This is even more an anecdote about my Omega Seamaster 300 CK2913 than an audit. The story each authority fantasies about happening to them — preferably 10+ times.

But as a general rule, such fortunate minutes don’t come regularly. It’s another motivation behind why I will attempt to impart it to you as I encountered, taking you through each grasping detail.

Omega Seamaster 300 CK2913-8

Head back to April 8th and I was sitting in a sweat-soaked corner of Budapest Airport that neglects to pass as a café, hanging tight for my trip to Leeds. While going after another fry over the table, I saw a message on my WhatsApp streak on the screen. Tired following a difficult day of pitching my business to customers, I gradually took the telephone. My heart in a real sense quit thumping when I saw the image. The image you see beneath was all that shone.

Daydreaming of the Omega Seamaster 300

The message that came after made the temperature in the air terminal corridor spike rapidly; I was unable to keep my palms dry! The report from my watchmaker said that an irregular person, for the most part known for being a dependable client at a neighborhood modest, dull and stinky nearby bar halted by at his companion’s shop and presented to him this Omega Seamaster 300. At the point when I heard this, all the fortunate stable or swap meet discover stories came flooding through my brain. I related every one of my wanderings through swap meets, upsetting modest watches while attempting urgently to discover something of interest. I’d seen nothing advantageous, however it appeared to be my karma was going to change – maybe.

Too great to be true

What I was taking a gander at gave off an impression of being a too genuine and deserted Omega Seamaster 300. I sent it immediately to Mike and a couple of different companions to run a compulsory once-over to verify everything seems ok. The cost was somewhat of an issue. The person that gathered the watch from the bar attendee was sufficiently brilliant to do a Google search; it’s one of the rare minutes I’ve despised Google. Considering there were two other agents included, I realized it very well may be an upbeat story, yet without the least expensive ending.

Five excruciating long periods of waiting

Well, envision you need to travel to Leeds for another conference knowing there is a watch like that sitting tight for you at home. Those were a long couple of days without a doubt. Everything I could manage was ensure the watchmaker did all things required to hold the watch for me while I was voyaging. Until I returned from Leeds, I made an effort not to think and cry at what a strangely little value the bar fellow sold it for. Yet, we should fix feelings of the condition. I was astonished that even in a particularly little city as Bratislava this sort of watch could surface. I’ve never figured out how to distinguish the bar fellow to discover more about where, when, or how he came to have such a watch. Perhaps the Extract from the Omega Archives will add some details.

Saturday with the CK2913

After a touch of to and fro competing, I at last made an arrangement with the person who bought the watch from the bar participant (however I am as yet wanting to). Purchasing the watch brought about an incredible story, yet in addition understanding that I presently own perhaps the most fair Omega Seamaster 300 CK2913’s that I am aware of. As we’ll see, the watch is that good.  After the arrangement was done, I met my watchmaker in his workshop on a tranquil, radiant Saturday, and we chose to give it the “full spa treatment”.

Condition report

The genuine condition is difficult to miss. It contained the first plexi with a huge number of little scratches concealing what we trusted was a lovely dial. The case was in unique condition with no polishing,  profound cuts or scars. On the negative side, the bakelite bezel embed was a distant memory as was the crown. As though stuck to the case, the bezel showed no interest in turning. The vibe of the irregular arm band gave the bar discover Omega Seamaster 300 a legitimate harsh look. It gives a thought on what the proprietor should have honey bee like and underlines something vital – it is a watch intended to be worn. SOme would say it’s a legitimate instrument watch. The wristband additionally recommends that the past proprietor didn’t give a solitary damn pondered the worth, inventiveness and condition we as a whole need to such an extent. For this situation, that engaged me as it implied he utilized the watch appropriately. He “lived” the watch.

Untouched 501 movement

I am glad to say that this Omega Seamaster 300 ref. CK2913-8 is saved in phenomenal condition (which means the parts that matter) and this is no exaggeration. We were apprehensive the programmed development may be messy as the crown was missing, yet the inverse was valid. At the point when the crown tumbled off, the proprietor likely set the Seamaster back into the cabinet where it was covered up for quite a long time. At the point when Tomas ( ), my confided in watchmaker, liberated the 501 development from the case, he affirmed the development had most likely never seen a screwdriver cutting edge before.

A Beautiful Dial

When we delivered the dial from underneath the plexi, we discovered unequivocally zero blemishes on it: no staining by any means. The patina is totally even and makes for an ideal match when comparing it to its advanced duplicate cousin, the Speedmaster 60thLE that took such a lot of flack from haters for its fake patina. The records completely coordinate the hour, moment and candy second hand. The solitary broken detail, yet I am not the slightest bit getting miserable over it, is a little break in the lume on the hour hand. Fortunately it is almost invisible.

Sourcing Parts

With the assistance of individuals, I figured out how to source missing parts or parts that should have been changed. The development was fit as a fiddle; just the setting switch spring was broken. The setting switch spring takes into consideration the crown to stand firm on its footing when it is out for setting the time. Be that as it may, it wasn’t a serious deal as my Omega Seamaster 300 was working notwithstanding the wrecked setting switch spring.  I chose to source new at any rate which was a 30 euro fix.

Challenging part

Finding a substitution for the Omega plexi was not a complicated errand by the same token. The gasket I purchased didn’t fit, however the first one was fit as a fiddle, so we utilized it. The precarious part was to discover a crown that fits the first crown tube. I haven’t had a lot of karma since April, so for the present, I fitted an advanced supplanting with a similar distance across and stem size. On the off chance that you end up having a unique Omega Seamaster 300 crown you needn’t bother with, I will be glad to get in touch.

Bezel dilemma

I am the sort of fellow that likes unique AS FOUND condition. An illustration of this is that I own one specific vintage jumper with a particularly broke and scratched glass, one can’t see the dial. I wear it with no guarantees at any rate. However, I was unable to do that with this Omega Seamaster 300 as I needed to see the dial.  Regarding the uncovered bezel, the watch appears to be completely unique without its bakelite embed. It’s somewhat tragic, unequal and purposeless. Finding a unique one would resemble attempting to discover a BMW 507, however, so I chose to arrange the best secondary selling rendition possible.

Unfortunately, the notable bezel reclamation performer Aldo was not reacting to my messages, so I wager on a tip from my companion Markus ( ), a notable Omega authority from Vienna. He encouraged me to attempt an individual who could do the work too. After certain conversations with this craftsman, we chose not to isolate the bezel from the case, and I transported the watch head to Germany.

Six Weeks Later – Bezel Complete

What a joy it was to see the bezel coming back from René ( ). It won’t ever be the first, yet I am excited with the result.  I have no clue about the assembling interaction behind the cycle of this bezel, however the outcome looks exceptionally real. There are little scratches that make a valid patina that matches with the case. Indeed, even my watchmaker, who is generally basic and requesting, loved the outcome also. Except if you make super-large scale shots, you will not see little tells, for example, the progress of how the numbers meet the dark background.

A second detail that is a gnawed off is the lume speck. We didn’t figure out how to coordinate it impeccably to the dial files, however I want to live with it.

Shotgun notes

To eliminate the wristband that was incorporated with was a difficult task. I went through two hours tinkering with different apparatuses to guarantee that I wouldn’t add any pointless scratches to the case. When choosing what to fit to the watch all things being equal, I like my Omega Seamaster 300 CK2913 on a cowhide tie. Lastly, the exactness after full help is inside the space of seconds a day.

Final Thoughts

The Omega Seamaster 300 was never on my dynamic watch list as it was excessively uncommon and costly. Be that as it may, the second I saw this fortunate discover, I realized I needed it and needed to have it. My illustration of the ref CK2913-8 is the remainder of eight varieties with a bolt minute hand and candy second hand.  It was created around 1961. The Omega Seamaster 300 is of extreme quality is a totally estimated every day wearer. I would prefer not to go into numerous specialized subtleties or rendition contrasts. What I do recommend is for you to hang tight for the upcoming reference book “SEAMASTER ONLY”, planned to be distributed in mid-2020. Glad watch hunting.