Our Watch of the Week is the MeisterSinger Vintago. The name as of now demonstrates that the new model was planned considering chronicled originals, which is something that numerous watchmakers have been accomplishing for quite a long time in the wake of the huge retro wave – some more convincingly than others. Here as well, MeisterSinger is an uncommon case, as in light of the fact that the brand is youthful, it doesn’t have any of its own models from former a very long time to look back to. Then again, the single-hand plan of our watches has consistently been propelled by antiquated watches – the pinnacle tickers of the Middle Ages.

For MeisterSinger, “vintage” subsequently implies in the genuine sense “grape gather,” for example to choose fundamental elaborate components of a specific time – and in this manner concentrate something of its soul in the watch.

Discreet fascinate? Mission accomplished!

But albeit the MeisterSinger Neo, for instance, seems as though it has consistently been around since the 1950s, the Vintago isn’t at all nostalgic, however resembles a contemporary watch. Its mathematical, formal gravity, plain typography, and the domed glass over the marginally bended hour hand makes it suggestive of the tactfully planned watches of the 1960s. In any case, a dial like that of the Vintago never existed in those days and its three levels make it resemble a building structure.

Typical for MeisterSinger, the bow-molded date window gives the wearer an outline rather than simply giving a particular thing of data. Yet, it has one spot, for example the little, chrome plated application close to the current day. The finely adjusted plan of the dial coordinates the tangled look of the hardened steel case. You just notification how fascinating the Vintago looks from different points and in the changing light when you wear it on your wrist – similarly as the fashioner of the watch needed it.

In each of the four adaptations of the Vintago (opaline silver, ivory, blue, and dark), the fundamental tone of the date plate and the shade of the numerals are chosen to coordinate the dial. The Vintago is demonstrated on the vintage characteristics of a decent port wine, which is produced using the best grapes and just improves and better as it ages.

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