I have floated towards exceptionally conventional chronographs since my most punctual days gathering watches. I’ll always remember strolling into an Omega boutique and seeing my first Speedy Pro. That watch has been something that is stayed in my circle in some structure for quite a long time. What I love about chronographs is the collaboration with the watch; popping the top pusher similarly as you empty the bubbling water into your Chemex, and afterward snapping all the hands back to zero after you definitely neglect to stop the development when your espresso is prepared. Longines is no more peculiar to chronograph watches with numerous models spread across their setup throughout the long term and in 2017 at Baselworld, they presented an advanced translation of a bizarre model from their set of experiences. The Longines Avigation BigEye Chronograph (ref. L2.816.4.53.2) is a vintage military-styled watch that Longines didn’t know they had delivered. They were indicated a vintage model by an authority, past to which no instances of the BigEye existed in the Longines Museum. The BigEye proceeded to win the “Restoration” Prize at 2017’s GPHG Awards and has seen incredible accomplishment in the market since.


The Longines Avigation BigEye comes in a 41mm steel case that from the start may strike you as basic. In any case, there are inconspicuous cleaned components that grab your attention and hold your consideration. Longines has applied a pleasant brushed completion to the greater part of the surfaces looking into the issue, except for the meager steel bezel that is cleaned to a mirror finish. This component, I think, gets the light in truly unforeseen ways giving the watch such a “harsh gem like” quality.

The BigEye gauges in at a decent 48.5mm haul to carry. This matched with the case size accommodates my 7.25″ wrist quite well. The carries themselves are quite thick and muscular, dropping descending drastically from the case. Being a programmed chronograph, there’s a normal thickness present at about 14.3mm including the domed sapphire. The watch wears elegantly for that size, nonetheless, and I haven’t discovered it excessively inclined to leaping out and getting doorjambs and the like.

The larger than average crown and pushers are a portion of my number one components of the watch. Huge and almost misrepresented, the marked crown gauges in at around 7.5mm alone; and the pushers broaden carefully from the case. It very well might be the general right-hand profundity of the watch itself or the attention on lopsidedness, yet I discover the case and pusher/crown combo to be uneven. In any case, when you take a gander at them, something clicks between the two.

Lastly, the marked caseback highlights the outline of a plane and the points of interest composed across the periphery. This is an immediate gesture to the exemplary aeronautical interpretations presents here.


At first look, the dial makes it clear how the Avigation BigEye got its name. Looking similar to a curious emoticon, it’s composed of three subdials with the furthest right being the larger than average moment counter. It’s intriguing when comparing this watch to the nearest “peer” in my assortment, the Speedmaster Professional. The Speedmaster has a feeling of equilibrium to it that’s, as I would like to think, done well overall. While the Longines has taken that balance and flipped it completely around with a progressively hilter kilter layout.

Spending additional time with the Longines will keep on uncovering a portion of the uncommon parts of the dial. The huge sub-dial that gives the watch its name is likewise isolated into ten sections like clockwork, liable to time a particular application that the first watch was imagined for. This took some becoming accustomed to, yet subsequent to having it on my wrist for a couple of days, I’m utilized to it. It’s helpful planning steaks on the flame broil too.

The rest of the dial should feel comfortable and natural to most pilot-watch-adoring people with huge painted/lumed numerals, a profound matte dark dial, and differentiating shimmering white lumed hands. The one other intriguing thing to bring up here is the fragile chronograph hand embellished with a tear molded stabilizer. That stylish is persisted to the moment and hour counter hands that have little jewel embellishments. This separates them from the ticking-seconds as it’s a straightforward, straight hand. I can’t resist the urge to think this was intended to assemble hands with capacities visually.

One keep going comment on the lume of the watch: the entire dial has lumed components from the hands to the painted numerals. The hands, be that as it may, have a lot more splendid application, and the difference is perceptible when you walk inside from remaining in the brilliant sun. Notwithstanding, it’s compelling and offers an alluring dial when charged up.


The gave Longines lash is a basic earthy colored, full join cowhide tie with a marked clasp. It’s comfortable and compelling, however generally unexceptional. The watch, nonetheless, is an outright tie beast and looks extraordinary on most tie combinations. The Avigation BigEye is similarly at home on cowhide as it would be on canvas or a NATO. Changing the lash will likewise change the “vibe” of the watch drastically. Going from the earthy colored OEM lash to a pleasant sparkly dark tie would dress it up altogether, while going to a “Bond” NATO would make this look experience ready.


One of the things that pulled in me to the BigEye in any case was that Longines decided to skirt the normal Valjoux chronograph developments and rather selected the L688.2 Column-Wheel Chronograph development. Created by ETA under the moniker ETA A08.L01, this development sports a 54-hour power hold and beats at 28,800 bph. My involvement in the development so far has been fantastic. The L688.2 has kept amazing time, and the chronograph pushers have a wonderfully material snap to their activity, with the hands reacting very well.


Ultimately, the Longines Avigation BigEye is another progression not far off of vintage reissues from significant Swiss brands. How you feel about that will be an individual assurance. I, for one, appreciate seeing these brands dig their past for things that they can bring to the table. It permits me to encounter a portion of the vintage tasteful, while additionally having a solid watch that won’t require adjusting and will be water-tight (in as much as a pilot’s chrono is relied upon to be). I likewise imagine that the hilter kilter dial is extremely fascinating in a scene of chronographs that have fundamentally the same as sub-dial designs. On the off chance that I needed to figure, the achievement of the BigEye has to do with the particularity of the plan. This would be an incredible watch for somebody that needs to add a chronograph to their assortment yet might want something one of a kind, or somebody searching for an astounding, vintage every day wearer without the migraine that can periodically be related with vintage pieces. The Longines Avigation Big Eye is accessible for $2,625 longines.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Longines

>Model: Avigation BigEye Chronograph

>Price: $2,625

>Size: 41mm

>Would commentator actually wear it: Yes, and I much of the time do.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone with a desire for pilots watches or chronographs.

>Best normal for watch: The awry dial, no doubt.

>Worst normal for watch: The stock strap.