New from Raymond Weil in their courageous Freelancer reach is this green dial rendition. Working with Sellita, Raymond Weil made the select Caliber RW1212 to control the programmed, shrewd easygoing timepiece.

When individuals get some information about my leisure activities, and I disclose to them I compose for an online magazine about watches, I get a couple of standard follow-up questions:

  • Is that a thing?
  • Do individuals actually wear watches?
  • Are there enough watches to warrant an online magazine?

These addresses I will in general bat off without really expounding as I can anticipate the target group would lose interest.

But there are a couple of inquiries that perk me up:

  • My relative gave me an assistance watch. Would you know anything about it?
  • Could you recommend a first *nice* watch?

Even more extraordinary is my most loved question:

  • Could you expound on my watch?

Raymond Weil according to collectors

I like this inquiry since it gives me the best knowledge into somebody’s character without me asking “what’s on your wrist?” gracelessly. I generally offer a compliment when I see somebody with Wrist-Game , yet they frequently look puzzled or stress I will mug them. With that individual understanding what I do and where my advantage lies, they believe they can speak gladly about their watch. As a general rule, this watch will in general be a Raymond Weil.

Why non-fans gladly sport a Raymond Weil

I don’t have any insights to put together this with respect to, yet at any rate let me disclose a couple of speculations of why this may be. Initially: Raymond Weil is Swiss Made. However, it isn’t the “Swiss Made” where you’d need to go to an own-image shop in a selective focal point of an enormous Metropolis. The high road store, the small scale shopping center, even an online shop, will enable you to buy a Raymond Weil. You were unable to say this of the run of the mill vessel brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. In this way, to those not in “the know,” claiming a Raymond Weil is a straight-forward and acceptable process.

Secondly, a Raymond Weil watch may not gather the consideration of the fan community, yet they are in any event a feasible item. In conclusion, I just utilized “item.” I ordinarily hate alluding to Swiss looks as items. Yet, for Raymond Weil, I feel it is fitting. Not to ruin the plans or quality, but rather there is an overall turnover of new watches and occasional assortments. The item revive is more in arrangement with a company that focuses on what is famous and what isn’t. Instead of enduringly demanding a thrashing assortment needs to remain as a component of the portfolio for tradition.

Raymond Weil Freelancer with new green dial

Moving on to the actual watch, the new Freelancer stays on pattern with the green topic that has been putting forth a valiant effort to thump out the shading blue in the hearts and psyches of wristwatch sweethearts. Here we have a slight olivine tint that mixes well with the texture tie. And all that green may have been sufficient to charm you as it was, yet there is more. There is a glaring issue at hand. Or on the other hand, should I say, an elephant on the dial…

Often bringing out musings of tourbillon developments, the open-heart dial in the Freelancer just gives a perspective on the equilibrium wheel. The very kind of equilibrium wheel that makes most of mechanical watches tick (despite the fact that that’s not the situation for Grand Seiko’s Spring Drive, which you can see below).

Grand Seiko Spring Drive Movement


It is intriguing to have this opening, carrying some liveliness to a generally exposed dial. It likewise fills in as an update that this Raymond Weil is gladly mechanical. Once in a while, the twofold sided gem permits an unobstructed view straightforwardly through the watch. That is until oneself winding rotor swings around and blocks the view.

The focus area of the watch has a dressy hobnail design that plays with light in an eye-getting way. It mixes pleasantly with the silk finish of the external dial and smooth silver files. The moment hand doesn’t exactly arrive at the moment track that embraces the border of the watch case. It may not be a major issue for me, yet I know other people who regularly set their watch to the exact moment. They may think that its difficult to do so.

The double talked connect noticeably includes on the dial, yet I discover the execution very modern. As far as I might be concerned, this is a good as I like how it mixes what might normally be an exquisite plan with a more utilitarian feel. The Freelancer would take a gander at home on the inclines or at a supper gathering. You would have a sense of security in taking it swimming gratitude to the 100-meter water-obstruction rating that is gotten with a screw-down crown. The 42mm hardened steel case is cleaned on the top surfaces and brushed looking into the issue sides. Available for €1,990 or £1,750, you discover more subtleties on the Raymond Weil Freelancer Caliber RW1212 in green .

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