After putting in half a month with the Mido Commander Big Date , it’s truly difficult for me to think about an adaptable mechanical dress watch that offers preferable benefit for less over $1,000. Being under the Swatch Group permits Mido to keep creation costs in a spot impossible elsewhere and quality control principles predictable. Massively famous in pieces of South America, China, and particularly Mexico, Mido definitely should be on the rundown of brands for anybody searching for that tricky three-figure to low four-figure section level extravagance watch.

What many individuals wouldn’t quickly think about Mido is that they are the fourth biggest Swiss affirmed chronometer development maker on the planet. Deciphered, this implies they move a huge load of watches each year. Mido just commended their 100th commemoration and in the wake of perceiving how universal and praised the brand is in their biggest market of Mexico, I will lay off the watch-author figure of speech of blaming the brand for without a “brand personality.” They do have a brand character, yet it’s not actually one that can be handily promoted on an announcement or advertisement. Mido works with a way of thinking that intensely depends on consistency and the possibility that high caliber and exemplary plan ought to be available instead of exclusionary. Regardless of whether each Mido isn’t for me, I can get behind that philosophy.

Several individuals who for the most part loved the Mido Commander Icone  had a comparative hold back: the day-date gap is simply too antiquated and not actually keeping with the occasions. Disposing of it and adding a big date complication at 6 o’clock changes the personality of the watch, adds some truly necessary balance to the dial, and results in a watch that joins the Multifort Escape  and Ocean Star  as Mido watches that are great worth propositions.

Now, how about we investigate the various parts of the Mido Commander Big Date and why precisely I believe it’s a particularly strong alternative at this cost point.

The Big Date

To me, the Commander Big Date is about the, all things considered, big date window at 6 o’clock. I think it completely changes the character of the watch from the past releases that had a day-date gap at 3 o’clock. I think the joint day-date window at 3 o’clock is a dated look and I can’t envision a more youthful (and I mean under 40) man not feeling like their granddad donning one.

It’s interesting how frequently I am in the camp of “dispose of the date window and it’s ideal” on a watch, yet the big-date show thoroughly turns that premise on its head and becomes the characterizing stylish trademark that makes me love a watch. Obviously, it wouldn’t fit wherever like on most games watches. Envision a Submariner with a big-date show – it would look totally ludicrous and stupid.

The Dial

Mido kept content on the dial at least, which was totally basic in making this dial work solidly. The spotless dial over the big-date window makes for an absolutely balanced dial which is the reason I think many individuals are attracted to this complication at 6 o’clock. Individuals are normally attracted to balance and watch dials are no special case with Mido observing plan leads intently and successfully.

The other part of the dial that prevails in the Mido Commander Big Date is the layered dimensionality that dodges the sensation of levelness that happens to such countless dress watches. The outlining of the big-date window, just as the applied hour markers and slanted/inclining part ring all amount to an abundantly building feeling on the dial.

The twirly doo hands additionally look incredible, and I get myself not having numerous complaints about them. Notwithstanding, this leads me into what might be my biggest complaint about the watch: some clarity issues. While not close to as irksome as I’ve seen on certain watches, I truly beseech Mido to apply hostile to intelligent covering on the dial here. In exceptionally bright conditions, I experienced significant difficulty perusing the time and it’s something that can be effortlessly fixed. No doubt about it do that, Mido.

The Case

I know many individuals will say that 42mm is too big for this watch, however I’m truly content with it. Expressly, something like 40mm (or more modest) would be an off limits for a watch of this style. The dial needs a good measure of room to pull off the big-date window without feeling squeezed and I don’t figure anything could destroy this watch in excess of a comically larger than average big-date window (unexpected sounding, I know). The thickness of the case quantifies in at 11.97mm, which I had no complaints about. Clearly, the more slender the better however just shy of 12mm will please a great many people and fit under a sleeve.

Done in 316L steel, the instance of the Mido Commander Big Date holds the very Mido round watch face, albeit not with an incorporated wristband here. Discussing, the Commander Big Date comes on a tie or arm band choice and I energetically recommend the all around done wristband. The wristband is obviously a big piece of the watch’s plan and I honestly find that it looks… incomplete without the arm band. I’ve seen a lot flimsier steel arm bands on watches that cost a few fold the amount of as this, so I will leave it there. The wristband won’t allow anybody to down in this segment.

The Movement

The conversation of the development takes us back to the Caliber 80 development, utilized here as an updated and altered C07.651 type. Visible from the show caseback, this staple development of the Swatch bunch is a somewhat more current form of the past type 80 determined development, presently highlighting another “Elinchron II” balance spring. What this recently upgraded development gives is better exactness and stun resistance.

This 80-hour power save ETA development is like those found in watches from Tissot, Rado, and other Swatch bunch brands. Making the penance of some exactness and an easily clearing seconds hand, the Swatch bunch has (likely effectively) made the assurance that a solid force hold is the thing that most buyers will want to what exactly is insignificant misfortune in precision or something as trivial as a smooth seconds hand.


Some months back I composed top notch of 10 Affordable Watches That Get a Nod From Snobs in 2018  and while a Mido watch didn’t make that rundown, I’d absolutely put this watch (alongside the Ocean Star and Multifort) on elite of competitors. The enormous support of the Swatch Group has permitted high caliber that doesn’t come at a cost that gets passed down to purchasers, and that is difficult to neglect while checking if a watch is a commendable purchase or not. The Mido Commander Big Date won’t wow you with any single angle, yet at a cost of $950 ( look at it here ) it checks all the crates. There’s a spot in the watch world for inconspicuous competence and Mido absolutely encapsulates this way of thinking.

Necessary Data

>Brand: Mido

>Model: Commander Big Date

>Price: $950 USD

>Size: 42mm wide, 11.97mm thick

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes, however no non-Big Date models.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone looking for a flexible, mechanical Swiss watch under $1,000. A great many people looking for a protected first watch, as well.

>Best normal for watch: Build quality is superior to watches that cost fundamentally more.

>Worst normal for watch: It’s not going to take your breath away in style, plan, or attitude.