Clocks (for the divider, rather than looks for the wrist) are infrequently in spotlight here on Fratello. While this as of now yields an ideal motivation to expound on them, a youthful brand in this métier progressively stands out: Meccaniche Orologi Milano (or MOM).

Their name discloses to you where they are found. Italy has a standing as a hotbed of style, and the styling of MOM’s items is the thing that separates the brand. Notwithstanding, it’s not simply the outward appearance that is completely unique in relation to what one for the most part anticipates from a clock. The developments of these clocks are completely uncovered. What seems like a specialized methodology is acknowledged in a breezy and sensitive manner. The developments appear to drift inside these clocks. There is a ton of free space. Albeit these clocks come up with an extensive weight, they show up light and rich. The developments look straightforward from the outset sight yet offer a few idea out specialized arrangements and an uncompromising finishing.


Allessandro Rigotto

… is the driving force behind MOM . He began as a mathematician and formed into a designer. In 2012 he started to plan and construct clocks — first for different brands, later for MOM , which he established in 2016. His plans are motivated by innovations brought about by English clockmakers in the mid nineteenth century.

Since 2019 Allessandro Rigotto has been an individual from the AHCI (Horological Academy of Independent Creators) to which a considerable lot of the most celebrated watchmakers have a place. It is the mission of the AHCI to advance free watchmaking at the most elevated level. Becoming a part requires impressive abilities in watchmaking as well as a consistent endorsement of the overall gathering of the AHCI . You can locate a little more foundation of the AHCI here .

Wall clocks

Currently, MOM offers four unique sorts of divider clocks in their customary assortment. These clocks are huge! The picture above gives you an impression of their size. The pad molded Indianapolis Red Fire, with a case shrouded in red calfskin, has a measurement of 85cm. Also, they are substantial. The Indianapolis, being the biggest model, gauges 60 kilos! In any case, even this model passes on the impression of gentility and dynamics.


The Liberty model shows up significantly lighter, more clear, and more puristic than the Indianapolis. An enhancement of falling leaves, which are physically applied by means of sandblasting by craftsman Paola Crespi, lights up the severity of this design.


There are not really any moment graduation or hour markers on most MOM clocks — a plan ruling for a healthy lucidity of the visuals. This unavoidably contrarily influences perusing the time. For a watch this would be an off limits for me. For a clock, I figure I could live with it.



Wall clock movement

All of MOM ‘s divider clocks depend on similar development with midway mounted hour and moment hands. There is an adaptation including a day of the week indication. This development works at a recurrence of 5,400 beats each hour, which is constrained by a pendulum made of temperature-compensating Invar. The force save comfortably ranges 30 days. The barrel of the clock is twisted by a little wrench handle, which can be connected at the front side. A significant element in regards to reasonableness is that these developments work strikingly unobtrusively. In any event, when I was near one of these clocks, I didn’t notice any ticking noise.

As you can find in the nearby ups, everything about every development part, each switch, and every tooth of each stuff have been cleaned flawlessly. Since there could be no alternate method to do it at this degree of value, MOM applies all cleaning by hand. Thusly, these specialized components are changed into masterpieces that, while holding their practical reason, unfurl an extraordinary aesthetic.


Table clocks

Libra is the name of MOM ‘s normal assortment of table clocks. There are two executions, which vary looking like the case however depend on the equivalent movement.

This development not just shows an alternate shape from the development of the divider clocks yet additionally consolidates an altogether extraordinary specialized arrangement: This development depends on epicyclic equipping (planetary outfitting). An epicyclic equipping yields a more compact development bringing about a less breezy appearance compared to the development of the divider clocks. Notwithstanding, an epicyclic equipping shows an amazing liveliness. Notwithstanding pivoting their tomahawks, the cog wheels are changing their situation inside the development. The two external pinion wheels in the ring in the development are circumnavigating the focal stuff, thus imitating the development of planets around the sun, which is the starting point of the term planetary outfitting. This development offers a force save of 8 days.


The table clocks, specifically, can be widely redone. You can decide the tint of the glass in the middle, the shade of the hands and their material, and furthermore the tone for the base. You can likewise pick between the material of the base. Mainstream decisions incorporate various types of marble, aluminum, and wood. With these choices, you can completely change the appearance of these clocks. Subsequently, there ought to be a combination of decisions accessible to coordinate your home’s decor.


The just perspective I could reprimand MOM for is the brilliance of the glass covering the clocks (which makes it difficult to take impeccable photographs of them). There is a compromise among straightforwardness and low-reflection, which has been chosen by the creators for straightforwardness. This could be an issue in finding the ideal spot in your home to put them. It very well may be insightful not to put these clocks directly inverse a window.

I extol MOM for reclassifying the idea of a clock. These clocks are unique in relation to what you have at the forefront of your thoughts when considering a clock. Simultaneously, these clocks are current in their plan and customary in their mechanical translation of time. They completely uncover their usefulness without showing up excessively specialized. They are cool!

The costs range from €20,890 for the Libra Sloped table clock to €39,100 for the Indianapolis divider clock. That’s a great deal of cash, at the same time, thusly, you get something special, high-grade, and substantial.



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