Authorities yet additionally lovers that just began to investigate the universe of Speedmasters. Extremely fascinating were the discussions for certain folks (really three, who weren’t mindful of one another) that bought their first Speedmaster around 50 years prior and still have them (with box and papers and so forth) Some perfect stories were shared, which I trust they will before long share here on Fratello as well.


Enjoy the pictures and video! Everything pictures can be clicked for bigger adaptations. We will distribute the video meet with Terry Virts sometime in the future also. All our Speedy Tuesday Event recordings can be discovered (try to buy in to our YouTube channel).

A huge THANK YOU to Omega for making this possible.